Title Recovering Nonviolent History
Subtitle Civil Resistance in Liberation Struggles
Author Maciej J. Bartkowski
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“This very important book establishes beyond doubt the necessity of recording the history of nonviolent struggles throughout the world…. The authors’ accounts of actual struggles from nearly every continent demonstrate that we have available experience with powerful ways to wage conflicts and face problems without violence.”

—Gene Sharp, Albert Einstein Institution


Recovering Nonviolent History brings to the fore the role of the masses in mobilizing for their emancipation from oppression in all its guises, using peaceful, nonviolent tactics…. It makes a substantive contribution to the existing body of knowledge on resistance struggles the world over.”

—Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Chair, African Union Commission


“No single volume has ever explored the dynamics of nonviolent contention in as broad a range of contexts as Recovering Nonviolent History. It is an altogether indispensable volume.”

—Doug McAdam, Stanford University


“Greatly expand[s] our knowledge of not only the extent of nonviolent action, but how its dynamic operates and contributes to a society’s ethos.”
—Ralph Summy,
Journal of Peace Education


“Due to this groundbreaking text, we now have greater access to the breadth [and] depth ... of the people’s power.”
—Karen D. Crozier, International Journal on World Peace



This unique book brings to light the little-known, but powerful roles that civil resistance has played in national liberation struggles throughout history.

Ranging from the American Revolution to Kosovo in the 1990s, from Egypt under colonial rule to present-day West Papua and Palestine, the authors of Recovering Nonviolent History consider several key questions: What kinds of civilian-based nonviolent strategy and tactics have been used in liberation struggles? What accounts for their successes and failures? Not least, how did nonviolent resistance influence national identities and socioeconomic and political institutions both prior to and after liberation, and why has this history been so often ignored? The story that emerges is a compelling one of the agency of thousands and even millions of ordinary people as they used nonviolent force in the course of struggles against foreign subjugation.



Chapter 1: Recovering Nonviolent History—Maciej J. Bartkowski

Chapter 2: Identity Formation in Nonviolent Struggles—Lee A. Smithey

Part 1: Nonviolent Resistance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Chapter 3: Ghana: Nonviolent Resistance in the Independence Movement, 1890s–1950s—Gail Presbey

Chapter 4: Zambia: Nonviolent Strategies Against Colonialism, 1900s–1960s—Jotham C. Momba and Fay Gadsden

Chapter 5: Mozambique: Liberation Myths and Resistance Strategies, 1920s–1970s—Matt Meyer

Part 2: Nonviolent Resistance in North Africa and the Middle East

Chapter 6: Algeria: Nonviolent Resistance Against French Colonialism, 1830s–1950s—Malika Rahal

Chapter 7: Egypt: Nonviolent Resistance in the Rise of a Nation-State, 1805–1922—Amr Abdalla and Yasmine Arafa

Chapter 8: Iran: Nonviolent Revolts, 1890–1906—Nikki R. Keddie

Chapter 9: Palestine: Nonviolent Resistance in the Struggle for Statehood, 1920s–2012—Mary Elizabeth King

Part 3: Nonviolent Resistance in Asia and Oceania

Chapter 10: Burma: Civil Resistance in the Anticolonial Struggle, 1910s–1940—Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan

Chapter 11: Bangladesh: Civil Resistance in the Struggle for Independence, 1948–1971—Ishtiaq Hossain

Chapter 12: West Papua: Civil Resistance, Framing, and Identity, 1910s–2012—Jason MacLeod

Part 4: Nonviolent Resistance in Europe

Chapter 13: Hungary: Nonviolent Resistance Against Austria, 1850s–1860s—Tamas Csapody and Thomas Weber

Chapter 14: Poland: Forging the Polish Nation Nonviolently, 1860s–1900s—Maciej J. Bartkowski

Chapter 15: Kosovo: Civil Resistance in Defense of the Nation, 1990s—Howard Clark

Part 5: Nonviolent Resistance in the Americas

Chapter 16: The United States: Reconsidering the Struggle for Independence, 1765–1775—Walter H. Conser Jr.

Chapter 17: Cuba: Nonviolent Strategies for Autonomy and Independence, 1810s–1902—Alfonso W. Quiroz

Part 6: Conclusion

Chapter 18: Insights into Nonviolent Liberation Struggles—Maciej J. Bartkowski

Appendix: Conflict Summaries

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About the Book

About the Editor:

Maciej J. Bartkowski is senior director for research and education at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of history.


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