Title Trade Policy Review 2017: Brazil
Author World Trade Organization (WTO)
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Each Trade Policy Review consists of three parts: a report by the government under review, a report written independently by the WTO Secretariat, and the concluding remarks by the chair of the Trade Policy Review Body. A highlights section provides an overview of key trade facts. 15 to 20 new review titles are published each year. The reviews consist of detailed chapters examining the trade policies and practices of the member and describing trade policy-making institutions and the macroeconomic situation; these chapters are preceded by the Secretariat’s Summary Observations, which summarize the report and presents the Secretariat’s perspective on the member’s trade policies. The Secretariat report and the member’s policy statement are published after the review meeting, along with the minutes of the meeting and the text of the Chairperson’s Concluding Remarks.



Key trade facts

Part A: Concluding remarks by the Chair of the Trade Policy Review Body

Part B: Report by the WTO Secretariat • Summary • Economic environment • Trade policy regime: framework and objectives • Trade policies and practices by measure • Trade policies by sector • References • Appendix tables

Part C: Report by member under review • Introduction • Economic and trade environment • International trade relations • Trade and related policies development • Future policies directions

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People interested in Trade, International Business and Economics.

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