Title Literary/Liberal Entanglements
Subtitle Toward a Literary History for the Twenty-First Century
Author Corrinne Harol, Mark Simpson
ISBN 9781442630901
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Publishing year 2017
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Literary/Liberal Entanglements is timely, lively, provocative, and at once disturbing and fascinating in its implications for the future of what we still very broadly call ‘literary studies.’. The essays in the volume, both individually and collectively, demonstrate with rigour, accessibility, clarity of purpose, and respect for the historio-cultural context, nuance, and habitus of each object of study why the work of the literary and of literary analysis not just matters or is relevant but demands our attention.”

Joel Faflak, Department of English, Western University

Literary/Liberal Entanglements is a solid and at times brilliant contribution to contemporary debates on its titular themes in the humanities.”

Michael Trask, Department of English, University of Kentucky


In Literary/Liberal Entanglements, Corrinne Harol and Mark Simpson bring together ten essays by scholars from a wide range of fields in English studies in order to interrogate the complex, entangled relationship between the history of literature and the history of liberalism. The volume has three goals: to investigate important episodes in the entanglement of literary history and liberalism; to analyze the impact of this entanglement on the secular and democratic projects of modernity; and thereby to reassess the dynamics of our neoliberal present. The volume is organized into a series of paired essays, with each pair investigating a concept central to both literature and liberalism: acting, socializing, discriminating, recounting, and culturing. Collectively, the essays demonstrate the vivid capacity of literary study writ large to reckon with, imagine, and materialize durative accounts of history and politics. Literary/Liberal Entanglements models a method of literary history for the twenty-first century.



Introduction: Toward a Literary History for the Twenty-First Century (Corrinne Harol and Mark Simpson)

Part I. Acting: Liberal Subjects and Objects

Chapter 1. Posthuman Capital, or I  Apocalypse (Jennifer Ashton)

Chapter 2. The Wish to Be an Object (Aaron Kunin)

Part II. Socializing: Aesthetic Autonomies and Collectivities

Chapter 3. Full Content: Shaw’s Paratexts, Social Liberalism, and Harmonization (Michael, Meeuwis)

Chapter 4. Refreshments of Revolutionary Mood (Jonathan Flatley)

Part III. Discriminating: Liberal Ethics and Literary Aesthetics

Chapter 5. Playing at Judgment: Aporias of Liberal Freedom in Kant’s Critique of Judgment (Vivasvan Soni)

Chapter 6. In Frankenberg’s Cafeteria: The Small Worlds of Highsmith’s The Price of Salt (Heather Love)

Part IV. Recounting: Literary Evidence and Liberal Narration

Chapter 7. The Proletarian Thirties and Canadian Literary History (Andrea Hasenbank)

Chapter 8. The Corporate Reconstruction of American Literary History (Jason Potts)

Part V. Culturing: Economics, Institutions and the Imagination

Chapter 9. The Empire Digs Back: Kew Gardens, the Assistant for India, and the Problem of Knowledge Production after Empire (Sina Rahmani)

Chapter 10. “They Make Their Own Tragedies, Too”: Harvey Swados and Postwar Liberalism’s Discourse of Dependency (Sean McCann)



About the Editors:

Corrinne Harol is an associate professor in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta.

Mark Simpson is an associate professor in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta.

Target Audience:

People interested in Literary Studies.


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