Title Motivational Interviewing in Schools, 2/e
Subtitle Strategies for Engaging Parents, Teachers, and Students
Author Keith C. Herman, Wendy M. Reinke, Andy J. Frey
ISBN 9780826148773
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Praise for the first edition:

“The authors of this book have made a very important contribution in producing a book that literally provides a roadmap for how to realize MI’s potential in school and family contexts. They are the acknowledged leaders of MI in schools and deserve much credit for adapting this approach so well for effective use by educators…I recommend it unconditionally as an invaluable resource for today’s related services professional.”
—Hill Walker, PhD, University of Oregon


The second edition of this seminal reference is still the only book available that provides detailed, step-by-step guidance for using Motivational Interviewing (MI) to facilitate positive change in schools by working with parents, teachers, and students. Featuring readily accessible, proven strategies for promoting academic enabling behaviors, this text describes the defining principles, processes, and skills of MI. The new edition illuminates research-based strategies for building teacher, student, and parent engagement in school-based services, and identifies best-practice MI consultation skills, and tailors these interventions to the specific needs of teachers, students, and parents. Additionally, the book identifies methods for combining MI with other school-based intervention models as well as defining procedures for integrating MI within a school or across a school district.

New to the second edition is the innovative coaching framework HomeBase, important literature updates on the science and practice of MI in schools, and expanded information on new applications of MI with students. The second edition also includes new strategies for motivating MI participants, MI applications with school problem-solving teams, and a major update to the sections on Learning MI and Monitoring Implementation Quality.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Includes new HomeBase intervention program designed as a collaboration between parents and teachers to support children
  • Delivers a new MI coaching framework
  • Significantly updates sections on Learning MI and Monitoring Implementation Quality
  • Reflects latest science regarding proper implementation of MI
  • Expands coverage of MI applications with school problem-solving teams
  • Includes strategies for learning and improving MI skills
  • Provides new dialogues/scripts from successful parent, teacher, and student interactions
  • Highlights specific interventions for gifted youth, applications for student self-monitoring and for support in alternative settings

Key Features:

  • Demonstrates how to apply motivational interviewing to K-12 to help school professionals improve effectiveness
  • Delivers expert tips for working with challenging families, students, and teachers
  • Covers implementation and dissemination strategies for learning MI and monitoring fidelity
  • Includes abundant opportunities for practice
  • Includes examples of MI that promote everyday conversations about change
  • Provides dozens of handouts to use with students, teachers, and parents




Part I: Overview of Motivational Interviewing

Chapter 1. Motivational Interviewing: An Introduction • Introduction • Background and Rationale • The Good and Bad News • A Modern View of Motivation • What Is Motivational Interviewing? • Check-Ups • Does It Work? • Advances Since the Prior Edition • What Is the Purpose of This Book? • For Whom Is This Book Written? • A Caveat • Motivational Interviewing Plus What? • Summary • Key References

Chapter 2. Getting Your Foot in the Door: The Context of Motivation • Introduction • A Model for Considering Contextual Barriers to Motivation • Motivational Barriers at School • Unified Theory of Behavior Change • Providing a Context for Parent Engagement in School • Engaging Parents in Support Services at Schools • Strategies for Engaging the Most Challenging Families • Role of Leadership in Engaging Parents • Parent-Involvement Activity • Providing a Context for Engaging Teachers and Students • Teacher- and Student-Involvement Activities • Summary • Key References • Handouts and Forms

Chapter 3. Motivational Interviewing Principles and Strategies • Introduction • Motivation to Change Behavior • Thinking Motivationally • Unified Theory of Behavior Change • Motivational Interviewing Spirit • Guiding • Fundamental Processes and Strategies of Motivational Interviewing • Suggestions for Getting Started • Summary • Key References


Part II: Specific Applications of Motivational Interviewing in Schools

Chapter 4. Motivational Interviewing With Parents • Introduction • Rationale and Challenges • Engaging • Focusing • Evoking • Planning • A Structured, Motivational Interviewing-Infused Positive Parenting Intervention • Summary • Key References • Resources for Supporting Parent Behavior-Management Skills • Handouts and Forms

Chapter 5. Motivational Interviewing With Teachers • Introduction • Engaging • Focusing • Evoking • Planning: Goal Setting • The Classroom Check-Up • Classroom Check-Up Adaptations • Summary • Key References • Resources to Support Teacher Development of Classroom-Management Skills • Handouts and Forms

