Title Viva Question Bank Physics Class 12
Subtitle Based on Latest Examination Pattern of the CBSE
Author Nipendra Bhatnagar
ISBN 9789387925151
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 922
Book size 178 x 242 mm
Publishing year 2018
Original publisher Viva Education
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About the book

Viva Question Bank Physics for Class XII has been prepared in accordance with the latest NCERT/CBSE syllabus and the new examination pattern.

Salient features of the book:

  • Chapter at a Glance’ at the beginning of each chapter, provides an overview of the contents of the chapter.
  • NCERT Textbook Questions along with important questions of NCERT Exemplar have been given in simple and effective language.
  • Very Short Answer (1 mark) and Short Answer (2 and 3 marks) Questions have been categorised into knowledge, understanding and application based in order to prepare students as the requirements of Board Examinations.
  • Long Answer Questions (5 marks) will help the students to strengthen and simulate their understanding from the Examination’s point of view.
  • Numerical Problems have been carefully selected/framed and systematically arranged from the Examination’s point of view.
  • Problems on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) have been included so that the students could further test and strengthen their problem solving skills.
  • lnteresting Discussions to improve the interest level of students and offer them insights for evaluating their practical understanding of the subject.
  • Important Definitions, Laws and Formulae
  • CBSE Examination Paper - ALL India 2018 (Solved)


Unit-I: Electrostatics

Chapter 1. Electric Charges and Fields

Chapter 2. Electrostatics Potential and Capacitance

Unit-II: Current Electricity

Chapter 3. Electric Current and Resistance

Chapter 4. Electric Cells and Simple Circuits

Unit-III: Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

Chapter 5. Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter 6. Magnetic Materials and Earth’s Magnetism

Unit-IV: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

Chapter 7. Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 8. Alternating Currents

Unit-V: Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 9. Electromagnetic Waves

Unit-VI: Optics

Chapter 10. Ray Optics

Chapter 11. Optical Instruments

Chapter 12. Wave Optics

Unit-VII: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Chapter 13. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Unit-VIII: Atoms and Nuclei

Chapter 14. Atoms

Chapter 15. Nuclei

Unit-IX: Electronic Devices

Chapter 16. Electronic Devices

Unit-X: Communication Systems

Chapter 17. Communication Systems

• Interesting Discussions

[For evaluating students’ practical understanding of the subject]

• CBSE Examination Paper - All India 2018 (Solved)

About the Author:

Nipendra Bhatnagar, M.Sc., B.Ed. is Head of Department of Physics, A.S.I. College, Mawana, Meerut (U.P.).

Target Audience:

Students of Class XII (Physics).


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