Title Ketogenic Diet Therapies for Epilepsy and Other Conditions, 7/e
Author Eric H. Kossoff, Bobbie Henry-Barron, Mackenzie C. Cervenka, Zahava Turner
ISBN 9780826149589
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Now in its seventh edition, Ketogenic Diet Therapies for Epilepsy and Other Conditions is the premier resource for anyone considering starting or already implementing a ketogenic diet for epilepsy or other medical disorder. Coauthored by a multi-disciplinary care team from the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, this valuable reference establishes how these diets work, providing both the basics as well as advanced methods on how to start and maintain children and adults on ketogenic diets. Written for parents, patients, dietitians, neurologists, and individuals embarking on ketogenic diets for any purpose, Ketogenic Diet Therapies brings a patient-centered approach to answering common questions related to the ketogenic, modified Atkins, and related therapeutic diets. With useful tips and information throughout, chapters cover diet selection, provide sample meal plans and recipes, offer guidance on how to connect with local and worldwide resources, and much more to ensure success.

Revised and thoroughly updated, this edition reflects the latest pediatric and adult ketogenic recommendations with expanded sections throughout. New chapters have been added to address areas of growing importance and popularity, such as the new modified ketogenic diet, the gut microbiome, infants and the diet, using diets for adults, exogenous ketones, and diets for conditions other than epilepsy with additional coverage of diabetes and obesity. As the go-to text on ketogenic diets over the course of seven editions, this book continues its mission of preparing patients, families, and professionals for the ketogenic journey ahead.


This essential book will help you:

  • Understand how to start and use any of the five major ketogenic diets
  • Fine-tune the diets to meet individual needs
  • Develop and prepare tasty and healthy ketogenic meals
  • Navigate the real world of school, family, and friends with confidence
  • Learn about the latest research on the diet for use in infants, children, and adults


Foreword I - Elaine Freeman

Foreword II - Jim Abrahams




SECTION I: Overview of Diet Therapy

Chapter 1. Epilepsy Today and the Place of Diet Therapy

Chapter 2. History of the Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 3. How Does the Ketogenic Diet Work?

Chapter 4. The Brain-Gut Axis: How Ketogenic Diets Impact the Gut Microbiome

Chapter 5. Who Is a Candidate for Diet Therapy?

Chapter 6. Can the Diet Be Used Before Medications?

Chapter 7. Infants and the Ketogenic Diet


SECTION II: The Classic Ketogenic Diet For Children

Chapter 8. Initiating the Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 9. Calculating the Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 10. All Those Supplements!

Chapter 11. KetoDietCalculator

Chapter 12. Fine-Tuning the Classic Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 13. Going Off the Diet


SECTION III: The Modified Atkins Diet For Children

Chapter 14. When and Why Should I Use These “Alternative” Diets?

Chapter 15. The Modified Atkins Diet: History

Chapter 16. How Do I Use the Modified Atkins Diet?

Chapter 17. Ways To Fine Tune the Modified Atkins Diet


SECTION IV: Other Therapeutic Diets and Modifications

Chapter 18. The MCT Diet

Chapter 19. The Modified Ketogenic Diet “UK”

Chapter 20. Intermittent Fasting

Chapter 21. The Low-Glycemic Index Treatment (LGIT)

Chapter 22. Formula-Only Ketogenic Diets

Chapter 23. Exogenous Ketones


SECTION V: Adults and Ketogenic Diets

Chapter 24. History of Using Ketogenic Diets In Adults With Epilepsy

Chapter 25. The Johns Hopkins Adult Epilepsy Diet Center

Chapter 26. Evidence for Effectiveness in Adults

Chapter 27. How to Use the MAD in Adults With Epilepsy

Chapter 28. Unique Issues That Adults Face With Ketogenic Diets

Chapter 29. Tips, Tricks, and Making It Healthy


SECTION VI: Life On Ketogenic Diets

Chapter 30. Support Groups and the Internet

Chapter 31. Side Effects of Ketogenic Diets and Handling Illnesses and Crises

Chapter 32. Dealing With Schools, Spouses, and Others Not Familiar With Ketogenic Diets

Chapter 33. Tips for Travel

Chapter 34. The Diet for All Cultures, Religions, Food Preferences, and Allergies

Chapter 35. Using Diets Around the World


SECTION VII: Ketogenic Cooking

Chapter 36. Sample Meal Plans for The Ketogenic Diet

Chapter 37. Modified Atkins Diet Meal Plans and Recipes


SECTION VIII: Diets for Conditions Other Than Epilepsy

Chapter 38. Brain Tumors

Chapter 39. Dementia

Chapter 40. Diabetes And Obesity

Chapter 41. Autism

Chapter 42. Headache


SECTION IX: Appendices

Appendix A. Medications and Vitamins

Appendix B. Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Ketogenic Diet Formulas

Appendix C. Sample Letter for Airplanes

Appendix D. Helpful Food Products Including Foods and Shakes

Appendix E. Carbohydrate in Liquid Medications – Ratio Adjustment Table


Target Audience:

This book is the premier resource for anyone considering starting or already implementing a ketogenic diet for epilepsy or other medical disorder. Written for parents, patients, dietitians, neurologists, and individuals embarking on ketogenic diets for any purpose.


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