Title Stories of Culture & Place, 2/e
Subtitle An Introduction to Anthropology
Author Michael G. Kenny, Kirsten Smillie
ISBN 9781487593704
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 320
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Publishing year 2017
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This unique introduction to cultural anthropology is structured as a narrative, rather than a compendium of facts about cultures and concepts. It describes anthropology as a series of stories that emerge from cultural encounters in particular times and places. These moments of encounter are illustrated with reference to both classic and contemporary ethnographic examples—from Coming of Age in Samoa to Coming of Age in Second Life—allowing readers to grasp anthropology’s sometimes problematic past, while still capturing the excitement and potential of the discipline.

The second edition has been updated throughout with fresh ethnographic examples. It features a new introduction and two new chapters: one on economic anthropology and exchange, and one on health and medicine. A glossary has also been added for quick reference.



Part I: History, Theory, and Basic Concepts

Chapter 1. The Story of Anthropology: History in Context

Chapter 2. Culture Shock: The Practice of Anthropology

Part II: Ways of Being, Ways of Seeing

Chapter 3. The Ties that Bind: Kinship and the Social Order

Chapter 4. Making a Living

Chapter 5. Symbol, Myth, and Meaning

Chapter 6. Culture, Health, and Medicine

Chapter 7. Gender and Social Expectations

Chapter 8. Race, Science, and Human Diversity

Chapter 9. The Politics of Culture

Chapter 10. Anthropology, Cultural Change, and Globalization


About the Authors:

Michael G. Kenny is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Simon Fraser University.

Kirsten Smillie is a health services researcher and instructional designer.

Target Audience:

People interested in Social Cultural Anthropology.


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