Title Accelerated Leadership Development
Subtitle How to Turn Your Top Talent into Leaders
Author Ines Wichert
ISBN 9780749483050
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“A must-read for HR leaders who are charged with building a strong pipeline of leadership talent. Provides practical and effective solutions for accelerating leadership development; all brought to life by powerful case studies and quotes from HR and business leaders.”

—Maria Kokkinou, VP Talent Acquisition, Management & Development, Coca-Cola European Partners


“This timely book provides a compelling step-by-step guide for accelerated leadership development. Full of practical tips and examples from some of the world’s most notable companies. An informative read for anyone involved in leadership development.”

—Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General, CBI


“Good leadership takes courage and so does good leadership development. A well-written and extensively researched book that shows how HR must take bold people decisions to develop the next generation of leaders. Highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion throughout, and rightly so.”

—Baroness Mary Goudie, House of Lords, UK


“Ines has written an excellent step-by-step guide on how companies should be thinking about and executing long-term development plans for their top talent. It is well laid out and easy to read: full of good examples of best practice and pitfalls to avoid. Essential reading for senior management, HR practitioners, as well as young leaders thinking about their own career trajectories.”

—Dr. George Olcott, Guest Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University, Japan


“It is no longer about picking winners in the old school sense, but how we nurture outliers and make them succeed. This book could not have come at a better time where we need less promises and more strategy on the topic of diversity (age, gender, ethnicity). Companies may say they are committed to change and Ines provides a specific strategy on how to implement change and what that actually means for both the organization and the individual.”

—Pauline Wray, MD, Asia Head, Expand Research and Global Lead for BCG FinTech Control Tower


As organizations adapt to an increasingly volatile and complex world, it is crucial that HR and Learning and Development (L&D) professionals ensure that leadership development keeps pace and employees have the right skills and capabilities to operate successfully in leadership positions. Accelerated Leadership Development shows how organisations can accelerate the career progression of their top talent and reduce the journey time from entry level to senior executive roles. It covers the entire acceleration process from how to identify which individuals are right for accelerated leadership development, to what roles are best suited for stretch assignments, and how to avoid burnout.

Packed with insights from HR experts and business leaders from across the globe, Accelerated Leadership Development shows how this type of development works in practice, what makes it successful and highlights the potential pitfalls to look out for. Debunking the myth that one size of leadership development fits all, this book includes specific guidance on how to tailor leadership development to women and millennials. Full of practical advice, tips and techniques, this is an essential book for anyone looking to develop their very best employees.


About the author

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Introduction • The purpose of this book • How to use this book • The study

Chapter 1: Tomorrow’s leaders: succeeding in a volatile and uncertain world • Organizations need good leaders • Capabilities for tomorrow’s leaders • What does this mean for leadership development? • Summary • Notes

Chapter 2: Moving at pace: the speed of leaders • The speed of leaders • Breadth as an accelerator • The time–cost–quality equation • Career management: laying the foundation for organizationwide acceleration • Summary • Notes

Chapter 3: Breadth of experience: choosing roles wisely • Breadth of experience as an accelerator • Summary • Notes

Chapter 4: Learning on the job: organizational development approaches • Introduction • When is breadth important? • Graduate programmes • Leadership programmes • Assigning critical job assignments • What makes leadership development programmes effective? • Summary • Notes

Chapter 5: Navigating the pitfalls of acceleration: incomplete learning and burnout • The dark side of acceleration • Summary • Notes

Chapter 6: Successful risk-taking: courageous people decisions in a risk-averse world • Taking risks in a risk-averse world • How to make calculated risk-taking work • Summary • Notes

Chapter 7: Reflective learning: looking back to move forward • Taking a step back in a fast-paced world • A trait of leaders • Types of reflection • Challenges with reflective learning • How to make reflection a success • Summary • Notes

Chapter 8: Supportive environments: essential safety nets • Social support • Sources of support • Summary • Notes

Chapter 9: Women’s careers: keeping the pace • Glass ceilings, labyrinths and glacial progress • Making accelerated leadership development work for women • Summary • Notes

Chapter 10: Millennials: on the fast track from the start • Millennials: tomorrow’s leaders • Career expectations • Summary • Notes


About the Author:

Ines Wichert is an Occupational Psychologist and has been working in HR Consulting for over 15 years, advising global organizations on their talent issues. She is the Managing Director at leadership development consultancy TalUpp and previously ran the Women in Leadership research hub and the Diversity & Inclusion Centre of Excellence for IBM’s Smarter Workforce initiative.

Target Audience:

A must-read for HR leaders who are charged with building a strong pipeline of leadership talent.

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