Title A Strategic-Oriented Implementation of Projects
Author Mihály Görög
ISBN 9789387486676
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Publishing year 2018
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About the book

Can a project be both a success and a failure?

You may be hitting your deadlines and keeping within your budget... but if your project isn’t meeting your organization’s larger strategic goals, it may actually be failing.

While it is broadly accepted that projects are the building blocks in implementing organizational strategic objectives, many books fail to address one critical question: how do you translate a strategic objective into a manageable project task?

Lavishly illustrated with more than 40 figures and tables, this latest book from practitioner and project management professor Mihály Görög, PhD addresses this critical lack, for project managers of all levels.

With each of its chapters devoted to exploring a specific topic, the book begins by focusing on internal projects within an organization. Using real-world examples from multiple industries, Dr. Görög effortlessly provides both theory and practical tools for thinking and working strategically throughout the project process, including mastering scope challenges and evaluating project success.

The second half of the book then explores how to meet the unique strategic challenges presented by projects involving external contractors and includes how to differentiate between contract and payment; allocate responsibilities and risks; create contractor competition; and identify the best bid (and bidder).

A Strategic-Oriented Implementation of Projects that rare book that is both strategic oriented and practical and provides project and program managers with the tools to ensure that their internal and external projects actually meet their organization’s strategic goals.


Preface • Introduction

Part I: A Strategy-Oriented Approach to Managing the Project Result

Chapter 1 – Strategy and Projects • Interrelationships Between Strategy and Projects • The Organizational Project Portfolio • Grouping of Projects

Chapter 2 – Success Criteria and Project Management Competences • Evolution of the Approach to Project Success • Hierarchical Approach to Project Success • Matching Competences with Success – The Role of a Project Management Toolkit

Chapter 3 – The Strategy-Oriented Project Cycle • Extant Views on the Project Cycle • Strategy-Oriented Approach to the Project Cycle • Relevancy of the Strategy-Oriented Project Cycle

Chapter 4 – The Strategy-Oriented Project Scope Definition • Extant Approaches to Scope Definition • Strategy Based Definition of the Desired Project Result—The Strategic Projects • Scope Definition of Non-Strategic Projects

Chapter 5 – Viability of The Project Idea • Requirements that Need to be Satisfied • The Feasibility Studies • Relationships Between Scope Definition and Success

Chapter 6 – Strategy-Oriented Scope Control and Change Management • Controlling the Project Scope • Managing the Scope Change • Interrelationships Between Scope Definition, Scope Control, Scope Change and Success

Chapter 7 – Project Post-Evaluation • The Aim of Post-Evaluation • The Process of Post-Evaluation • The Role of the Project Office

Chapter 8 – Implications for Program Management • Project Programs • Strategy-Oriented Program-Level Scope Management

Part II: A Strategy for Implementing External Projects— The Client Perspective

Chapter 9 – Project Implementation Strategy • Views on Contracting Out Projects • External Projects and the Primary Stakeholders in External Projects • The Role of Project Implementation Strategy • The Scope of Formulating Project Implementation Strategy

Chapter 10 – Types of Contract • Traditional Type of Contract • Turnkey Type of Contract • Management Type of Contract • A Comparison of the Types of Contract

Chapter 11 – Types of Payment • Views on Payment • Price-Based Type of Payment • Cost-Based Type of Payment • Target-Based Type of Payment • A Comparison of the Types of Payment • Time and Material-Based Payment

Chapter 12 – Formulating Appropriate Project Implementation Strategy in the Narrow Sense • Approaches to Project Implementation Strategy • Projects and Clients—Their Inherent Characteristics • Types of Contracts and Types of Payment: Their Inherent Characteristics • Matching Project Implementation Strategy with the Inherent Characteristics of the Project and Those of the Client • Case Examples of the Formulation of Appropriate Project Implementation Strategies in the Narrow Sense

Chapter 13 – Tendering And Prequalification • Types of Tendering • The Aim and the Process of Prequalification

Chapter 14 – Project Implementation Strategy in the Broader Sense—Matching Tendering and Prequalification with Project Implementation Strategy • Matching Prequalification with Project Implementation Strategy • Matching Tendering with Project Implementation Strategy • Case Examples Demonstrating Matching

Chapter 15 – Bid Evaluation – Ranking the Tender Bids • The Aim of Bid Evaluation • Ranking the Bids • Case Examples for Bid Ranking

Chapter 16 – Implications for Clients and External Contributors • Implications for Clients • Implications for External Contributors



About the Author:

Mihály Görög is a professor of project management at Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Strategy and Project Management.

Following graduation, Mihály worked for the oil industry for 12 years, where he managed various projects both in Hungary and the Middle East and in 1989 joined Corvinus University, where he earned his PhD in 1993. In addition to lecturing at the university, he is active in research and also a consultant. During the last few decades Professor Görög has presented many conference papers at various international conferences, has published in both research papers in international professional journals and books, and was a visiting professor for years in Slovenia and Romania. His current research interests include strategic-oriented project management and organizational project management maturity.

Mihály and his wife Kornelia, have three children and three grandchildren and they enjoy sailing together.

Target Audience:

This book is helpful for Project Managers and Leaders.

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