Title Homeless Older Populations
Subtitle A Practical Guide for the Interdisciplinary Care Team (Critical Topics in an Aging Society)
Author Diane Chau, Arnold P. Gass
ISBN 9780826170156
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Publishing year 2018
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Filled with key insights and field-tested knowledge, this is a concise, hands-on guide to how interdisciplinary team strategies can advance the care of older homeless adults. The book encompasses research evidence, education-based initiatives, and systems thinking, and describes how to implement promising health care outlooks for diverse elderly populations in a variety of localities.

Chapters address the many challenges to caring for homeless individuals by integrating a team vision for adopting transformation and geriatrics health care workforce education. The book provides an overview of population demographics and trends and discusses specific medical/psychological care challenges including the spread of infectious diseases. It covers the delivery of care to homeless patients, complex ethical and legal issues, housing, social economics, family disruption and abuse, end-of-life considerations, and political and policy challenges. With abundant case studies and discussions about successes and failures in homeless geriatric health care, the book provides a framework for the joint efforts of social worker, nurse, mental health professional, physician, and other health care professionals to provide optimal care for older homeless populations.


  • Presents the most current resources, evidence, and developments for interdisciplinary care of older homeless populations
  • Written by an interprofessional health care workforce with abundant clinical and academic experience in the field
  • Focuses on implementing, developing, and adopting health care strategies to provide for care of the frail homeless elderly
  • Includes case studies and discussions of successes and failures
  • Addresses challenges, barriers, resolutions, and opportunities for homeless geriatric care


Contributors • Preface • Share Homeless Older Populations: A Practical Guide for the Interdisciplinary Care Team

Chapter 1. Definition, Background, and Case Studies of Geriatric Homelessness (Arnold P. Gass, Zack Mahan, and Marie Balfour)

Chapter 2. Chronic Mental Health Issues (Psychosis) in the Geriatric Homeless (Jamie Gannon and Alan Hsu)

Chapter 3. Neurocognitive Disorders in the Geriatric Homeless Population (Rachael Holloway and
Maria Tiamson-Kassab

Chapter 4. Depression and Grief in Homeless Older Adults (Jeanne Maglione, Kristoffer Kalisuch, and Alana Iglewicz)

Chapter 5. Ethical and Legal Issues in the Geriatric Homeless (Yash Joshi and Kristin Beizai)

Chapter 6. Housing and Social Issues in Homeless Care (Helena Harvie and Robert Rumore)

Chapter 7. Infectious Diseases in Homeless Geriatrics Population: Part I: Viral (Roxana Aminbakhsh, Roger A. Strong, Diane Chau, Ashkan Vafadaran, and Elham Faroughi)

Chapter 8. Infectious Diseases in Homeless Geriatrics Population: Part II: Bacterial Infections, Tuberculosis, and Arthropods Infestation (Roxana Aminbakhsh, Therese Gibson, Diane Chau, Ashlyn Melvin, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg, Ashkan Vafadaran, and Elham Faroughi)

Chapter 9. Cardiovascular Disease in Homeless Older Adults (Beth Palmer, Amin Sabet, Dianne M. McGuirk, and Shannon Slama)

Chapter 10. Geriatric Diabetic Homeless Patients and Their Care (Stephanie Diana Garcia, Ian Curtis Neel,
Veronica Gonzalez, Marlina Mansour, and Jairo Romero

Chapter 11. Geriatric Nutrition and Homelessness (Victoria Clark and Elizabeth Lake)

Chapter 12. Barriers and Applications of Medication Therapy Management in the Homeless Population
(Kevin M. Krcmarik)

Chapter 13. Dermatologic Conditions in the Homeless Population (Laura S. Romero, Kevin Broder, Nicola Natsis, and Richard Bodor)

Chapter 14. End-of-Life Considerations in Homelessness and Aging (Kelly Conright, Ruth Simonis,
Muhammad Atif Waqar, and Diane Chau


About the Editors:

Diane Chau, MD, FACP, is a regional medical director for Molina Healthcare, California, and the director of the San Diego Geriatrics Education Center/Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program. She created the University of Nevada School of Medicine Geriatrics, Hospice, & Palliative Medicine fellowship training programs and served as their division chief of geriatric medicine. She has practiced medicine in the field of aging since 1997 as a clinician, educator, and administrator for vulnerable older adults across the care continuum. Her experience in caring for homeless began in 1990 as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow in her work for Boston homeless and Bridge Over Troubled Waters. She has held numerous leadership positions within organizations that offer services to homeless older adults, including the Veterans Affairs, 211 San Diego, San Diego Health Connect (Health Information Exchange), and Molina Healthcare. Throughout her career, she has advocated for systemic change in healthcare services and policies that promote health equity. She is a nationally recognized and grant-funded leader with over $5 million in externally peer-reviewed geriatrics grants. Dr. Chau is an alumna of Boston University and holds an MD from Drexel University College of Medicine.

Arnold P. Gass, MD, FACP, an internist and geriatrician, is Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. Since 1975, he has provided medical care to homeless persons. In 1988 Dr. Gass was the founding medical director of, and continues as senior medical consultant to, Stand Down, a 3-day multi-service reintegration program serving up to 1,000 homeless male and female veterans annually. As a faculty member on a Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) grant, Dr. Gass has developed a curriculum focused on geriatric homeless persons.

Target Audience:

It provides a framework for the joint efforts of social worker, nurse, mental health professional, physician, and other health care professionals to provide optimal care for older homeless populations.

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