Title Sports Coverage
Subtitle The Handbook for the Sports Medicine Clinician
Author Gerardo Miranda-Comas, Priya Patel, Joseph Herrera, William Micheo
ISBN 9780826142955
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No of pages 318
Book size 127 x 203 mm
Publishing year 2021
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This essential handbook for sports medicine clinicians combines resources from various United States and International Olympic Committee sporting guidelines; national and international youth, scholastic, collegiate, and professional associations; and real-world experience to provide the most up to date and relevant information needed to fulfill coverage duties for sporting events. Easy to read, concise, and complete, this guide is a one-stop reference for sideline medical coverage of nearly fifty sports. Geared for live event coverage, chapters deliver quick hit specifics designed for in-the-moment use on the field.

The book opens with a review of general coverage concepts applicable to most sports along with chapters dedicated to overriding medical concerns including emergency management, nutrition and hydration, adaptive sports considerations, and doping in sports, among other key topics. The core of the book focuses on coverage details for individual sports, organized by contact level and presented in a templated format for quick identification. Each sport-focused chapter describes its history, governing organizations, participants, rules and regulations, equipment, medical coverage logistics, medical emergencies, and common injuries. A dedicated “Medical Bag” for every sport outlines the necessary items providers should have at hand for managing emergencies and common injuries. This essential handbook belongs in every sports bag and will serve as a ready resource for clinicians and sideline personnel covering sporting events at any level.


Key Features:

  • Handy reference for on-field, sideline, or event sports coverage
  • Current guidelines for almost 50 sports, including information specific to the disabled athlete when applicable
  • Every chapter contains sport-specific information on emergencies and common injuries
  • What’s in your bag? Highlights medical bag essentials by sport, so you’re always prepared
  • Includes general chapters on clinician role, traveling with a team, pre-participation exams, medicolegal and ethical concerns, and approach to signature medical emergencies in sports





Section I: General Concepts in Sports Coverage

Chapter 1. The Sport Medicine Provider’s Role (Gerardo Miranda-Comas)

Chapter 2. Medical Bag (Priya B. Patel)

Chapter 3. Travelling with a Team (Rebecca Rodriguez-Negron)

Chapter 4. Medicolegal and Ethical Concerns (Walter Alomar- Jiménez and Gerardo Miranda-Comas)


Section II: Medical Considerations for Sports Medicine Clinicians

Chapter 5. Medical Emergencies (Amie Kim, llya Aylyarov, Lauren Paish, and Andres Arredondo Santana)

Chapter 6. Nutrition and Hydration (Michelle Leong and Gerardo Miranda-Comas)

Chapter 7. Preparticipation Physicals (Brenda Castillo and Richa Lamba)

Chapter 8. Adaptive Sports (Nadia N. Zaman)

Chapter 9. Doping in Sports (Andrew Beaufort)


Section III: Coverage Essentials for Contact or Collision Sports

Chapter 10. Basketball (Amie Kim, Andrew Chen, and Kevin Kuo)

Chapter 11. Boxing (Aditya Raghunandan)

Chapter 12. Field Hockey (Anita Tewari)

Chapter 13. Football (Priya B. Patel and Gerardo Miranda-Comas)

Chapter 14. Handball (Roxanna M. Amill-Cintrón)

Chapter 15. Ice Hockey (Lisanne C. Cruz)

Chapter 16. Judo (Juan Galloza-Otero)

Chapter 17. Karate (Richard G. Chang and Lawrence G. Chang)

Chapter 18. Lacrosse (Ariana Gluck)

Chapter 19. Mixed Martial Arts (Richard G. Chang)

Chapter 20. Rugby (Daniel Spunberg, Tiffany M. Lau, Vincent Lee, and Courtney Pinto)

Chapter 21. Water Polo (Francisco De la Rosa)

Chapter 22. Wrestling (Michael R. Baria and Bryant Walrod)


Section IV: Coverage Essentials for Limited Contact Sports

Chapter 23. Baseball (Jason L. Zaremski)

Chapter 24. Cheerleading (Richard A. Fontánez-Nieves and Belmarie Rodríguez-Santiago)

Chapter 25. Cricket (Gautam Anand)

Chapter 26. Diving (Nathaniel S. Jones)

Chapter 27. Equestrian (Adrian McGoldrick and Michael Turner)

Chapter 28. Fencing (Priya B. Patel)

Chapter 29. Figure Skating (Wilmar G. Pantoja)

Chapter 30. Gymnastics (Fairen Walker-McCarter)

Chapter 31. Skateboarding (Kevin Frison)

Chapter 32. Skiing/Snowboarding (Daniel R. Lueders and Jeffrey Smith)

Chapter 33. Soccer (Julio Vazquez-Galliano)

Chapter 34. Softball (Alexandra M. Rivera-Vega)

Chapter 35. Surfing (Claudia Jimenez-Garcia, Jose R. Vives-Alvarado, and Luis Baerga-Varela)

Chapter 36. Track and Field (High Jump, Pole Vault) (Jasmine H. Harris)


Section V: Coverage Essentials for Non-Contact Sports

Chapter 37. Archery (Yusik Cho, Lawrence G. Chang, and Gerardo Miranda-Comas)

Chapter 38. Badminton (Michael Chiou)

Chapter 39. Bobsled, Luge, and Skeleton (Rachel Santiago)

Chapter 40. Curling (Jasmin Harounian)

Chapter 41. Cycling (Juan C. Perez-Santiago and Robert Pagan-Rosado)

Chapter 42. Golf (Raúl A. Rosario-Concepción, Ana Ortiz-Santiago, and Fernando L. Sepúlveda-Irizarry)

Chapter 43. Long Distance Running (Allison C. Bean)

Chapter 44. Racquetball (Michael Harbus and Priya B. Patel)

Chapter 45. Rowing (Erik S. Brand and Ashwin L. Rao)

Chapter 46. Sailing (Joanne B. “Anne” Allen)

Chapter 47. Shooting (Iris X. Tian)

Chapter 48. Speed Skating (Tina Bijlani)

Chapter 49. Swimming (Eliana Cardozo and Jasmine H. Harris)

Chapter 50. Table Tennis (Walter Alomar-Jiménez)

Chapter 51. Tennis (Liza M. Hernández-González and Richard A. Fontánez-Nieves)

Chapter 52. Track and Field (Running, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin) (Jasmine H. Harris)

Chapter 53. Triathlon (Francisco E. Bentz Brugal)

Chapter 54. Volleyball (Jonathan Ramin)

Chapter 55. Weightlifting (Michelle Leong)



Target Audience:

This essential handbook belongs in every sports bag and will serve as a ready resource for sports medicine clinicians and sideline personnel covering sporting events at any level.


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