Title Forensic Psychology 101
Subtitle The Psych 101 Series
Author Linda Gomberg
ISBN 9780826140746
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This is a concise, engaging overview of forensic psychology, spanning its origins as a discipline through the many varied opportunities for employment today. In easy-to-understand language, the book describes federal and state legal systems as they interface with psychological constructs, and presents several chapters focusing on specific areas of the discipline, from criminal matters and ethical issues to family court and juvenile justice. The roles of the forensic psychologist and attorney in court proceedings are addressed and clarified, and landmark cases are highlighted to demonstrate key concepts and how forensic psychologists can influence the law.

The book provides a legal foundation that forensic psychologists need to succeed in the profession and highlights the methodological and assessment tools needed to evaluate clients and other individuals. Fascinating case studies—presented as “briefs” to highlight important facts and issues—and commentary by nationally renowned forensic psychologists and attorneys bring concepts to life, and call-out boxes are interspersed throughout describing relevant current events and profiling day-to-day work in the field. Chapter overviews, summaries, and discussion questions reinforce the book’s content.

Key Features:

  • Delivers a realistic overview of what it is like to be a forensic psychologist
  • Helps students to make informed career choices by highlighting different areas of practice
  • Introduces students to key legal information they need to succeed in the field
  • Highlights the methodological and assessment tools to evaluate clients and validate scientific credibility of the field
  • Describes actual case rulings to demonstrate key concepts and how forensic psychologists influence the law
  • Authored by an individual who is an attorney, a former law school professor, and a current PhD associate professor of forensic psychology


Foreword by Loren M. Hill, PhD



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Part I: An Overview of Forensic Psychology: The Origins

Chapter 1: The History of Forensic Psychology

Chapter 2: Constitutional Law and What Forensic Psychologists Need to Know

Chapter 3: How They Met: Behavior and the Law

Part II: Forensic Psychologists in the Courts

Chapter 4: Criminal Matters: Ethics, Types of Crimes, and Criminal Cases

Chapter 5: The Forensic Psychologist’s Role in Civil Cases: Experts, Juries, and Research

Chapter 6: The Forensic Psychologist’s Role in Family Court

Chapter 7: The Forensic Psychologist’s Role in the Juvenile Justice System

Part III: The Forensic Psychologist and the Lawyer

Chapter 8: The Roles of the Forensic Psychologist and the Lawyer

Chapter 9: The Growing Future of Forensic Psychology


About the Author:

Linda Gomberg, JD, PhD is an associate professor of forensic psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Irvine and Los Angeles, California. She is an active member of the State Bar of California and earned her doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in media psychology at the Fielding Graduate University. She has practiced transactional law and continues to consult on contractual issues. Dr. Gomberg taught legal writing, contracts, agency and partnership, remedies, and civil procedure at the law school level and created the first academic support program for her law school students. She has also taught English in the public schools and media ethics for graduate students. She has presented on social media in the courts for Division 46 of the American Psychological Association and as continuing education for Licensed Masters in Family Therapy (MFT), and on sex offenders for senior undergraduate students from CETYS University in Northern Mexico (with Dr. Adam Yerke); she has also presented on and written about domestic violence. Dr. Gomberg coauthored (with Dr. Carolyn Sachs) a chapter on intimate partner sexual abuse in Intimate Partner Violence: A Bio-Psycho-Social Approach. She has also published in Orange County Lawyer and Western State University Law Review. She is currently the Southern California Chair of The Chicago School Institutional Review Board, a member and past Chair of the Ethics Committee of Division 46 (Media Psychology and Technology) and a member of Division 41 (American Psychology-Law Society) of the American Psychological Association. She serves as Chair of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s California Institutional Review Board, and is a member of several other school and department committees.

Target Audience:

Useful for forensic psychologists.

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