Title 101 Primary Care Case Studies
Subtitle A Workbook for Clinical and Bedside Skills
Author Sampath Wijesinghe
ISBN 9780826182722
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“Dr. Wijesinghe’s book is not only a great multidisciplinary learning tool, but really highlights the best of evidence-based practice and interprofessional approaches to patient care.”

­—Dr. Beth Smolko, DMSc, PA-C, President, American Academy of Physician Assistants


“Dr. Sam Wijesinghe has assembled a group of primary care providers to craft an outstanding workbook of 101 common problems in practice. Each one reads like well-presented grand rounds that are informative, current, and concise. A perfect resource for the student who is encountering a new problem for the first time. A superior way to learn.”

—Thomas E. Piemme, MD, Emeritus Professor, George Washington University


“A multidisciplinary group of primary care providers led by Dr. Wijesinghe has put together an exceptional collection. Each scenario is well presented in a succinct format with evidence-based evaluation and treatment. Students learn well from case study presentations making this a perfect resource to build their knowledge base.”

—Dr. Cindy Cooke, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, and

AANP past president


“The case study method is a time-honored approach to clinical teaching. Dr. Wijesinghe has assembled a seasoned group of expert clinicians and educators to produce a useful volume for students and practicing clinicians that provides a welcome dose of caring along with the curing.”

—Dr. James F. Cawley, MPH, PA-C, DHL (Hon), Professor, School of PA Practice, Florida State University; Visiting Professor, Scholar-in-Residence PA Leadership and Learning Academy University of Maryland, Baltimore


“These primary care–based case studies are wonderfully composed to elicit the required critical thinking skills essential for patient care. I especially enjoyed the clinician insights at the conclusion of each case study that revealed their thought processes. Include this book by Dr. Wijesinghe in your resources to learn compassionate and competent primary care.”

—Dr. Stephen A. Ferrara, DNP, FNP, FAANP, FNAP, Associate Professor/Executive Director, The Nurse Practitioner Association, New York State

“This compilation of cases commonly encountered by primary care providers outlines a systematic and a practical approach to evaluation and management. I have no doubt that this book will be an invaluable source of learning and reference, not only for students in medical training, but also for all primary care providers.”

—Leonard Ranasinghe, PhD, MD, DABEM,  Professor of Medical Education and Emergency Medicine, California Northstate University, College of Medicine, Elk Grove


Real-life primary care case studies* from more than 50 primary care providers, including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians!

101 Primary Care Case Studies offers real-life patient scenarios and critical thinking exercises to help you work through a patient’s chief complaint. Through narrative case studies, you will determine how best to diagnose, treat, and manage your patient based on the history of present illness, review of systems, relevant history, and physical examination findings. This workbook will ask probing questions to help you determine differential and most likely diagnoses, diagnostic tests to order, and appropriate patient management strategies using relevant and timely references to support your decisions. The organization of each case study simulates the patient care journey from chief complaint to outcome.

Serving as a virtual clinical preceptor, this workbook can be used independently or in a classroom setting. It is accompanied by a robust online student supplement that provides answers to all questions, real outcomes of the cases, and valuable personal insights from the authors on how the patient was successfully managed. Not only will this workbook help you work through patient cases clinically, it will also share important, but often overlooked, bedside manner skills needed to successfully communicate with and care for your patients.

Covering conditions across all organ systems and across the lifespan, this workbook is organized by chief complaint, providing an authentic perspective on what to expect in the patient care environment. It even includes information on pathophysiology and how to use ICD-10 and CPT (E/M) codes in your documentation. The book uniquely weaves together both the science and art of medicine by including personal insights into quality and compassionate care.


Key Features

  • Provides real-life patient cases from an interprofessional author team of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians
  • Uses a templated case study design and critical thinking exercises to help you methodically work through various patient scenarios
  • Teaches clinical and bedside manner skills imperative for delivering quality patient care
  • Covers patients across the lifespan, including pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations
  • Offers additional insight on patient education, medical and legal concerns, and interprofessional collaboration
  • Provides instructors with a table of contents that is filterable by chief complaint, diagnosis, patient population, and organ system

*Details changed to protect patient information.




