Title Employee Engagement, 2/e
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Author Emma Bridger
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“This book is a practical and much-needed guide on how to improve and develop employee engagement. Featuring a comprehensive range of case studies, tools, templates and tips, it has everything the practitioner needs to ensure their employee engagement approach and activities make a positive difference to their workplace and people.”

Nita Clarke, Director of the Involvement and Participation Association and Co-Chair of the Employee Engagement Task Force


Employee Engagement is the must-read book for any manager or HR professional who is concerned about raising and maintaining high levels of engagement. Drawing on extensive case studies as well as the latest academic research in the field, the book provides a thorough, evidence-based approach to understanding what engagement is, and how it works. Written in an authoritative yet accessible style by one of the UK’s leading experts, the book guides the reader step-by-step through the complex decisions that need to be made in developing and implementing a successful engagement strategy.”

Katie Bailey, Professor of Work and Employment, King’s Business School, King’s College London


“This is essential reading for everyone working in employee engagement and, beyond that, an invaluable source of learning for all individuals working in teams as critical components within organisations striving to deliver better results.”

Rob Neil OBE, Head of Project Race, Ministry of Justice


“Emma brings a practical and effective approach to the big subjects of employee engagement and organizational ‘culture’, which are so vital for any organization’s success today. Beneath her warm and friendly style lies considerable expertise, and this book shares the insight she has gained over many years helping organizations like ours to unlock the potential of our people.”

Richard Parry, Chief Executive, Canal & River Trust


“Emma Bridger’s book Employee Engagement is a concise reference for the practical implementation of staff engagement approaches within organisations. Managers, HR staff and academics can use this book to plan how to introduce a thorough staff engagement programme and research how it all works in practice. Employee engagement design, measurement, implementation and future action planning are all investigated within this comprehensive book and Emma also provides an easily digestible literature overview within the field.”

Dr Julian A. Edwards, Research Fellow, The Open University


“Utterly practical, totally helpful and beautifully written. Emma brings us the ultimate ‘how to’ that we’ve all been waiting for. Anyone who understands the importance of people in their organization should give this a read. You won’t regret it.”

Ruth Dance, Managing Director, The Employee Engagement Alliance


An engaged workforce is critical to the high performance and success of any organization. Employee Engagement offers a complete, practical resource for understanding and creating an effective engagement strategy that is aligned to wider business objectives. Supported by a variety of practical tools, features and templates, as well as numerous real-life examples and case studies from organizations such as AXA PPP Healthcare, Capital One, Charles Stanley, EDF Energy and Marks & Spencer, this handbook provides comprehensive coverage of all stages of the engagement process, from planning initiatives to building and measuring their success.

This updated second edition of Employee Engagement considers the increasing use of technology in engagement, the role and importance of purpose and trust and the relationship between employee experience and engagement. New online supporting resources include diagnostic tools, templates and additional best-practice case studies.

HR Fundamentals is a series of succinct, practical guides for students and those in the early stages of their HR careers. They are endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the UK professional body for HR and people development, which has over 145,000 members worldwide.


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Chapter 1: What is employee engagement? • Introduction • A brief history of employee engagement • Definitions of employee engagement • Approaches to employee engagement • Should employee experience replace employee engagement? • Summary

Chapter 2: Does engagement matter? • Introduction • Which comes first: Engagement or high performance? • The global perspective • Engagement is linked to many types of performance and business outcomes • Conclusion

Chapter 3: Developing your employee engagement strategy • Introduction • Introducing the strategy roadmap: Developing your definition and vision • Aligning your engagement strategy to your company strategy: Defining your goals and outcomes • Conclusion

Chapter 4: How it works • Introduction • The (positive) psychology of engagement • The candle problem • A new theory of motivation • What makes a compelling purpose these days? • If purpose is so great, why isn’t everybody using it? • Top tips to develop purpose • The enablers of employee engagement • Conclusion

Chapter 5: Employee engagement: How do you do it? • Introduction • Leadership and line managers • Strategic narrative • Employee voice • Establishing employee voice: A model for successIntegrity • Understanding the science behind the enablers • Conclusion

Chapter 6: Employee engagement tools and techniques • Introduction • Taking a strengths-based approach to employee engagement • What is appreciative inquiry (AI)? • Taking a big-picture approach to your strategic narrative • Conclusion

Chapter 7: Planning and action • Introduction • Developing your plan: A step-by-step guide • Conclusion

Chapter 8: Measuring engagement • Introduction • The employee engagement survey • Employee engagement survey providers • The academic viewpoint • An alternative approach to the employee engagement survey • The macro-view: a look at how the policy makers are getting involved with employee engagement • Conclusion

Chapter 9: The future of employee engagement • Introduction • Predictions for the future of employee engagement • Views on the future of engagement from thought leaders • Summary • Conclusion


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About the Author:

Emma Bridger is an award-winning employee engagement specialist and Director of People Lab, an employee engagement consultancy that works with high-profile clients worldwide. She has designed and developed the CIPD range of public and in-house employee engagement courses and is a regular conference speaker. She contributed to the UK Government Review Engaging for Success and is a member of the Engage for Success movement as part of its “guru group”.

Target Audience:

Useful for HR Professionals/Managers as well as Management Students and Academicians.

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