Title Selling Transformed
Subtitle Develop the Sales Values Which Deliver Competitive Advantage
Author Philip Squire
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“Clarifies and reminds us of the human basics and values essential to effective selling - then, now and in the future.”

Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School, and author of Sales Management That Works


“The definitive handbook for people who truly believe that sales is a profession worth investing a lifetime in.”

Simon Dale, Managing Director, South East Asia, Adobe


“If your ambition is to improve as a sales professional, this is a must-read book, with theory, practice and tools combined.”

Monic van Aarle, Chief Commercial Officer, SAP Nederland BV


For years, sales people have struggled with cliched views of how they sell, while at the same time customers have become more sophisticated and discerning, stopping off at different or unconventional places in the sales funnel. The result is that the technique of sales people controlling the sales conversation and learning how to influence the customer no longer works. Selling Transformed introduces the new world of selling, and addresses the reasons why sales people are so poorly perceived.

Selling Transformed provides fresh, tangible ideas on how to develop better sales practices. Focusing as much on the customers as on the sellers, it explains key theories of selling effectively and introduces four proven strategies that are based on the values customers look for in sales people: authenticity, client-centricity, proactive creativity and being tactfully audacious. Explaining what customers look for in sales people, and advising on how to develop and deliver these values, this is a new type of sales manual guaranteed to improve sales performance.


Key features at a glance:

  • Introduces a new framework that will help sales people dramatically improve their performance by providing a better customer experience
  • Presents a range of case studies from diverse global organizations including Starbucks and Hewlett Packard
  • Provides models, diagrams and self-assessment questionnaires which will help sellers develop more customer-focused mindsets


About the author




Chapter 01. How history informs current sales practice • How long has selling been around? • Zhang Qian: opening up the overland Silk Road • History repeats itself • What selling attributes did Zhang Qian possess? • Zheng He: opening up the Maritime Silk Route • Little research exists on sales and selling • Why has sales been so poorly served in terms of research? • Some good news for the sales profession – but still a long way to go • Continued curiosity • Endnotes

Chapter 02. Sales psychology and the pressure of time

Chapter 03. Changing sources of competitive advantage require a new selling paradigm • Sources of competitive advantage when selling in the industrial era • Sources of competitive advantage when selling in the knowledge era • Sources of competitive advantage when selling in the post-knowledge era • So what’s the new norm? • Concluding comments • Endnotes

Chapter 04. A new paradigm of selling based on values: the research journey • The spark that ignited the research – ‘95 per cent of salespeople are a complete waste of time’ • The research demographics • First attempts at solving the problem – how to make it into the winner’s circle • Yet the platform still burnt • What enabled a breakthrough • Popular books on selling Back to the central question: why do so few salespeople sell in a way customers want? • Paradigm shift in research approach • Creating a new vernacular: values for selling • To conclude • Endnotes

Chapter 05. Values creating a positive or negative selling experience • Manipulation • Supplier-centricity • Complacency • Overt arrogance • Authenticity • Client-centricity • Proactive creativity • Tactful audacity • Starbucks • Innovation in Compaq’s response • Let’s now consider the underpinning values that led both parties to this deal • Emerging conclusions from our research at this stage • Endnotes

Chapter 06. Values that are an antecedent to trust • Pre-call planning: making that first contact • Opening the call • Understanding the need – what does the customer really care about? • Product discussion/presentation of solution • Handling objections • Gaining commitment • Post-call review • But what about the buying cycle? • The connection between values and trust • Hewlett-Packard case study – evidence linking values to sales performance • Values for selling: as guiding principles • Endnotes

Chapter 07. Principle one: the value of authenticity • People’s reliance on intuition to make decisions • Authentic self • How best to assess your lived values • Critical reflection – a core competence for salespeople • Code of ethics • Mental health and stress • Endnotes

Chapter 08. Principle two: the value of client-centricity • A global mining business study – using a client-centricity mindset to win a new account • Cracking the industry code • Tool 1: for cracking the code • Tool 2: the customer pulse check • Professional services technical consultancy group (ConstructXion) • Endnotes

Chapter 09. Principle three: the value of proactive creativity • Tool 3: the third place from the seller’s perspective • Tool 4: customer strategy grid • Tool 5: whitespace analysis • To what extent can a national culture be encouraged to live the positive mindsets? • Endnotes

Chapter 10. Principle four: the value of tactful audacity • Sony Mobile: how can you increase market share from 8.7 per cent to 17.4 per cent in less than two months? • Win themes • Trust the foundation for tactful audacity • Tactful audacity requires conviction, a ‘just do it’ attitude • The five key tactful audacity moments • Tactful audacity applied internally • Endnotes

Chapter 11. Royal Caribbean International case study: turning a potential disaster into an opportunity • Royal Caribbean International: how mindsets applied turned ‘terminal’ decline into 282 per cent growth within 18 months • So what was in it for the ships’ hotel directors? • Further reflections • The element of time

Chapter 12. The role of leadership in transforming sales • So what mindsets/values are required of great sales leaders? • Sales management systems • Coaching to the mindsets • Organization support for a client-centric culture • Concluding comments • Endnotes

Chapter 13. Looking to the future • The emerging Cx focus: purpose-driven value-creation • The future of capitalism: implications for sales • Capitalization of sales relationships: where value and values intersect • The final frontier: the professionalization of sales? • Endnotes




About the Author:

Dr Philip Squire is CEO of Consalia, a sales consulting group. Based in Surrey, UK, he has for over 20 years provided sales consulting education services and training to brands including Apple, AT&T, Ford, Hertz, HP, Pirelli, Royal Caribbean, SAP and Zurich Financial Services. He is a subject matter expert for the UK Trail Blazer undergraduate apprenticeship sales degrees and is co-founder of the International Journal of Sales Transformation.

Target Audience:

This book is for sales professionals.


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