Title Fast Facts About the Nursing Profession
Subtitle Historical Perspectives in a Nutshell
Author Deborah Dolan Hunt
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“”Fast Facts about the Nursing Profession” is a brief, accessible, and very informative text in the Fast Facts series, which provides practitioners with vital information leading to success in clinical practice. Clearly and intelligently written, Fast Facts is replete with well-known information and more esoteric facts about the subject under consideration. The book is an important contribution to the series.”
—Leigh Whaley, Acadia University, Canada



Captures the essence of pivotal events and individuals in nursing history


Replete with concise and easy-to-read information, this resource captures the essence of pivotal events and individuals in nursing history who have driven the evolution of the nursing role from that of a “handmaiden” to a key health professional. It distills important historical information--often neglected in today’s nursing programs--that fosters an understanding and appreciation of the issues that inform nursing practice today. Content is presented in an easy-access format consisting of short summaries and “Fast Facts in a Nutshell” that identify key points throughout each chapter. An introductory chapter featuring an interview with a prominent nursing historian adds breadth and color to this review of nursing through the ages.


Incorporating a global perspective, each chapter highlights significant events during a particular era as they affected the status of the nursing profession and the nursing role. Beginning with the pre-Nightingale period, the book addresses the role of the nurse before the advent of formal training programs. It continues with the contributions of Florence Nightingale, the early 1900s, and new developments in nursing, including public health nursing and the impact of both world wars. The bulk of the book comprises an in-depth account of the tremendous growth and professional development in nursing during the past 100 years, addressing nursing theories and leaders, education, research, professional organizations, and the future of nursing.


Key Features:

  • Provides important historical content often neglected in today’s nursing programs
  • Delivers concise, easy-to-read information about important events and influential nursing luminaries
  • Describes how nurses have influenced health and wellness across the life span
  • Highlights key points with “Fast Facts in a Nutshell” boxes
  • Includes an interview with the president of the American Association for the History of Nursing, a chapter on the relevance of nursing history by a noted nurse historian, and a chapter on influential nurses in history by a noted nursing leader and educator



Foreword Marilyn Klainberg, EdD, RN



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Introduction to the History of Nursing Through the Eyes of a Historian: An Interview With Dr Jean Whelan



Chapter 1: The Relevance of Nursing History and Why It Matters Today (Brigid Lusk)

Chapter 2: Nursing and Medicine in Ancient Times

Chapter 3: Nursing and Medicine: First Century CE to the Early Middle Ages

Chapter 4: Nursing From the Renaissance to the 18th Century

Chapter 5: Nursing Around the Globe in the 18th Century

Chapter 6: 19th-Century Nursing in the Pre-Nightingale Era and Beyond



Chapter 7: The Lady With the Lamp: Florence Nightingale and Her Effect on the Nursing Profession in the 19th Century

Chapter 8: The Nursing Profession in the 20th Century



Chapter 9: Shaping the Modern Nursing Profession: Nursing Theorists and Leaders

Chapter 10: Pioneers in Nursing Education and Social Activism: Lavinia Lloyd Dock, Isabel Hampton Robb, and Mary Adelaide Nutting (Donna M Nickitas)

Chapter 11: The Growth of Nursing Education and Expansion of Degree Programs

Chapter 12: Nursing Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Using the Evidence in Practice

Chapter 13: Professional Organizations and Key Developments

Chapter 14: The Nurse of Tomorrow


About the Author:

Deborah Dolan Hunt, PhD, MS, RN, is associate professor of nursing and chair of the master’s program at the College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, New York. She has spent most of her career in nursing education, initially in staff development and currently in an academic setting. She is currently serving as one of the coleads for the New York State Future of Nursing’s Action Coalition in the Northern Metropolitan Region and is a member of the advisory board for the Advance Healthcare Network. Dr. Hunt is also a member of Community Board 10 in the Bronx and the chairperson of its health and human services committee. She is a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine and an ambassador and merit reviewer for the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. In addition, Dr. Hunt is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing and has received the Zeta Omega research award for her doctoral dissertation. She was also the Sigma Theta Tau Zeta Omega Scholar from 2010 to 2011. Her research interests concern nursing turnover, job satisfaction, leadership, patient outcomes, and new nurse transition. Dr. Hunt’s scholarly pursuits and teaching specialties include nursing education, the history of nursing, medical-surgical nursing, and transcultural nursing. She is the author of The New Nurse Educator, Second Edition (Springer Publishing, 2018) and The Nurse Professional: Leveraging Your Education for Transition Into Practice (Springer Publishing, 2014).
Dr. Hunt has published many articles and has presented locally, nationally, and globally.

Target Audience:

This book is intended for students & academicians of Nursing.



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