Title Ultimate CV, 5/e
Subtitle Master the Art of Creating a Winning CV with Over 100 Samples to Help You Get the Job
Author Martin John Yate
ISBN 9780749481537
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Does your CV have the X factor? Do you want your CV to impress potential employers and show them exactly what they want? Ultimate CV, now in its 5th edition and part of the successful Ultimate series, provides you with the key guidance you need to create an irresistible CV that will grab any recruiter’s attention. This book will help you to stand out from other candidates, open doors to job interviews and maximize the potential for job offers. Careers and CV guru Martin John Yate shows you how to position plain facts into a powerful sales pitch that will get you the job you want.

Ultimate CV covers every aspect of this crucial part of the job-hunting process. It contains hundreds of sample CVs, tailored to specific jobs and industries, that you can use and personalize for your own applications. Alongside insightful advice on hunting for jobs, this indispensable book will give you all the guidance you need to create a distinctive, professional CV so you can get that dream job.

About the series: The Ultimate series contains practical advice on essential job search skills to give you the best chance of getting the job you want. Taking you all the way from starting your job search to completing an interview, it includes guidance on CV or résumé and cover letter writing, practice questions for passing aptitude, psychometric and other employment tests, and reliable advice for interviewing.



The facts of life

Chapter 1: Your CV - The Most Financially Important Document You’ll Ever Have • Self-awareness: the key to professional survival and success • Employers just want to make money • Why an employers may never get a chance to read your CV • Understand your customer

Chapter 2: Your Customer Knows What He Wants - How to Get Inside His head • Settle on a target job title • To really understand your target job, deconstruct it • Target job deconstruction: the way into your customer’s head • Now you know your customers’ needs

Chapter 3: How to Define and Build a Desirable Professional Image • Components of a desirable professional image • A review of transferable skills and professional values • Transferable skills, professional values, and the secret • Language of job postings

Chapter 4: The Simplest, Smartest, Fastest Way of Writing Your CV - Keep It Simple • Five steps to a great CV • Putting together your first draft • How to build your CV • Integrating a professional image into your CV • Use Headline to guide the reader • A professional message • Performance profile • Professional competencies • Skills prioritization • Performance/career highlights • Professional experience • When achievements are hard to define • Ongoing professional education • Accreditations, professional licences, and civil services grades • Professional associations • Publications, patents, and speaking • Languages • Military • Personal flexibility, relocation • Judgment needed • What never goes in

Chapter 5: How to Give Your CV Punch • Customize the template • Filling in the template • Action verbs • Proofreading your final draft • Spelling and grammar

Chapter 6: CV Customization, Alternative CVs and Formats Needed for an Effective Job Search • Customizing your CV for specific openings • The major CV formats and why you need them • PDF CVs • ATS-friendly CVs • TXT versus ATS friendly • TXT versus ATS friendly • Employer-preferred formats • Web-based or HTML CV • Your CV and databases • Updating Your CV • Your social networking profile • First things first • How to create a brilliant linkedin profile • Link your CV to your social media profile • Privacy and saving your work • HTML/multimedia CV considerations • The business card CV • CV for promotions • Proofread and test-email all versions of your CV 

Chapter 7: Ready to Launch • The importance of immediate impact • Fonts and font sizes • Proofing the print resume • Appearance checklist • The final product

Chapter 8: The CVs


About the Author:

Martin John Yate is an internationally best-selling author and renowned expert on career matters. He has held major posts as a director of training and personnel for several international companies. His top selling title Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions, published by Kogan Page, is now in its 8th edition.

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Job hunters.

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