Title Customer-Driven Transformation
Subtitle How Being Design-led Helps Companies Get the Right Services to Market
Author Joe Heapy, Oliver King, James Samperi
ISBN 9780749483012
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“For anyone who seeks to improve their services, let this book be your design-led guide. It will enable you to truly transform your services by staging engaging, personal and memorable - even beautiful - experiences.”

—B Joseph Pine II, co-author, The Experience Economy


“This book is grounded in reality - it provides a vision, as well as practical strategies, for companies to embed design-led change across their business.”

—Katy Pearce, Global Head of Customer Experience, Vodafone Group Enterprise


“This will be my go-to book whenever I’m shaping new customer experience initiatives. It is a how-to guide for any customer experience team in any industry. Brilliant.”

—John Patterson, Vice President of Customer Experience, Sage


“Design’s insight into customers’ perspectives is the grit in the oyster that leads to great services. Here, Joe Heapy, Oliver King and James Samperi use their 20 years of experience at the forefront of applying design to services to help you understand the challenges and derive superb solutions. In the age of social media, shoddy services cannot survive; the distilled wisdom in this book will help you get the thumbs up, not the thumbs down.”

—Bruce Tether, Professor of Innovation Management, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester


“A really thorough book by well-informed authors, getting into the nitty-gritty of making service design happen in your organization.”

—Kai En Ong, Head of User Experience and Design, BBC


“Design thinking effectively provides a structure - a scaffold -that shapes the process of service development and guides teams to effective, beautiful and desirable service provision. This book is an aide-memoire and a guide to a process. The end-user-centricity and the passion that it invokes are key. I will keep Customer-Driven Transformation by my side as a reference and a guide.”

—Andreas Tsiotsias, CTO, Computer Services Industry, IBM


“This is an exceptional book. It’s written in a pragmatic and action-oriented style, directed at game changers working in the field of services development and management, at a time where customer experience is key to creating lasting competitive advantage.”

—Francisco Vieira Pita, Aviation Marketing Director, ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal


“Finding a book that’s filled with practical tips and stories from other customer experience leaders serves to reassure us that every organization’s journey is unique and that we need to adapt. I wish I’d had this book 10 years ago.”

—Hazel Hughes, Customer Experience and Operations Director, Weight Watchers UK

“Delivering better services for customers can often feel like a daily battle within big organizations - but it’s a battle worth having. This book provides you with all the tips, tools and techniques you need to instigate culture change outside of the design team.”

—Kate Kapp, Head of Service Design, Tesco PLC


“The design of the services we interact with each day is critical in the ever more competitive world of brands vying for our loyalty. And if those services stretch across a multitude of channels, the complexity of delivering customer delight consistently can become bewildering. Enter the experts! Engine Service Design has consistently proven the effectiveness of their solutions to complex problems, not only delivering great customer service but in adding tangible value to the brands they work with. Being able to get the inside line on their know-how is invaluable - and Customer-Driven Transformation the foundation stone to building great brand experiences.”

—Deborah Dawton, CEO, Design Business Association, UK


“Being a disruptor or coping with disruption are the challenges all business leaders face. In Customer-Driven Transformation, the authors put a spotlight on the excuses that stop people building their path to success. This is a must-read for all contemporary managers.”

—Rashik Parmar MBE FBCS, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Technical Executive, Europe


Service design is the activity of utilizing resources and people to build and sustain services that not only meet customers’ needs, but also add that little bit of magic or true competitive advantage. In an overcrowded marketplace there is often little opportunity to break away from the pack and influence customer perceptions; Customer-Driven Transformation demonstrates how to use design thinking as a driver for organizational change to translate your vision into compelling services that will delight your customers. How did companies like Netflix, Airbnb and Uber revolutionize industries and win loyal followers? They started here. By thinking about what customers need foremost, you can reinvent your value proposition and deliver services that work.

Customer-Driven Transformation shows how to instill an outside-in approach to strategy, moving away from management that’s technology, marketing or resource optimization-led, towards being customer-inspired and experimental with innovation. It is a practical guide for any business to lead a transformational programme and use design thinking to change how services are created, ensuring they are expertly designed, elegant in use and advance in customer-mindedness.

With ground-breaking case studies from the likes of E.On Energy, Hyundai Motor Company and Bupa, this cutting-edge book will empower companies to take control of customer experience and deliver long-lasting and impactful change. Focusing on one of the hottest management topics, it is an inspiring read for any business leader to understand how to reinvent their value proposition, gain market share and win customers.


About the authors

About the contributors


PART ONE: The challenges

Chapter 1: The challenge of outside-in • Opportunities missed by businesses that are not customercentred • The effect of your silos on your customers • Failure to balance the tension between the commercial model and providing an amazing experience • Key takeaways • Reference

Chapter 2: The challenge of vision • Why you need a vision • Why is it so hard to translate a vision into reality? • Key takeaways

Chapter 3: The challenge of fast and slow • What goes wrong when ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ progress aren’t managed together? • How can fast and slow be managed together? • Agile development within the framework of a vision • Early results are vital in signalling that the intention to change is real • Key takeaways • Reference

Chapter 4: The challenge of emotion • Why do we forget the emotion? • The triggers of positive emotions can be designed-in • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 5: The challenge of distinctiveness • How brand expression has given way to customer experience • Moving from ‘brand expression’ to ‘your customer experience is your brand’ • The service proposition • Why do we find it hard to create truly distinctive services? • Key takeaways

Chapter 6: The challenge of change • Your organizational structure might be working against you • Just can’t find the time • People don’t feel accountable for their part of the total experience • It’s hard for people to let go of their departmental objectives and operate as one team • The organization isn’t committed • A fresh approach to change that resonates with the world of Design • Key takeaways • Reference

PART TWO: The skills

Chapter 7: Create a compelling vision • A compelling vision for your service gives your decision-making a strong purpose • A compelling vision motivates people • What makes your vision compelling? • How to create a compelling vision • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 8: Design your service beautifully • Why design beautifully? • What makes a service beautifully designed? • Four skills to help you tune in to beautiful service design • Key takeaways

Chapter 9: Develop a clear value case • Why is developing a clear value case so important? • What makes a case clear? • How to create a clear case • Key takeaways

Chapter 10: Make it ready to build • Why is creating a specification and plan that is ready to build so important? • How to make your Design Package ready to build • Service Vision Wheel • Concept of Experience • Target (To-be) Customer Journey • Service Blueprint • Service Flatplan • Design for the ‘unhappy path’ and the moments the service fails • Key takeaways • Reference

Chapter 11: Create the right conditions • Why is creating the right conditions so important? • How to set and sustain the right conditions • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 12: Run engaging projects • Why is it so important for your project to be engaging and enjoyable to work on? • How can you make your project the project people want to work on? • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 13: Think like a Designer • Why is it important to think like a Designer? • What’s worth designing well? • How can you start to think and work like a Designer? • Key takeaways • References



About the Authors:

Joe Heapy and Oliver King co-founded Engine Service Design and were some of the first designers approaching transformational change with design thinking. They have managed countless design-led change programmes with corporations including Bupa, National Grid and Finnair. They are advocates of design thinking for business and champion the approach through the media and academia, helping to shape how this approach is taught to future leaders.

James Samperi is a director at Engine Service Design. Having led large projects in all major sectors for seven years, James now runs Engine’s largest Dubai-based programme of work.

Target Audience:

This is a must-read for all contemporary managers and for anyone who seeks to improve their services.

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