Foreword by Alfred M. Sadler Jr, MD FACP ScD (Hon)

Foreword by Lynn H. McComas, DNP, ANP, PHN-C

Foreword by Michael J. Huckabee, PhD, MPAS, PA-C



How to Use This Book

Chapter 1. Ankle and Calf Pain, Adult Male

Chapter 2. Fatigue and Weakness, Adult Female

Chapter 3. Abdominal Pain, Adolescent Male

Chapter 4. Left Hip Pain, Adult Female

Chapter 5. Vaginal Bleeding, Adult Female

Chapter 6. Numbness in Hands and Legs, Geriatric Male

Chapter 7. Painful Rash, Geriatric Male

Chapter 8. Fever and Body Aches, Adult Male

Chapter 9. Fever and Rash, Pediatric Male

Chapter 10. Blurry Vision, Adult Female

Chapter 11. Doesn’t Follow Directions, Pediatric Male

Chapter 12. Crusty, Irritated Left Eye, Pediatric Male

Chapter 13. Frequent Urination, Adult Male

Chapter 14. Vomiting, Pediatric Male

Chapter 15. Difficulty Relating to Others, Pediatric Male

Chapter 16. Facial Numbness, Adult Male

Chapter 17. Elbow Injury, Pediatric Male

Chapter 18. Thick Yellow Toenails, Adult Female

Chapter 19. Speech Difficulties, Geriatric Male

Chapter 20. Mood Changes, Adult Male

Chapter 21. Fever and Lump on Neck, Adolescent Male

Chapter 22. Hand Pain at Night, Adult Female

Chapter 23. Burning With Urination, Adult Male

Chapter 24. Constipation, Adult Female

Chapter 25. Recurrent Vomiting, Pediatric Female

Chapter 26. Fatigue and General Malaise, Adult Male

Chapter 27. Nausea, Vomiting, and Headache, Adolescent Male

Chapter 28. Dizziness and Difficulty Hearing, Adult Male

Chapter 29. Bad Headache, Adult Female

Chapter 30. Abdominal Pain, Adult Female

Chapter 31. Painful Urination, Adult Male

Chapter 32. Frequent Diarrhea, Adolescent Female

Chapter 33. Repetitive Bruising on Legs, Pediatric Female

Chapter 34. Swollen Knee, Pediatric Female

Chapter 35. Widespread Painful Rash, Pediatric Female

Chapter 36. Blurred Vision in Left Eye, Adult Female

Chapter 37. Fever and Back Pain, Geriatric Female

Chapter 38. Sore Throat, Fever, and Chills, Adult Male

Chapter 39. Bad Cough and Fever, Adolescent Female

Chapter 40. Headache and Fever, Pediatric Male

Chapter 41. Heart Palpitations, Adult Female

Chapter 42. Double and Blurred Vision, Adolescent Male

Chapter 43. Nipple Pain, Adult Female

Chapter 44. Irregular Menstrual Cycle, Adolescent Female

Chapter 45. Right Knee Pain, Pediatric Female

Chapter 46. Chest Pain, Adolescent Male

Chapter 47. Recurrent Pain and Redness in Left Foot, Adult Female

Chapter 48. Muscle and Joint Pain, Adult Female

Chapter 49. Constipation, Adolescent Female

Chapter 50. Coughing and Wheezing, Pediatric Male

Chapter 51. Shoulder Pain, Adult Male

Chapter 52. Painless Anal Bumps, Adult Transgender Male

Chapter 53. Fatigue and Decreased Libido, Adult Male

Chapter 54. Unsteady Gait and Nausea, Pediatric Female

Chapter 55. Excess Facial Hair, Adolescent Female

Chapter 56. Fever and Body Aches, Adult Male

Chapter 57. Large Pimple on Leg, Adult Female

Chapter 58. Chest Pain, Adult Female

Chapter 59. Right Knee Pain, Geriatric Male

Chapter 60. Painful Urination, Adolescent Male

Chapter 61. Persistent Bad Cough, Adult Female

Chapter 62. Well Visit, Geriatric Male

Chapter 63. Low Platelets, Adult Male

Chapter 64. Skin Lesions After Sun Exposure, Adult Female

Chapter 65. Daytime Fatigue, Adult Male

Chapter 66. Shortness of Breath, Geriatric Male

Chapter 67. Fatigue and Joint Aches, Adult Male

Chapter 68. Shoulder Pain, Adult Male

Chapter 69. Unexplained Weight Loss, Adult Female

Chapter 70. Lightheadedness, Geriatric Female

Chapter 71. Painful Lump in Armpit, Adult Female

Chapter 72. Fever, Cough, and Runny Nose, Pediatric Female

