Title Pediatric Rehabilitation, 6/e
Subtitle Principles and Practice
Author Kevin P. Murphy, Mary A. McMahon, Amy J. Houtrow
ISBN 9780826147066
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Publishing year 2021
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This revised and greatly expanded sixth edition of Pediatric Rehabilitation continues to set the standard of care for clinicians and remains the premier reference dedicated to education and training in the field of pediatric rehabilitation medicine. Under the direction of a new editorial team, this text brings together renowned specialists from all sectors of the pediatric rehabilitation community to provide the most current and comprehensive information with evidence-based discussions throughout.

The sixth edition encompasses substantial updates from beginning to end and addresses emerging topics in the field with eight entirely new chapters devoted to brachial plexus palsy, oncology, robotics, genetics, spasticity management, rheumatology, burns, and advocacy. Major revisions to chapters on spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy, neuromuscular diagnoses, and medical care of children reflect recent advances and expand coverage to include pediatric stroke, anoxic brain injury, bone health, pain management, and more. Chapter pearls, detailed summary tables, and over 250 figures emphasize major takeaways from the text for readers. With contributors chosen both for their academic and clinical expertise, chapters offer a real hands-on perspective and reference the most up to date literature available.

Pediatric Rehabilitation covers all aspects of pediatric rehabilitation medicine from basic examination and testing to in-depth clinical management of the full range of childhood disabilities and injuries. As the foundational reference dedicated to the field of pediatric rehabilitation medicine over 6 editions, the book provides a thorough and contemporary review of clinical practice principles and serves as the primary resource for trainees and clinicians in this area.


Key Features:

  • Thoroughly revised and expanded new edition of the seminal reference for the field of pediatric rehabilitation medicine
  • Contains eight entirely new chapters to address areas of growing importance
  • Increased coverage of core topics including brain injury and concussion in children, integrated spasticity management, lifespan care for adults with childhood onset disability, pediatric stroke, and much more
  • 13 high-quality gait videos review ambulation in children and adults with cerebral palsy
  • New editorial team and many new contributors provide new perspectives and a modern evidence-based approach
  • Clinical pearls and highly illustrative tables and lists underscore most essential information



Foreword (Michael A. Alexander, MD)


Acronym List

Chapter 1. History and Examination (Dennis J. Matthews and Maureen R. Nelson)

Chapter 2. Medical Care of Children With Disabilities (Susan D. Apkon, Amy Kanallakan, and C. Rashaan Ford)

Chapter 3. Disorders of Communication and Oral Motor Function (Rita Ayyangar, Lynn Driver, and Marie Van Tubbergen)

Chapter 4. Psychological Assessment (Melissa S. Sutcliffe and Krestin J. Radonovich)

Chapter 5. Gait: Analysis (Aloysia L. Schwabe and James J. Carollo)

Chapter 6. Hypertonia (Mark E. Gormley Jr. and Supreet Deshpande)

Chapter 7. Guidance Techniques for  Chemodenervation (Katharine E. Alter and Stephen A. Nichols)

Chapter 8. Electrodiagnosis (Maureen R. Nelson, Nicholas Fleming, and Nicole Marcantuono)

Chapter 9. Chronic Pain (Gadi Revivo, Diane K. Amstutz, and Matthew Haas)

Chapter 10. Advocacy (Kerstin M. L. Sobus, Michael A. Alexander, Maria Fragala-Pinkham, and Jerie Beth Karkos)

Chapter 11. Orthotics and Assistive Devices (Marcie Ward, Candice Johnson, Jennifer Klein, Janey McGeary Farber, William Nolin, and Michael J. Peterson)

Chapter 12. Robotics (Mackenzie Brown, Justin Burton, Olga Morozova, and Sarah H. Evans)

Chapter 13. Adaptive Sports and Recreation (Michelle A. Miller and Jill R. Meilahn)

Chapter 14. Sport-Specific Musculoskeletal Injuries (Aaron M. Karlin and Nicholas P. Goyeneche)

Chapter 15. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Nicole Marcantuono and Mary A. McMahon)

Chapter 16. Acquired Brain Injury (Stacy J. Suskauer, Brad G. Kurowski, Beth S. Slomine, Nathan K. Evanson, and Nancy Yeh)

Chapter 17. Cerebral Palsy (Jilda Vargus-Adams, Andrew Collins, and Andrea Paulson)

Chapter 18. Demyelinating Conditions, Myelitis and Encephalitides (Amy J. Houtrow)

Chapter 19. Musculoskeletal Conditions (Kevin P. Murphy, Kerstin M. L. Sobus, Elizabeth Moberg-Wolff, Mary E. Dubon, and Elaine L. Pico)

Chapter 20. Pediatric Limb Deficiencies (Phoebe Scott-Wyard, Vivian Yip, and David B. Rotter)

Chapter 21. Rheumatologic Conditions (Colleen A. Wunderlich and Elaine L. Pico)

Chapter 22. Genetic Conditions (Kelly L. D. Pham and Angela Sun)

Chapter 23. Neuromuscular Conditions (Robert J. Rinaldi, Andrew Skalsky, and Kelli Chaviano)

Chapter 24. Birth Brachial Plexus Palsy (Maureen R. Nelson)

Chapter 25. Spinal Cord Injuries (Joseph E. Hornyak and Cory W. Wernimont)

Chapter 26. Spina Bifida (Drew Davis and Erin Swanson-Kimani)

Chapter 27. Burns (Sherilyn Whateley Driscoll and Karen Kowalske)

Chapter 28. Cancer (David W. Pruitt, Ashlee K. Bolger, and Priya D. Bolikal)

Chapter 29. Transition and Aging (Margaret A. Turk, Lynee Romeiser Logan, and Karl Klamar)


About the Editors:

Amy J. Houtrow, MD, PhD, MPH, Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pediatrics, Endowed Chair for Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mary A. McMahon, MD, Professor, Aaron W. Perlman Division Chief, Division of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Departments of Pediatrics and Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio

Kevin P. Murphy, MD, Pediatric Physiatrist, Medical Director Pediatric Rehabilitation Services, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sanford Health Systems, Bismarck North Dakota and Northern Minnesota, CEO and Medical Director, Northland Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine LLC, Duluth, Minnesota

Target Audience:

Useful for all practitioners of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine.

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