Title Fast Facts for Nurses about Home Infusion Therapy
Subtitle The Expert’s Best Practice Guide in a Nutshell
Author Lisa A. Gorski
ISBN 9780826160058
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Providing key information at a glance, this timely resource for the home care nurse offers clear, current practice guidelines for safely delivering IV therapy within the home. Written by one of the foremost experts in the field, the guide delivers not only evidence-based information in an easy-to-access, bulleted format, but also extensive descriptions, discussions, and rationale for in-depth consultation. It maintains a cogent focus on infection and complication prevention throughout and presents directives for achieving positive patient outcomes. It also focuses on patient education--an essential component of safe home infusion therapy;and includes case studies and Q&A sections to reinforce content.

The guide addresses the foundations of home infusion therapy, including infusion access devices and infusion delivery methods. Effective and safe management of dehydration, antimicrobial infusions, and parenteral nutrition are addressed along with chemotherapy, pain management, cardiac-related infusion therapy, immunoglobulin infusion, and other home infusion therapies. Home care nurses who provide direct care, home care managers and educators, and nurses who provide home care discharge planning will find this Fast Facts guide to be an invaluable learning tool.

Key Features:

  • Focuses on patient selection, education, and monitoring
  • Delivers evidence-based recommendations
  • Presents quick access bullet points along with in-depth information
  • Discusses pediatric and geriatric implications
  • Includes case studies and critical thinking question



Foreword Mary Alexander, MA, RN, CRNI®, CAE, FAAN



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Chapter 1. Overview and Introduction to Home Infusion Therapy

Chapter 2. Patient Education: An Essential Component of Safe Home Infusion Therapy

Chapter 3. Infection Prevention Concepts


Chapter 4. Peripheral Catheters

Chapter 5. Central Vascular Access Devices

Chapter 6. Other Infusion Access Methods


Chapter 7. Infusion Administration Methods and Issues

Chapter 8. Fluid Administration: Managing Dehydration

Chapter 9. Antimicrobial Therapy

Chapter 10. Home Parenteral Nutrition

Chapter 11. Chemotherapy Infusions

Chapter 12. Infusion Pain Management

Chapter 13. Cardiac Infusion Therapy

Chapter 14. Immunoglobulin Infusion

Chapter 15. Other Home Infusion Therapies


About the Author:

Lisa A. Gorski, MS, RN, HHCNS-BC, CRNI®, FAAN, is a clinical nurse specialist at Wheaton Franciscan Home Health & Hospice, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her previous positions include surgical intensive care unit nurse and educator and adjunct faculty and clinical faculty member, University of Wisconsin. Ms. Gorski served as president of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) 2007–2008, chaired the committee for the 2011 and 2016 INS Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice, and serves on the editorial board for Home Healthcare Now. She has published three books about home infusion therapy: High Tech Home Care Manual (1994), Best Practices in Home Infusion Therapy (1999), and Pocket Guide to Home Infusion Therapy (2005). Ms. Gorski is also coauthor of Manual of IV Therapeutics: Evidence-Based Practice for Infusion Therapy, Sixth Edition (2014). She is serving as the 2017–2019 Chair for the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation and is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing. She speaks nationally and internationally, addressing standards development, home health care, and home infusion therapy.   

Target Audience:

Nurse scientists, educators, and students in all clinical specialties.


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