Title Introduction to People Analytics
Subtitle A Practical Guide to Data-Driven HR
Author Nadeem Khan, Dave Millner
ISBN 9781789661804
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No of pages 352
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Publishing year 2020
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About the book


“Khan and Millner provide an excellent roadmap for the HR function to be more data-oriented and analytical. They provide multiple concrete examples of what HR professionals need to do to become more strategic by adopting a commercial mindset that is rooted in the business and in people analytics. A must-read for anyone who wants to improve their engagement and impact with the business.”

Alec Levenson, Senior Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California


“Resources are dispensable. People are not. I congratulate the authors on structuring a new view of people and analytics in organizations... a pleasing step ahead of the human resources school. The content is well-balanced with graphics and illustrations and this work will be high-value reading for practising managers and scholars of business.”

Javaid Ahmed, Senior Fellow, Strategy and Market Innovation, Institute of Business Management, Pakistan


“Understanding the world of data analytics can be daunting for any HR practitioner. However, this book is invaluable in explaining the purpose of data, how to interpret and analyse it and how to pragmatically apply it effectively within your business. Introduction to People Analytics is a must-read for any HRBP who wants to get to grips with understanding the commercial mindset and how data can drive the practitioner of the future.”

Lisa Bailey, HR Business Partner, Aston Villa Football Club


“Data analytics often creates a scary and incomprehensible image in the minds of HR people with non-statistical backgrounds. However, Khan and Millner have presented concepts and examples in such a simple and practical manner that people at any organizational or academic level can comprehend the fundamentals of people analytics and its application for making effective people decisions within an organization. I am sure that this book will become part of every HR course in academia - it is a must-read for all HR professionals.”

Sohail Rizvi, CEO, Institute of Knowledge and Leadership, University of Management and Technology, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai, UAE


“A fresh look at the topic area that shows how data can be transformational in driving strategic people decisions in organizations of any size. With a whole variety of case studies that bring to life how data and the insight it provides are relevant for us too - and simple, practical stage-by-stage advice on how to build a compelling evidence-based approach. This is a game-changing contribution to the data discussion.”

James Madeley, HR Director, Portland


“Khan and Millner’s Introduction to People Analytics has refined a new perspective in exploiting organizational data as a tool for performance improvement. The authors have taken a very creative and inspiring look at the current context of HR and the emerging trend of data analytics. With clarity, insight and a strong practical orientation from thought-provoking case studies, this is not only a book for HR practitioners but also an ideal book for any manager.”

Danny Soetanto, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Lancaster University Management School


“Millner and Khan do a brilliant job, providing big picture context, useful infographics, and theoretical and tactical thought leadership examples in every chapter. This is the most fully comprehensive and pragmatic literature on the subject that I’ve read, which I’m certain will bring every HR practitioner’s thinking, knowing and doing to the level of a true Chief People Officer, ready to tackle the tectonic shifts required for building highly responsive, adaptive and agile organizations to compete at blinding speed.”

Jeff Wellstead, VP of People, ONI


“This book is a power station to start on the journey of people analytics. It clearly shows that when all other functions in an organization are experiencing disruption, making use of AI, using Big Data to grow their businesses, and using Agile technologies, there is no reason for HR not to gear up. After reading Introduction to People Analytics, I believe that any HR professional will have many ideas on where to start on this journey, irrespective of the type of business they work in.”

Aqsa Asim, Training Manager, National Institute of Banking and Finance, Pakistan


“This is an essential title for analytics professionals moving into HR and for HR professionals who want to harness the power of analytics for their organization. The quality and clarity of the text and the rich organizational case studies will have me reaching for this book again and again.”

Laurence Hopkins, Head of Research, UCEA


“Nadeem Khan and Dave Millner have written a great introduction to this area, which adds value for HR and business students as well as for experienced professionals who want a thorough and practical introduction. This book is a great addition to the growing people analytics library.”

Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute


An understanding of people analytics is a crucial skill for all HR professionals. No longer limited to employees in data teams or those with analyst in their job titles, people analytics is now an integral part of every HR job. Introduction to People Analytics allows all HR professionals to get to grips with analytics, feel confident in their ability to handle employee and organizational data and use analytics to move from opinions to insights.

