Title Co-Teaching in Higher Education
Subtitle From Theory to Co-Practice
Author Daniel H. Jarvis, Mumbi Kariuki
ISBN 9781487501921
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“This is a highly illuminating book that underscores the potential of co-teaching in higher education to provide deep and meaningful ways for students to learn. The book draws on the longstanding experiences of professors who have successfully created learning contexts that provoke the imagination and resist shallow, obliging responses from students. A mosaic of chapters combine to present a strong case for co-teaching but also thoughtfully point to the perils of caution about budgetary and micropolitical concerns inside faculties. Co-Teaching in Higher Education is a must read for university administrators who see co-teaching as a core way of supporting quality student learning in the 21st twenty-first century.”

Pam Bishop, Faculty of Education, Western University

“By placing emphases on co-teaching definitions at each level, Jarvis, Co-Teaching in Higher Education makes a valuable contribution to co-teaching literature, specifically as it relates to placing higher education co-teaching within a comparative and new framework.”

Carrie Chapman, College of Education, Minnesota State University


Co-Teaching in Higher Education, edited by Daniel Jarvis and Mumbi Kariuki, brings together an international group of educators and scholars to examine the theoretical frameworks and practical experiences relating to co-planning, co-teaching, and co-assessing at the post-secondary level.

Co-teaching practices at the elementary and secondary school levels have been widely documented. This collection explores topics that will enable post-secondary instructors to maximize their courses’ potential including undergraduate projects, graduate level co-teaching, pair and group co-teaching, co-taught single-subject courses, and innovative cross-curricular experiments. Contributors share their insights addressing key factors such as logistics, resources, administrative support, Ministry initiatives, and academic freedom. Jarvis and Kariuki have created an indispensable resource that provides the reader with an informed perspective on the realities of creating and sustaining rich co-teaching experiences at the university level.


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Introduction (Daniel Jarvis & Mumbi Kariuki)

Chapter 1: Dialogue and Team Teaching (Ann Game & Andrew Metcalfe)

Chapter 2: Complex Collaborations: Co-Creating Deep Interdisciplinarity for Undergraduates (Sal Renshaw & Renée Valiquette)

Chapter 3: Undisciplined Debate: Coursing through Dialogue (Susan Srigley & Sarah Fiona Winters)

Chapter 4: Forming ICE in Pre-Service Teacher Education (Blaine E. Hatt & Rob Graham)

Chapter 5: From Shafts to Drifts: Collaborating to Strengthen Integrated Teaching and Learning
(Astrid Steele & Elizabeth Ashworth)

Chapter 6: Visual Art and Mathematics Integration: An Interdisciplinary Co-Teaching Experience
(Roberta LaHaye & Irene Naested)

Chapter 7: Co-Teaching in Undergraduate Education: Capacity Building for Multiple Stakeholders
(Jennifer C. Wilson & Jacqueline Ferguson)

Chapter 8: Co-Teaching and Co-Assessment in a Geometry Course for In-Service Teachers (Dorit Patkin & Ilana Levenberg)

Chapter 9: Co-Teaching in Graduate Education (Mumbi Kariuki & Daniel Jarvis)

Chapter 10: Coda: From Theory to Co-Practice in Higher Education (Daniel Jarvis & Mumbi Kariuki)


About the Editors:

Daniel H. Jarvis is a professor in the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University.

Mumbi Kariuki is an associate professor in the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University.

Target Audience:

People interested in Higher & Continuing Education. It is a must read for university administrators who see co-teaching as a core way of supporting quality student learning in the 21st twenty-first century.


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