Title 101 Careers in Counseling, 2/e
Author Shannon J. Hodges
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Praise for the First Edition:

“This excellent career guide will be valuable for students, young professionals, and those interested in a second career in counseling.”



Fully updated, the second edition of this comprehensive, easy-to-use guide explores the wealth of diverse career opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional counseling settings. It provides up-to-date information on occupational outlooks, best and most challenging aspects of each job, and profiles of real-life counselors that provide insight into the core of the profession.

Each career is consistently formatted to include an overview of the profession, salary range, employment prospects, and educational and licensing requirements. The book also examines the pros and cons of different types of educational programs including online curricula. Additionally, this resource provides guidance for financing your education and the job search process. Helpful checklists and questionnaires for current counseling professionals who seek a change, those in graduate programs, and those new to the profession, help readers to make well-informed choices.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Completely updated to reflect significant changes in the field
  • New Bureau of Labor occupational outlook
  • Updated and expanded coverage of educational requirements, licensure, and continuing education
  • Highlights new and emerging careers
  • Special focus on careers in mindfulness practice, trauma counseling, international counseling, art therapy, and in-hospital and in-patient settings
  • New profiles of real-life counselors
  • Enhanced coverage of social media, networking sites, and search engines

Key Features:

  • Includes helpful career development tools such as checklists and questionnaires, job-hunting websites, networking tips, and more
  • Provides salary range, employment prospects, and best and worst aspects of each job
  • Offers guidance on educational requirement, licensure, and continuing education



Foreword by Perry C. Francis, EdD, NCC, ACS, LPC
Share 101 Careers in Counseling, Second Edition

Chapter 1: The Profession of Counseling: Coming of Age • Steps to Becoming a Professional Counselor in the United States • Types of Counseling • A Brief History of the Counseling Profession • The 1980s to 2000 • Important Credentials in Counseling • Similarities Among Counselors, Psychologists, and Social Workers • Psychiatrists • Psychologists • Counselors • Social Workers • Marriage and Family Therapists • Dance Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Others • The Job Market for Counselors • Occupational Outlook for Counselors • Earnings for Counselors • Summary • References

Chapter 2: Counseling as a Career • Is the Counseling Profession a Good Fit for You? • Required Education and Training to Become a Counselor • Variations in Counselor Experience and Training • Benefits of a Career in
Counseling • The Case of Carl • The Necessity of Professional Membership • Licensure and Certification • Basic Licensure Information • Certification • Strength of the Profession • Summary • References

Chapter 3: Career Variations in the Counseling Profession

I. Counseling Children and Families • Spotlight: Domestic Violence Counseling • Counseling Children in Intact Families • Counseling Children in Foster Care • Counseling Families • Counseling Couples • Counseling Couples Wishing to Adopt • Counseling and Play Therapy • Counselors as Parent Effectiveness Trainers • Counselors Working in Child Protection and Family Services • Counseling Children in Outpatient Treatment • Counseling Children in Inpatient Settings • Spotlight: E-Counseling and Technology

II. Counselors in the Schools • Spotlight: School Counseling • Counseling in Elementary Schools • Counseling in Middle Schools • Counseling in High Schools • Counseling in Private Schools • Counseling in Alternative Schools • Counseling in Residential Schools • Counseling in School-Based Family Services Centers • After-School Counseling Services

III. Counseling in Colleges and UniversitiesSpotlight: Assistant Professor of Counselor Education • Professor of Counselor Education • The Counselor as Department Chair • Director of a College or University Counseling Center • Counseling in a College or University Counseling Center • Counseling in a Large University Counseling Center • Counseling in a Medium-Size University Counseling Center • Counseling in a Small College Counseling Center • Counseling in a Community or Technical College • Counselors Working in a College Career Center • Counseling in a College or University Residence Hall • Counselors Working in Student Affairs (Noncounseling Positions) • Counselors Working as Academic Advisors • The Counselor as Campus Ombudsman • The Counselor as Academic Dean (or Associate Dean or Assistant Dean)

IV. Counseling in Community Mental Health Settings (Public and Private) • Counseling in Outpatient Clinics and Agencies • Counseling in Inpatient Settings • Residential Counselors in Long-Term Psychiatric Care • Counseling in Outpatient Chemical Dependency Clinics • Counseling in Inpatient Residential Addictions Treatment • Counseling Intellectually Disabled Clients • Clinical Rehabilitation Counselors • Counseling the Homeless

V. Counseling the Elderly • Counseling in Retirement Centers • Counseling the Elderly in an Outpatient Center • Counseling the Elderly for End-of-Life Decisions • The Counselor as Day-Care Coordinator

VI. Spiritual-Based Counseling and Related AreasSpotlight: Pastoral Counseling • Counseling in a Pastoral Counseling Center • Counseling in a Church, Synagogue, or Other Religious Institution • Bereavement Counseling • Counseling the Homeless in Spiritual-Based Centers • Hospice Counseling