From where to find data in an organization, how to collect it and analyse it through to how to use these findings to add business value, Introduction to People Analytics is essential reading for all HR professionals. With case studies and thought leadership insights from companies who have leveraged people analytics to improve culture and employee engagement, increase performance and reduce costs including NHS, Brompton Bikes, British Heart Foundation, King, Experian and AstraZeneca, FIS and Swarovski, this book shows how and where HR analytics can make a tangible difference to organizations. There is also expert guidance and practical advice on how to embed analytics into HR processes and adopt a data-driven approach to all workplace activities.

Key features at a glance:

  • Enables HR practitioners with little or no experience of analytics to feel confident in their ability to find and handle workforce data and use it to make better business decisions
  • Demonstrates how to make an impact by starting small and building people analytics into business processes
  • Shows how people analytics can be used to increase performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Includes case studies from AstraZeneca, Brompton Bikes, Swarovski, NHS and Experian


About the authors





Part One: Context for change

Chapter 1. Redefining HR: the context for change • HR and the new world of work: the Three Ds • The shift of HR into a people function • Tomorrow’s people function • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 2. The age of data and people analytics • Measuring business value • Data and people analytics in HR • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Part Two: Making the shift to a data-based approach

Chapter 3. The commercial HR mindset • The need for a strong commercial orientation • Developing your commercial orientation • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 4. Developing new ways of working • The people function structure • The new people practitioner (driven by data and technology) • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 5. Working with data • From data to information to knowledge • But we don’t have any data! • Looking at data through a different lens • Building business cases with data and technology • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Part Three: People analytics delivering value

Chapter 6. A people analytics framework • A framework to move from reporting to analytics • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 7. Business insights from people analytics • People analytics: providing business insights through analytics • Key takeaways from this chapter • Reference

Chapter 8. Delivering people analytics projects • Developing a data/analytics culture • How to run people analytics projects successfully • Avoiding people analytics project failure • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Part Four: Looking to the future

Chapter 9. How to be more data-driven and people analytics-focused • Stories from in and around the function • Developing your capability to be more data-driven • Developing HR capability as a business imperative • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 10. The road ahead: turning intent into tomorrow’s people function through people analytics • Defining a people analytics strategy • The future of people analytics • The future people function • Key takeaways from this chapter • References



About the Authors:

Nadeem Khan is a business author, keynote speaker, futurist, leadership coach and consultant in organizational strategy, digital transformation and the future of work. Over the past decade, he has advised and worked with many of the world’s best known organizations including Coca-Cola, Goeth Institut, Avery Dennison, PARCO and Avari International Hotels on improving business performance through their people.

Born in Pakistan and brought up in the UK, Nadeem received his initial education in Scotland. After returning to Pakistan, he received his MBA from the Institute of Business Management and qualified as an academic to kick start his career in academia and subsequently ventured into organizational development consulting. Nadeem was later awarded a scholarship by the Department of Leadership & Management at Lancaster University to take up a master’s program in Human Resources & Consulting. At Lancaster, Nadeem’s research interests were focused on understanding the importance of human capital analytics to improve organisational performance which culminated with a distinction. Nadeem resides in England with his family and has since been part of several globally recognised initiatives that are revolutionising HR, people management and the future of work.

A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and advance level 7 post graduate diploma holder in human resource development, Nadeem is a regular contributor to People Management magazine, The UK Domain and LinkedIn. He is an instructor and trainer for AIHR Academy, MBL Seminars and the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. Nadeem also dedicates his time as a mentor to Lancaster University’s career mentoring programme. With the ambition to transform HR, Nadeem turned down his offer for a PhD and took up the baton to contribute towards the global HR community by joining hands with Dave to create this book and lead HR into the future. Currently, he is the managing director at Optimizhr Ltd. - a data and people analytics solution provider offering services that amplify and align organizational strategy with capability towards business optimization.

Dave Millner has 30 years of internal and external consulting experience working directly with global organizations to offer a range of future orientated organizational development solutions, all underpinned by data. Previous clients include NatWest, PSL, Kenexa and IBM. He regularly promotes the need for HR to demonstrate tangible business value and is referenced as being one of the Most Influential People on Twitter via @HRCurator.

Target Audience:

It is an indispensable resource for both HR professionals and business students.


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