Title Practical Essay Writing
Author Kristine Brown
ISBN 9789387925038
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This book aims to improve students’ essay writing and give practical help with essay questions. It breaks essay writing down into five steps to follow, and provides a range of questions to help students structure and write their own essays.

In this book you will find:

  • Five comprehensive steps to follow for writing an essay
  • Background information and tasks for each step
  • Practice essay questions with stimulus material
  • Sample essays
  • A detailed answer section


Acknowledgements • Before you start

Step 1: UNDERSTAND ABOUT ESSAYS • What exactly is an essay? • Why do we write essays? • How is an essay different from everyday speech and other written texts? • Are all essays the same? • What is the basic essay structure?

Step 2: PREPARE FOR WRITING • Understanding the essay question • Warming up the brain cells • Doing the research • Organising your ideas • Doing a detailed plan

Step 3: MAKE A FIRST DRAFT • Drafting the Introduction • Drafting the Body Paragraphs • Drafting the Conclusion • Including other people’s ideas • Making your essay ‘hang together’

Step 4: REVISE AND POLISH • Writing grammatical sentences • Using the right kind of language • Referencing your work • Using good spelling strategies • Getting the punctuation right

Step 5: DO A FINAL CHECK • A checklist for revising and editing your essay

Extras: Model essay: summary of structure and language features • Stimulus material for Key Essay Questions • Sample essays on the Key Essay Questions • Ideas for practice essays


About the Author:

Kristine Brown is a practising teacher. She has also published successful books on writing and language skills.

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of English Writing.


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