Title Solving the Innovation Mystery
Subtitle A Workplace Whodunit
Author Steve Gladis
ISBN 9789387925410
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Publishing year 2019
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About the book

Steve Gladis illuminates the mystery of organizational innovation, with an engaging storyline to boot. This book provides practical insights into how leaders can foster a culture that transforms creativity into innovation.”

Marie Schram, Vice President of Human Resources, LMI

“This book is a great roadmap for business, government, and the social sector in the pursuit of solving community problems through innovation.”

Lynn Tadlock, Deputy Director, Claude Moore Charitable Foundation


Creativity dreams up ideas, but innovation carries them through.

There isn’t a CEO on the planet who hasn’t considered the importance of innovation. In the face of global competition and the explosion of technology, innovation is today’s business imperative. How else does a company remain both productive and adaptive?

In Solving the lnnovation Mystery: A Workplace Whodunit, leadership authority Steve Gladis deftly solves the innovation equation. He gets at the slower moving truth of how innovation actually happens and shows just why we must resist the hero tale and the mirage that is the eureka moment.

Delve into the experimentation, failure, and learning that make innovation possible as you get to the heart of innovation’s collaborative nature. Then solve your own innovation equation by understanding how to fuel your company’s innovation engine systematically, paving a straight path to commercializing creative business solutions.

Solving the lnnovation Mystery: A Workplace Whodunit delivers an entertaining tour de force part theory, part story as Gladis tracks private investigator Roland Epps and executive coach Dana Glass to illustrate his innovation thesis that a safe, trusting culture is essential for creativity to thrive and for innovation to take root.





Executive Summary

Chapter 1. It’s More Than Eureka: The Basics of Innovation • The Creative Process • Three Data Points • Creativity Versus Innovation • Why Is Innovation Important to Leaders? • The Story: Innovative Investigations • Enter the Executive Coach

Chapter 2. The Innovation Equation Part 1: Start With Talent • Diversity • Engagement • Mindset • The Story: The Team of Differences

Chapter 3. The Innovation Equation Part 2: Environment • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs • Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory • The Motivation Pyramid • The Motivation Matrix • What Innovative Leaders Can Do for People • What Innovative Leaders Can Do for Teams • What Innovative Leaders Can Do for Organizations • The Story: The Motivation Matrix • The Story: The Case of the AWOL Inventory

Chapter 4. The Innovation Equation Part 3: The Process • The Coach-Approach Model • Action Learning • Entrepreneurship • The Story: Sowing Seeds but Growing Pains, or Questions, Questions, Questions

Chapter 5. The Innovation Equation Part 3: The Process Continues • The 5Ps Innovation Development Process • How to Coach the 5Ps • The Story: The Agency Innovates, or Time to Pivot


Appendix: Case Study

About the Author


About the Author:

Steve Gladis, PhD, is a distinguished executive coach, author, and speaker, and one of the country’s leadership experts. Founder and CEO of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners—a leadership development company—he is the author of 21 books on leadership and communication. His company works with businesses, associations, and U.S. government agencies, and he speaks regularly at conferences and corporate gatherings. Gladis is on the faculty at George Mason University in The Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence and is a former faculty member at the University of Virginia. He also served as an FBI special agent and was a decorated officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. His most recent books are Smile. Breathe. Listen: The 3 Mindful Acts for Leaders and Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work. He lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

Target Audience:

This book is a great roadmap for business, government, and the social sector in the pursuit of solving community problems through innovation.

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