Title Sink Into Sleep, 2/e
Subtitle A Step-by-Step Guide for Reversing Insomnia
Author Judith R. Davidson
ISBN 9780826148155
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No of pages 230
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Publishing year 2021
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The CBT-I Program That Gets You Sleeping!

Now in its second edition, Sink Into Sleep provides the tools and techniques to reverse insomnia and improve sleep long-term. Insomnia, persistent trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, affects our daytime functioning and wellbeing. This book breaks down the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), the sleep program considered first-line treatment in the clinic, into a step-by-step and reader friendly program that can be easily followed at home. Written by a clinical psychologist and researcher who has worked in the sleep field for 40 years, the book uses data from a real patient to illustrate each step of the process. The book is complete with detailed sleep diaries, worksheets, and more, all of which are also available online to download and use on your own journey to sleeping better now and into the future.

Guiding readers through this self-directed sleep therapy program, Sink Into Sleep features updated information and new scientific findings on key topics for patients and health care providers including:

  • Tried-and-true CBT-I methods of sleep management
  • Successful cognitive therapy methods to deal with racing thoughts at bedtime
  • Different sleep needs for women and men through life and health conditions
  • Influence of nutrition, exercise, and sex on sleep in a brand-new chapter
  • Depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress and how they intersect with sleep
  • Prescribed and non-prescribed medications, herbal remedies, and cannabis for sleep


Foreword (Helen S. Driver)





Chapter 1. Will this Book Help You?

Chapter 2. What is Insomnia?

Chapter 3. Common Concerns about Insomnia

Chapter 4. Sleep Hygiene: What It Is and Why You Probably Don’t Need It

Chapter 5. Sleep Therapy: What It Is and Why You Need It


Chapter 6. Measuring Your Sleep Problem—Keeping a Sleep Diary

Chapter 7. What Type of Insomnia Do You Have?

Chapter 8. Knowing Your Numbers

Chapter 9. Things to Take Care of Right Away



Chapter 10. The Essential Elements of Sleep Therapy

Chapter 11. Starting Sleep Therapy

Chapter 12. Moving From Week 1 to Week 2: Adjusting Your Bedtime

Chapter 13. Moving From Week 2 to Week 3: Readjusting Your Bedtime

Chapter 14. After Week 3: Adjusting Your Bedtime Again. This Should Be It!

Chapter 15. Do You Still Have Insomnia?

Chapter 16. Maintaining Your Progress



Chapter 17. Calming the Racing Mind

Chapter 18. It’s the Thought that Counts


Chapter 19. Women’s Sleep

Chapter 20. Men’s Sleep

Chapter 21. Nutrition, Exercise, and Sex



Chapter 22. Health Conditions

Chapter 23. Depression, Anxiety, and Traumatic Stress



Chapter 24. Sleeping Pills

Chapter 25. Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids, Herbal Remedies and Cannabis



Chapter 26. Sleep Stages and Their Measurement


Afterword: Good Luck and Good Night


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About the Author:

Judith R. Davidson, PhD, C.Psych., is a scientist-clinician in the field of insomnia treatment. Dr. Davidson is an Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, where she supervises clinical trainees, leads workshops for health professionals, conducts research and writes about sleep. With decades of research and clinical experience in sleep, she is committed to making effective treatments accessible to people who just want a good night’s sleep. Dr. Davidson has received the designation Somnologist, Expert in Behavioural Sleep Medicine from the European Sleep Research Society.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for practicing clinicians—physicians at sleep centers, family physicians, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, pharmacists, and trainees in these professions.


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