Title Practicing Ethnography
Subtitle A Student Guide to Method and Methodology
Author Lynda Mannik, Karen McGarry
ISBN 9781487593124
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Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2017
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This methods book is theoretically informed but practical in approach, and reflects the challenges and concerns of contemporary ethnography in North America. The authors emphasize an inductive, ethnographic approach to research. Each chapter offers an overview of a particular method, methodological issue, or research trend, followed by an extended ethnographic vignette—written exclusively for this volume—by contemporary anthropologists about their fieldwork experiences. These highly readable vignettes showcase how ethnography informs contemporary anthropological theory, offering a unique way to discuss major concepts, methods, and methodologies. “Try This” and “Possible Projects” sections encourage newcomers to anthropology to apply what they have learned in their own ethnographic experiences.



Section I: Origins and Basics

Chapter 1. The Origins and Development of Socio-cultural Anthropological Fieldwork in North America

Chapter 2. Traditional and Contemporary Participant Observation

Chapter 3. Ethics and the Politics of Fieldwork

Chapter 4. Connecting with Others - Interviewing, Conversations, and Life Histories

Section II: Notes, Data, Representation

Chapter 5. How to Create Field Notes

Chapter 6. After Fieldwork: Analyzing Data

Chapter 7. Writing Up and the Politics of Representation

Section III: Shifting Field Sites

Chapter 8. Applied Ethnography

Chapter 9. Auto-ethnography: The Self and Other Revisited

Section IV: Visual Aids

Chapter 10. Photo-elicitation: Collaboration, Emotions, and Memory

Chapter 11. Ethnographic Film as Ethnographic Method

Chapter 12. Doing Research with, and in, Virtual Communities

About the Authors:

Lynda Mannik teaches anthropology at York University in Toronto.

Karen McGarry is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at McMaster University.

Target Audience:

People interested in Anthropology.


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