Chapter 73. Diabetes Check, Adult Male

Chapter 74. Buttocks Pain, Geriatric Male

Chapter 75. Abdominal Pain, Adolescent Male

Chapter 76. Irritable and Crying Toddler, Pediatric Male

Chapter 77. Swelling Around Eyes and Ankles, Adolescent Male

Chapter 78. Bilateral Heel Pain, Adult Female

Chapter 79. Dry, Cracked Skin, Adult Female

Chapter 80. Urine Leakage, Geriatric Female

Chapter 81. Coughing and Gagging, Pediatric Male

Chapter 82. Eye Injury, Adult Male

Chapter 83. Pain in Great Toe, Adult Female

Chapter 84. Bilateral Leg Pain, Pediatric Male

Chapter 85. Confusion, Geriatric Female

Chapter 86. Lump in Throat, Adult Male

Chapter 87. Fever and Rash, Adult Male

Chapter 88. Extreme Weakness, Adult Male

Chapter 89. Leg Pain, Geriatric Male

Chapter 90. Pain and Redness in Breast, Adult Female

Chapter 91. Stomach Pain and Bloating, Adolescent Female

Chapter 92. Redness on Lower Right Leg, Adult Male

Chapter 93. Blood in Stool, Adult Female

Chapter 94. Erection Difficulties, Adult Male

Chapter 95. Refusal to Eat or Drink, Pediatric Male

Chapter 96. Unexplained Weight Gain, Adult Female

Chapter 97. Worsening, Sharp Abdominal Pain, Adult Female

Chapter 98. Lump in Breast, Adult Male

Chapter 99. Back Pain and Poor Posture, Pediatric Female

Chapter 100. Itchy Bumps, Pediatric Female

Chapter 101. Frequent Illness and Fatigue, Adult Female

List of Abbreviations


About the Editor:

Sampath (“Sam”) Wijesinghe, DHSc, PA-C, AAHIVS, is a principal faculty member and clinical site director for the Central Valley California region at Stanford University School of Medicine’s master’s in science physician assistant program. He completed his PA education at Union College, where he received a master’s degree in PA studies. He also has a master’s degree in management information systems from the University of Nebraska and a doctor of health science degree with an emphasis in global health from A.T. Still University. Dr. Wijesinghe completed an HIV and AIDS clinical fellowship at University of California San Francisco, Fresno. He has been an HIV/AIDS specialist since 2014 and has worked in primary care medicine since 2010, primarily in underserved communities. He has been involved in medical education since 2013. His clinical interests include primary care medicine, HIV medicine, and global health.

Prior to joining Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Wijesinghe was a clinical assistant professor at University of California, Davis. Dr. Wijesinghe practices primary care medicine and HIV medicine at Adventist Health Medical Center, Fowler, a small town in California, and Madera Community Hospital in Madera, California.

Dr. Wijesinghe is passionate about teaching the next generation of clinicians. He has practiced in areas of need, including primary care and HIV medicine in underserved areas. He is passionate about medical education because it is an opportunity to improve patient outcomes and give back to the profession. A highly sought-after speaker and lecturer, Dr. Wijesinghe has presented at several national conferences and events and educates the next generation of PAs as a clinical preceptor.

Dr. Wijesinghe lives with his wife, Nuwan, and has two children, Rynee and Ryler. He loves to travel with his family, listen to music, watch sports, and play sports whenever possible.

Target Audience:

This book will be an invaluable source of learning and reference, not only for students in medical training, but also for all primary care providers.

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