VII. Counseling in Private PracticeSpotlight: Private Practice in Counseling • Counseling in Private Practice (Solo) • Counseling in Private Practice (With Associates) • Counseling in an Employee Assistance Program

VIII. Counseling in Correctional Settings and the Legal Arena • Counseling in a County Jail • Counseling in Prisons • Counseling in Juvenile Detention Facilities • Forensic Counseling • Counselors as Divorce Mediators • The Counselor as Therapeutic Mediator • The Counselor as Probation Worker • The Counselor in the Restorative Justice Field • The Counselor as Probation Officer • Gang Prevention Counselor • The Counselor as Victim’s Rights Advocate

IX. Counseling in Crisis Intervention and Emergency ManagementSpotlight: Trauma Counseling • Counseling in the Aftermath of Natural and Major Disasters • Counseling in the Aftermath of a Tragedy (e.g., School Shootings,  Suicide) • Counseling in Domestic Violence Shelters • Counseling Victims of Sexual Assault • Crisis Line Counseling • Counseling Individuals Who Are in Transitional Settings

X. Counseling in Healthcare OrganizationsSpotlight: Counseling in a Healthcare Setting • The Counselor in the Hospital • The Counselor in the Health Clinic

XI. Career and Vocational Counseling • Career and Vocational Counseling in an Agency Setting • Employment Counseling • Career Coaching

XII. Counseling in the Military • Counseling in the Military • Counseling in VA Hospitals

XIII. Creative Arts CounselingSpotlight: Creative Arts Counselor • The Counselor as Art Therapist • The Counselor as Dance Therapist • The Counselor as Music Therapist • The Counselor as Drama Therapist • The Counselor and Animal-Assisted Therapy • The Counselor as Play Therapist

XIV. International Counseling CareersSpotlight: Counseling in Australia • Counseling in a Foreign Country • The Counselor as Human Rights Worker • The Counselor Educator in a Foreign Country • Counseling in a Foreign University • The Counselor as Student Affairs Professional in a Foreign University

XV. Emerging Fields and Professions in CounselingSpotlight: Wilderness-Based Counseling • Genetic Counseling • The Counselor as Life Coach • Personal Fitness Coaching • Athletic Performance Counseling • Adventure-Based Counseling/Therapy • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ Counseling • Financial Counselor

XVI. Nontraditional Counseling CareersSpotlight: The Counselor as Consultant and Trainer • The Counselor as Human Resources Professional • The Counselor as Trainer and Facilitator • The Counselor as Consultant • The Counselor as Author • The Counselor as Community Activist • The Counselor as Human Services Caseworker • The Counselor as Executive Director of a Nonprofit Agency • The Counselor as Program Manager in a Nonprofit Agency • References

Chapter 4: Financing Your Education • Some Considerations • Looking for Scholarships • Additional Methods of Financing Graduate School • Federal Student Loans • Work Study • Graduate Assistanceships • Graduate Fellowships • References

Chapter 5: Counselors and the Job Search • The Visioning Process: Creating Your Dream • The Next Step: The Career Center • Requesting Letters of Reference • Developing a Winning Resume or CV • A Few Points Before You Begin to Construct Your Resume or CV • Action Words • Where to Search for Counseling Jobs • Interview Questions to Anticipate • Sample Interview Questions • Inappropriate Questions • A Final Checklist Before the Interview • Dealing With Rejection • Stages of Job Rejection Grief • Reasons Candidates are Rejected for Jobs • Transforming Your Disappointment • Final Thoughts on Managing Job Rejection • Entertaining a Job Offer: To Accept or Not to Accept • An Employment Decision Tree • If You Reject the Offer • If You have Decided to Accept the Offer • Some Final Thoughts on the New Job • Conclusion: A Few Tips to Remember • References


About the Author:

Shannon J. Hodges, PhD, LMHC, NCC, ACS, is professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) at Niagara University in Lewiston, New York. He has 20 years of experience counseling in community agencies and university counseling centers. He has been director of a university counseling center and a clinical director of a county mental health clinic, has 10 years of experience supervising collegiate living groups, and has extensive experience working internationally in South Africa, remote Australia, and many other global regions. Shannon has 27 years of experience training mental health counselors, school counselors, and undergraduate psychology students. He has served as a department chair, director of clinical training, and coordinator of a mental health counseling program. He has authored several books, including the bestselling Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual: A Resource for Graduate Counseling Students , second edition; coauthored the College and University Counseling Manual: Integrating Essential Services Across the Campus and A Job Search Manual for Counselors and Counselor Educators: How to Navigate and Promote Your Counseling Career ; and has written several book chapters, journal articles, poetry, and essays. He served on the American Counseling Association’s Ethics Revision Task Force that revised and drafted the American Counseling Association’s 2014 Code of Ethics. He has also published a mystery novel (The Lonely Void) with a counselor as the protagonist. Dr. Hodges has been awarded for his research and teaching and is a long-time member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA), and several other ACA affiliate divisions.

Target Audience:

For students, young professionals, and those interested in a second career in counseling.


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