Title Case Studies in Global Health Policy Nursing
Author Genie E. Dorman, Mary de Chesnay
ISBN 9780826171191
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“Dorman and De Chesnay…offer a wealth of valuable information students and other healthcare providers would normally not receive until they were in the trenches of their global experience…[They] deliver…nuances of ideology about care and disease from a number of different countries, what global health policy entails and means to healthcare providers traveling the world, along with case studies from a number of guides/experienced global experts.”

-Lorna Kendrick, PhD, APRN, PMHCNS-BC, Professor and Director, School of Nursing, California State University San Marcos

From the Foreword


Case Studies in Global Health Policy Nursing unpacks key global health issues and analyzes the surrounding health care policies and their impact through case studies. Designed specifically for graduate nursing students, this text explores the implications of global initiatives designed to eradicate disease and promote physical and mental health. As globalization takes a front row seat in the digital age and political dynamics shift more rapidly than ever, possibilities and opportunities for health care have arisen beyond the hospital-based focus, especially for diseases and trends that cross continental divides.

Every case study contains a multidisciplinary perspective, featuring contributions by expert nurses, public health professionals, and policy researchers. Presented in a consistent format for ease of use, each case study includes an overview, background, relevant research, and in-depth information on its significance as a critical global issue. This text covers critical, current topics such as health care for transgender individuals, refugees, and patients on the autism spectrum, as well as ongoing problems like access to clean water, HIV/AIDS, and human trafficking. End-of-chapter exercises reinforce content and supplementary instructor materials are available.

Key Features:

  • Delivers topical, in-depth examination of key global issues for graduate-level nursing students
  • Provides consistent format for each case study for ease of use
  • Presents an interdisciplinary approach with content from expert nurses, public health professionals, and policy researchers


Contributors • Foreword Lorna Kendrick, PhD, APRN, PMHCNS-BC • Preface • Acknowledgments • Share Case Studies in Global Health Policy Nursing


Chapter 1. Policy Implications for Global Health (Jeri A. Milstead)

Chapter 2. Pandemics, Epidemics, and Outbreaks: Health Policy Research Priorities (Jessica Ellis, Mary de Chesnay, Genie E. Dorman, and Adriana Caldwell)

Chapter 3. Healthcare Policy: Funding for Immigrants and Refugees (Brenda Brown)

Chapter 4. From International Physician to U.S. Nurse Practitioner: Multiple Life History Study (Krisola Marcano, Charlotte Ndema, Nancy Martinez, and Jennifer Azelton)


Chapter 5. Localization of the Nursing Workforce in the Sultanate of Oman (Christie Emerson)

Chapter 6. Perspectives of Culture and Chronic Disease in the United Arab Emirates (Jennifer Cooper and
Sharon Brownie

Chapter 7. Infection Control in Sierra Leone: A Global Issue (Elizabeth Holguin)

Chapter 8. HIV and Male Circumcision in Swaziland (R. Kevin Mallinson and Bongani T. Sibandze)

Chapter 9. Providing Access to Clean Water in Rural Nicaragua: A Qualitative Case Study (Johnathan D. Steppe and Mari-Amanda Dyal)


Chapter 10. Global Health for Transgender Individuals (Amy P. Roach)

Chapter 11. Human Trafficking and Global Health Issues (Donna Sabella and Mary de Chesnay)

Chapter 12. Global Trends in Criminalizing HIV Nondisclosure: Implications for Nursing Practice (Jennifer M. Kilty, Evelina W. Sterling, and Portia D. Thomas)

Chapter 13. Global Health Policy Considerations: Autism Spectrum Disorder (M’Lyn Spinks)


About the Editors:

Genie E. Dorman, PhD, RN, is a professor of nursing at Kennesaw State University WellStar School of Nursing. She has codirected study abroad programs in Mexico, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and the United Arab Emirates designed to enhance students’ cultural competence through experiential learning. Her research interests include the provision of healthcare to the underserved and the development of cultural competence in both undergraduate and graduate students. She has made numerous presentations on these topics at both national and international conferences.

Mary de Chesnay, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN, is a professor of nursing at Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia. She is a former dean at Duquesne University and the first holder of the Jean Bushman Endowed Chair at Seattle University. She has extensive clinical experience in human trafficking, has taught health policy and research to graduate students, and has edited 10 books, 3 of which received the AJN Book of the Year award. She is the editor of the Springer Publishing series on qualitative research.

Target Audience:

Designed specifically for graduate nursing students.

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