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This comprehensive, how-to manual and guide demonstrates how to produce a long term Integrated Resource Plan for a water utility. It helps water resources planners develop and implement a comprehensive work plan that responds to technical and institutional questions that must be addressed before deciding how to develop new water supplies.

The third edition has been completely re-arranged to better reflect the water resources planning process. Several areas of the manual have expanded information, such as: stakeholder involvement throughout the process, reclaimed water and other source water alternatives in the portfolio of solutions, and evaluating alternatives. Also included is a reference to AWWA standards and manuals of water supply practices for sources of additional information.


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Chapter 1: Introduction to Water Resources Planning • Surface Water • Groundwater • The Water Resources Planning Process • Selecting the Project Team • References

Chapter 2: Planning Policies • Local Planning History • Coordination of Utility-Level Plans With State and Regional Water • Resources Plans • Initial Scoping • Process and Road Map for Plan Development • Public Involvement • References

Chapter 3: Legal Issues With Water Supplies • Water Rights in General • Surface Water Rights • Groundwater Rights • Reclaimed Water Rights • Federal and Tribal Water Rights • Public Trust Doctrine • Water Quality Effects • Reference

Chapter 4: Water Resources Alternatives • Surface Water • Groundwater • Reclaimed Water • Desalination • Demand Management • Water Marketing and Transfers • Nontraditional Sources • References

Chapter 5: Water Demand Forecasting • Forecasting Methods • Selecting the Right Model • Analysis of Current Water Demand, Factors, and Trends • Developing a Forecast of Future Water Demand • Evaluating Uncertainty of the Water Demand Forecast • Summary • References

Chapter 6: Water Quality • The Hydrologic Cycle and Water Quality • Surface Water Quality • Groundwater Quality • Physical, Chemical, and Biological Components Influencing Water Quality • Sources of Water Contaminant Loading • Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring • Summary • References

Chapter 7: Source Water Protection • Source Water Protection Programs • ANSI/AWWA Standard G300 for Source Water Protection • Groundwater Protection • Surface Water Source Protection • References

Chapter 8: Water Supply Assessments • Overview of Assessment Approach • Identification of Evaluation Criteria for Assessments • Water Supply Reliability Assessment • Water Quality Assessment • Environmental Assessment • Implementation Assessment • Cost Assessment • Summary

Chapter 9: Alternatives Analysis • Basic Objectives and Guiding Principles • Why Conduct an Analysis of Alternatives? • Overview of Business Case Evaluation Methods • Defining Important Types of Benefits and Costs • Key Steps of Alternatives Analysis • Methods For Estimating Benefits and Costs • Discounting and Present Values • Dealing With Uncertainties and Data Gaps • Conclusions • References

Chapter 10: Integrated Water Management Plan • Developing a Plan • Developing the Plan • Case Study: City of SDPUD 2012 Long-Range Water Resources Plan • References

Appendix A: Preliminary Cost Guide for Water Supply Dams

Appendix B: A White Paper From the AWWA Source Water Protection (Approved April 11, 1997)

Appendix C: State Wellhead and Source Water Protection Contact List


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Target Audience:

This book is intended for water resource planners.


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