Title Sustainability
Subtitle Approaches to Environmental Justice and Social Power
Author Julie Sze
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“Social justice requires the long term and holistic perspective offered by sustainability.  Effective moves towards sustainability must engage issues of equity and justice.  But discussions of sustainability and social justice have long been isolated from each other.  This volume brings together diverse and powerful voices to initiate a much needed discourse between sustainability and social justice scholars”

—Tom Dietz, University Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University


“Sze’s concept of ‘situated sustainability’ draws on environmental justice and the environmental humanities to offer a new way of thinking about sustainability that is both more flexible and more rigorous than previous conceptions. Specifically, this book both argues for and demonstrates a far more comprehensive and unanticipated way of thinking about sustainability in an era of environmental crisis.”

—Laura Pulido, author of Environmentalism and Economic Justice and Black, Brown, Yellow and Left


A critical resource for approaching sustainability across the disciplines

Sustainability and social justice remain elusive even though each is unattainable without the other.  Across the industrialized West and the Global South, unsustainable practices and social inequities exacerbate one another. How do social justice and sustainability connect? What does sustainability mean and, most importantly, how can we achieve it with justice? 

This volume tackles these questions, placing social justice and interdisciplinary approaches at the center of efforts for a more sustainable world. Contributors present empirical case studies that illustrate how sustainability can take place without contributing to social inequality. From indigenous land rights, climate conflict, militarization and urban drought resilience, the book offers examples of ways in which sustainability and social justice strengthen one another. Through an understanding of history, diverse cultural traditions, and complexity in relation to race, class, and gender, this volume demonstrates ways in which sustainability can help to shape better and more robust solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. 

Blending methods from the humanities, environmental sciences and the humanistic social sciences, this book offers an essential guide for the next generation of global citizens.


Julie Sze, with Anne Rademacher, Tom Beamish, Liza Grandia, Jonathan London, Louis Warren, Beth Rose Middleton, and Mike Ziser

Part I. Interdisciplinarity, Place, and Praxis

Chapter 1. Situating Sustainability from an Ecological Science Perspective: Ecosystem Services, Resilience, and Environmental Justice
M. L. Cadenasso and S. T. A. Pickett

Chapter 2. Situating New Constellations of Practice in the Humanities: Toward a Just and Sustainable Future
Joni Adamson

Chapter 3. Situating Sustainability against Displacement: Building Campus-Community Collaboratives for Environmental Justice from the Ground Up
Giovanna Di Chiro and Laura Rigell

Chapter 4. Situating Global Policies within Local Realities: Climate Conflict from California to Latin America
Tracy Perkins and Aaron Soto-Karlin

Chapter 5. Situating Urban Drought Resilience: Theory, Practice and Sustainability Science
Lawrence Baker

Part II. Positionality, Power, and Situated Sustainabilities

Chapter 6. Indigenous Lessons about Sustainability Are Not Just for “All Humanity”
Kyle Whyte, Chris Caldwell, and Marie Schaefer

Chapter 7. Situating Sustainability in the Luxury City: Toward a Critical Urban Research Agenda
Miriam Greenberg

Chapter 8. Man Destroys Nature?: Gender, History, and the Feminist Praxis of Situating Sustainability
Traci Brynne Voyles

Chapter 9. I Tano’ i Chamorro/Chamorro Land: Situating Sustainabilities through Spatial Justice and Cultural Perpetuation
Michael Lujan Bevacqua and Isa Ua Ceallaigh Bowman

Chapter 10. Equality in the Air We Breathe: Police Violence, Pollution, and the Politics of Sustainability
Lindsey Dillon and Julie Sze

Afterword: From More than Just Sustainability to a More Just Resilience
David N. Pellow


About the Editor

About the Contributors


About the Editor:

Julie Sze is Professor and the Founding Chair of the American Studies Department at UC Davis. She is also the founding director of the Environmental Justice Project for UC Davis’ John Muir Institute of the Environment. She has authored 2 books, including Noxious New York: The Racial Politics of Urban Health and Environmental Justice, which won the John Hope Franklin Publication Prize, and Fantasy Islands: Chinese Dreams and Ecological Fears in an Age of Climate Crisis.

Target Audience:

An essential guide for the next generation of global citizens. Also for people interested in humanities, environmental sciences and the humanistic social sciences.

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