Title Internal Assessment for Biology for the IB Diploma
Subtitle Skills for Success
Author Andrew Davis
ISBN 9781510432390
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About the book


Aim for the best Internal Assessment grade with this year-round companion, full of advice and guidance from an experienced IB Diploma Biology teacher.

  • Build your skills for individual investigations with prescribed practicals supported by detailed examiner advice, expert tips and common mistakes to avoid.
  • Improve your confidence by analyzing and applying the skills through exemplars, worked answers and commentary, as well as comprehension checks throughout.
  • Navigate the IB requirements with clear, concise explanations including advice on assessment objectives and rules on academic honesty.
  • Develop fully rounded and responsible learning with explicit reference to the IB learner profile and ATLs.




Studying IB Biology

Section 1: Experimental skills and abilities

Chapter 1: Mathematical and measurement skills

Chapter 2: Biochemistry practical skills

Chapter 3: Cell structure and function practical skills

Chapter 4: Physiology practical skills

Chapter 5: Ecology practical skills

Chapter 6: Statistical analysis for ecological studies

Chapter 7: Information communication technology


Section 2: Writing the Internal Assessment report

Chapter 8: Personal engagement

Chapter 9: Exploration

Chapter 10: Analysis

Chapter 11: Evaluation

Chapter 12: Communication

Option A: Animal behaviour practical skills

Option B: Microbiology practical skills




About the Author:

Andrew Davis teaches IB Diploma Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS), and is the author of our online teaching and learning resource, Biology for the IB Diploma Teaching and Learning Resources,  our revision guide, Biology for the IB Diploma Study and Revision Guide, and our MYP title, Biology for the IB MYP 4 & 5: By Concept.


Target Audience:

This book is suitable for Biology students and the teachers of IB Diploma.

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