Chapter 6. Motivational Interviewing With Students • Introduction • Developmental Considerations • Engaging Strategies for Youth • Specific Examples of Focusing, Evoking, and Planning Strategies With Youth • Manualized Interventions • Encouraging Adults to Interact With Youth in the Motivational Interviewing Spirit • Summary • Key References • Resources: Sample Evidence-Based Interventions for Student Emotional and Behavioral Problems • Handout

Chapter 7. An Example of a Structured Motivational Intervention for Families, Students, and Schools: The Family Check-Up • Introduction • Check-Ups: An Overview • School-Enhanced Family Check-Up • Interview and Assessments • Preparing for the Feedback Session • Sample Dialogue for Supporting the Action-Planning Process • FACE: Integrating School and Community Services for Youth • Summary • Key References • Resources: Sample Brief Measures to Assess Family Functioning • Handouts and Forms

Chapter 8. Motivational Interviewing With School-Based Problem-Solving Teams • Introduction • Your Own Experiences on an Academic or Behavior Support Team • Building an Effective Team • Arranging and Leading School Meetings • Case Examples • Summary • Key References

Part III: Implementation and Dissemination

Chapter 9. Motivational Interviewing as an Implementation Strategy for Evidence-Based Practices • Introduction • Using Motivational Interviewing to Bolster Engagement and Implementation • Using Motivational Interviewing to Support Teacher Implementation Practices • Using Motivational Interviewing to Support Parent Engagement in Parenting Programs • Principles for Integrating Motivational Interviewing With Other Interventions or Practices • Summary • Key References

Chapter 10. Learning and Teaching Motivational Interviewing • Introduction • Content and Procedures for Learning Motivational Interviewing • Resources for Learning and Teaching Motivational Interviewing • Resources for Monitoring Motivational Interviewing Quality • Summary • Key References • Handouts and Forms

Chapter 11. The Future of Motivational Interviewing in Schools • Introduction • How Does Motivational Interviewing Fit With Other School Initiatives? • Other Applications • Future Research • Summary • Key References



Appendix A. Classroom Check-Up Feedback Fidelity Checklist

Appendix B. Chapter Handouts


About the Authors:

Keith C. Herman, PhD, is a professor in school and counseling psychology at the University of Missouri and codirects the Missouri Prevention Science Institute. He is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). Prior to his faculty appointment he worked as a school psychologist in an Oregon school district. He presents nationally and has published over 120 peer-reviewed articles and chapters. He serves on the editorial boards of School Psychology Review and is coauthor of three other books: Academic and Behavior Supports for At-Risk Students: Tier 2 Intervention (2012), Stress Management for Teachers: A Proactive Guide (2014), and Motivational Interviewing for Effective Classroom Management: The Classroom Check-Up (2011). Much of his research and applied work focuses on using motivational interviewing (MI) with teachers and families to promote effective environments for youth.

Wendy M. Reinke, PhD, is a professor in school psychology at the University of Missouri and codirector of the Missouri Prevention Science Institute. She has worked in a variety of school consultation settings, including as a school psychologist in an elementary school and as a behavior consultant in the Baltimore City School District. She developed the Classroom Check-Up, an assessment-based classwide teacher consultation model. Her research focuses on the prevention of disruptive behavior problems in children and increasing school-based implementation of evidence-based practices. She presents nationally, has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles, and has coauthored seven books including Academic and Behavior Supports for At-Risk Students: Tier 2 Intervention (2012), Stress Management for Teachers: A Proactive Guide (2014), and Motivational Interviewing for Effective Classroom Management: The Classroom Check-Up (2011). She is the director of the National Center for Rural School Mental Health and has been the lead or co-lead investigator on over $40 million of grant-funded projects, all focused on improving youth outcomes at home and school.

Andy J. Frey, PhD, earned his MSW from the University of Michigan in 1994 and his PhD from the University of Denver in 2000. He is currently a professor at the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. Before joining the faculty at the University of Louisville, he was a school social worker and behavioral consultant in Douglas County Schools, Colorado. He is the author of over 95 book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles. His primary interest areas include school mental health services, applications of motivational interviewing in school settings, and early intervention.

Target Audience:

Useful for school psychologists and school professionals.


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