Title The Green Bundle
Subtitle Pairing the Market with the Planet
Author Magali A. Delmas, David Colgan
ISBN 9781503606418
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No of pages 288
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Publishing year 2018
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“Magali Delmas and David Colgan have captured the essence of the current consumer mindset and created a roadmap for companies that want to thrive in the twenty-first century. A must-read for any consumer facing CEO.”

—Tony Pritzker, Founder and Chair, Pritzker Genius Award


“Effectively communicating sustainability to today’s consumer goes well beyond slapping an eco-label on a product. The Green Bundle unlocks ‘what, when, and how’ to leverage environmental benefits and human nature to drive marketplace advantage for your brand. Required reading for today’s managers.”

—Dave Stangis, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Chief Sustainability Officer

Campbell Soup Company


“From the cities and buildings in which we live, work, and play, to the food that we eat, sustainability has become vital in the business world. Delmas and Colgan offer clear, psychology-inspired methods to reach even reluctant consumers, appealing to the ways sustainable products and services will benefit them personally all while protecting the health of our planet.”

—Andy Cohen, Co-CEO, Gensler


“Most companies today try to be green. This readable and practical book will help, with its wealth of insights from one of the leading researchers on environmental communication. Without resorting to greenwash, readers will learn how to bundle quality, health, and status attributes to help green products find the market share they deserve.”

—Thomas P. Lyon, Professor, University of Michigan, and President, Alliance for Research in Corporate Sustainability (ARCS)


The Green Bundle offers penetrating insight into green products, showing how businesses can fully realize this latent market. Synthesizing behavioral economics, human psychology, and basic business principals, the authors set forth a brilliant but practical guide on how to ignite consumer interest in sustainably produced goods.”

—Steve McCormick, former CEO of The Nature Conservancy and former President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation


The market for green products has expanded rapidly over the last decade, but most consumers need something more than eco-benefits to motivate their purchases. Magali A. Delmas and David Colgan argue that many green products now offer the total package—a “green bundle” that checks the environmental box, but also offers improved performance, health benefits, savings, and status. To help consumers cut through the noise and make their best decisions, we need new strategies. The Green Bundle offers some of the best and most effective communication techniques for pushing consumers in the right direction.

Framing product benefits to motivate behavior is the key. Combining insights from sustainable business and behavioral economics, Delmas and Colgan show managers how to lead buyers from information to action. If you are looking to win over the convenient consumer or understand how companies can create the next tipping point in green consumption, this is the research-based, practical guide for you.




Chapter 1: What Sustainability Has Come to Mean

Chapter 2: The Green Bundle

Chapter 3: No Substitute for Quality

Chapter 4: A Status Update

Chapter 5: A Healthy Perspective

Chapter 6: Put Money in Context

Chapter 7: An Emotional Connection

Chapter 8: The Pitfalls of Greenwashing

Chapter 9: Sending a Clear Signal

Conclusion: Reaching the Convenient Environmentalist



About the Authors:

Magali Delmas is Professor of Management at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and UCLA Anderson School of Management. She is the Director of the UCLA Center for Corporate Environmental Performance. Prior to embarking on her academic career, Delmas worked at the European Commission as the Economic Advisor of the Director for Industry.David Colgan is Director of Communications at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. He is a writer and creative director with a background in policy, law, and politics.

Target Audience:

People interested in environmental studies as well as Managers and CEOs.

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