Title The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing
Subtitle Perspectives, Issues, Challenges and Solutions
Author Lazar Dzamic, Justin Kirby
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“A refreshingly different angle and putting the relevance of content in a wider context makes this book not only insightful but also unique.”

—AJ Huisman and Bert van Loon, founders of the European Content Marketing Fast Forward platform


“Content – with a capital C – is going through an identity crisis. With so many definitions, applications and promises, this book cuts through the clutter to home in on what is truly important. Leave this book on your desk – I have a hunch that you will reach for it often.”

—Jessica Gioglio, digital and social business strategist and co-author of The Power of Visual Storytelling


Marketers everywhere are talking about Content, but not everyone is saying the same thing. Some love content and believe it has revolutionized the practice of marketing, while for others, it’s mere hype: a new name for what marketers have always done. The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing draws together all of these diverse viewpoints and discussions such as:


  • How to make Content a profit centre, not a cost.
  • What makes the why of Content more important than the how?
  • Why should Content be treated as neither a department nor a function?
  • Is Content the answer to the demise of the “interruption paradigm”?
  • How has Content become the paradigm for the digital space?


Lazar Dynamic and Justin Kirby combine leading voices and cutting-edge interviews from thought leaders, influencers, academics and industry experts – together with their own expertise – to provide a unique and powerful book that will transform your perspectives on Content marketing.




Chapter summaries

About the authors


Introduction: mapping the Content marketing territory • Definition dilemma • Group 1: Content-as-‘just marketing’ definition approaches • Group 2: trade-discipline-based definition approaches • Group 3: consumer-centric definition approaches • Group 4: definition approaches based on narrative/aesthetic feel • Group 5: do we need a definition at all? • References

Part one: Content marketing: a new and better promise?

Chapter 1: Why content is seen as the solution to current marketing challenges • Reasons to see Content as a potential solution • References

Chapter 2: Experience Economy: brand and customer experience as Content enablers • What has Content got to do with the Experience Economy? • The Experience Economy: a bigger promise • References

Chapter 3: How Content can help build sustainable brands with better purposes • Purpose starts with why • Content starts with purpose? • The rise of purposewash • Restoration of trust • References

Part two: How Content changes the way we all do business

Chapter 4: Creative agency perspective: how Content impacts creativity, process and revenue • Operating speeds • Operating models • The binary equation of agencies and its two tribes • A new set of optics to resolve the binary equation • References

Chapter 5: Media agency perspective: how Content impacts creativity, process and revenue • Eco-system changes driving media agency reinvention • New roles for the media agency • Impact of Content on the business model • Creative and media agencies as agents for contextualizing choice • The role of data and media agencies in creating ‘empathic media’ • References

Online Chapter 1: Client perspective: how content impacts creativity, process and revenue

Online Chapter 2: Publisher perspective: how content impacts creativity, process and revenue

Part three: Data, new formats and the role of content in the consumer journey

Chapter 6: Content distribution and its role in the consumer journey • Main conceptual and organizational challenges with context • Content as advertising • The role of Content in search • The role of Content in conversion • The role of Content post-sale and in customer service • References

Chapter 7: Content and storytelling in the age of user data abundance • The promise of data • Problems with data – hype, waste and narrow-mindedness… • Towards a better data promise • References

Chapter 8: The evolution of Content formats: from text to video to AR/VR to AI… • The new age of affectiveness • New storytelling models for immersive spaces • Some possible Content challenges with the new affective spaces • References

Part four: How to measure and evaluate Content marketing

Chapter 9: Key measurement issues relating to Content marketing • Key strategic challenges • Measuring the right things: evaluation ‘canvasses’ • Measuring things right: key metrics debates • References

Part five: Content marketing: not such a new and better promise?

Chapter 10: The rejecter’s manifesto: key arguments against the Content marketing ‘mirage’ • Content marketing is nothing new • Content is about hyped-up delivery systems, not ideas • Content doesn’t work – brands don’t understand how attention flows online • TV is still doing well – even with young people • References

Chapter 11: Content marketing and ethics: challenges, threats and balancing acts • The ‘dark comms’ challenge: manipulation by opacity • The crumbling separation between advertising and editorial • The ‘empathic media and datafication of emotional lives’ challenge • The ‘Huxleyan’ challenge: Content as the tool for amusing ourselves to death • References



About the Authors:

Lazar Dzamic, former Google ZOO Head of Brand Planning for North and Central Europe, is a creative strategist, writer and academic. He is an award-winning planning director in several integrated agencies, and lectures at the Faculty for Media & Communications at the Singidunum University in Belgrade.

Justin Kirby is a consultant, educator and thought leader with over twenty years’ experience in industry as a digital strategist, producer and entrepreneur. He chairs and speaks at conferences around the world, judges industry awards, and advises for brands and agencies.

Target Audience:

A thoughtful read for people interested in Content Marketing.


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