Title A Fresh Look at Formative Assessment in Mathematics Teaching
Author Edward A. Silver , Valerie L. Mills
ISBN 9781680540185
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Publishing year 2018
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Formative assessment is a powerful pedagogical tool whose purpose is to inform learning as it takes place, with the goal of moving learning forward on the basis of matching instruction to the edge of a student’s current understanding. A Fresh Look at Formative Assessment in Mathematics Teaching takes this frequently overlooked and often misunderstood methodology from a generic set of techniques to a potent, efficient, and effective course of action by explicating its role in effective mathematics teaching and learning, describing what it looks like in practice, and demonstrating how teachers can be supported in developing the knowledge and skills needed for its successful implementation.

The book is specifically intended for educators who wish to improve mathematics teaching and learning. In particular, it is designed to provide mathematics teacher educators and professional development specialists with examples of where and how formative assessment can be integrated into a variety of professional learning efforts to support its effective use as a critical component of daily instructional decision-making. The chapters within A Fresh Look at Formative Assessment in Mathematics Teaching illustrate how formative assessment is deeply connected to many other instructional frameworks, tools, and approaches with which mathematics teachers and teacher educators are familiar, such as cognitively guided instructions (CGI) and the mathematical tasks framework, among others.


Margaret Heritage

Edward A. Silver and Valerie L. Mills

Section 1: Focusing on Formative Assessment: What, Why, and How?

Chapter 1: Our Evolving Understanding of Formative Assessment and the Challenges of Widespread Implementation, by Valerie L. Mills, Marilyn E. Strutchens and Marjorie Petit

Chapter 2: Why Focus on Formative Assessment in Relation to Mathematics Instructional Frameworks, Tools, and Approaches? by Edward A. Silver, Megan Burton and Wanda Audrict

Section 2: Frameworks, Tools, and Approaches to Improve Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Chapter 3: Using Classroom Discourse as a Tool for Formative Assessment, by Michelle Cirillo and
Jennifer M. Langer-Osuna

Chapter 4: Cognitively Guided Instruction and Formative Assessment, by Linda Levi and Rebecca Ambrose

Chapter 5: Distinguishing Features of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Related to Formative Assessment in Mathematics Instruction, by Thomasenia Lott Adams and Emily P. Bonner

Chapter 6: Using Learning Trajectories to Elicit, Interpret, and Respond to Student Thinking, by
Caroline B. Ebby and Marjorie Petit

Chapter 7: The Mathematical Tasks Framework and Formative Assessment, by Michael Steele and
Margaret S. Smith

Chapter 8: Using Formative Assessment to Guide the Effective Implementation of Response-to-Intervention (RTI), by Beth Kobett and Karen Karp

Section 3: Using the Power of Formative Assessment

Chapter 9: Focusing on Formative Assessment to Improve Mathematics Teaching and Learning, by
Megan Burton and Wanda Audrict

Chapter 10: Formative Assessment and Equitable Mathematics Classrooms: Probing the Intersection, by Marilyn E .Strutchens and Edward A. Silver

Chapter 11: A Vision for Professional Learning Design that Repositions and Reinforces Formative Assessment, by Valerie L. Mills and Marjorie Petit

Chapter 12: Putting it All Together and Moving Forward: Concluding Thoughts, by Valerie L .Mills and Edward A. Silver

Target Audience:

 This book is specifically intended for mathematics educators who wish to improve mathematics teaching and learning.



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