Title The Canterbury Tales, 3/e
Subtitle Seventeen Tales and the General Prologue (Norton Critical Edition)
Author Geoffrey Chaucer, V. A. Kolve, Glending Olson
ISBN 9781324000563
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 720
Book size 140 x 218 mm
Publishing year 2018
Original publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Published in India by W. W. Norton & Company
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About the book


“This book has been more helpful to the students—both the better ones and the lesser ones—than any other book I have ever used in any of my classes in my more than a quarter century of university teaching.”

—Richard L. Kirkwood, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire


This Norton Critical Edition includes:

  • The medieval masterpiece’s most popular tales, including—new to the Third Edition—The Man of Law’s Prologue and Tale and The Second Nun’s Prologue and Tale.
  • Extensive marginal glosses, explanatory footnotes, a preface, and a guide to Chaucer’s language by V. A. Kolve and Glending Olson.
  • Sources and analogues arranged by tale.
  • Twelve critical essays, seven of them new to the Third Edition.
  • A Chronology, a Short Glossary, and a Selected Bibliography.


About the Series:

Read by more than 12 million students over fifty-five years, Norton Critical Editions set the standard for apparatus that is right for undergraduate readers. The three-part format—annotated text, contexts, and criticism—helps students to better understand, analyze, and appreciate the literature, while opening a wide range of teaching possibilities for instructors. Whether in print or in digital format, Norton Critical Editions provide all the resources students need.



The General Prologue

The Knight’s Tale

The Miller’s Tale

The Reeve’s Tale

The Cook’s Tale

The Man of Law’s Tale

The Wife of Bath’s Tale

The Friar’s Ta;e and the Summoner’s Tale

The Clerk’s Tale

The Merchant’s Tale

The Squire’s Tale

The Franklin’s Prologue and Tale

The Second Nun’s Tale

The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale

The Physician’s Tale

The Pardoner’s Tale

The Shipman’s Tale

The Prioress’s Tale

Geoffrey’s Tale: Sir Thopas and Melibee

The Monk’s Tale

The Nun’s Priest’s Tale

The Manciple’s Tale

The Parson’s Tale and Chaucers’s ‘Retraction’

About the Editors:

V. A. Kolve is UCLA Foundation Professor of English, Emeritus. A Rhodes Scholar, he is the author of Chaucer and the Imagery of Narrative, winner of the James Russell Lowell Award and British Council Prize, The Play Called Corpus Christi, and the forthcoming Christ as Gardener and Pilgrim: A Study in Medieval Iconography.

Glending Olson is Professor Emeritus of English, Cleveland State University. He is the author of Literature as Recreation in the Later Middle Ages.

Target Audience:

Students and Academicians of Literature.


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