Title Agile HR
Subtitle Deliver Value in a Changing World of Work
Author Natal Dank, Riina Hellström
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“Powerful and complete. Hellström and Dank are speakers for our times. HR in Silicon Valley, or SpaceX, is nothing like company policies from any textbook, or any book, until now. Finally, Hellström and Dank guide us through nurturing an ever-evolving, lightning quick business that can keep up with tech giants, global shifts, and the chain of firsts required to get us to Mars and beyond, address climate change, be the next Google, and establish equitable psychological safety in an exhilarating, uplifting, profitable place to work.”

Joe Justice, Agile Business Innovator


“Introducing scientific thinking when evolving our next-gen organizations, is a gain not only to HR, but to everyone touched by them. This is more than a book, this is a mindset leap.”

Mattias Skarin, Enterprise Agile Coach, Crisp


“Dank and Hellström have distilled years of Agile HR knowledge and experience into one practical book. This is the toolkit every HR professional of the 21st century needs. I wish I had this book years ago.”

Tracey Waters, Director of People Experience


“A great book by the pioneers of agile HR, Dank and Hellström! They were able to capture their passion in this book, and I am sure many readers will be eager to follow their guidance.”

Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Institute


Agile HR takes you from the sticky status quo to the future of work. It’s a full toolkit, that’s pleasantly practical, relatable and relevant. This is a must-read for anyone who is passionate about HR.”

Arne-Christian van der Tang, Chief Human Resources Officer, TomTom


“To see this book in print brings me more joy than I can fully express. The Agile HR movement has been growing organically for some years now and the more HR professionals and organizations can get onboard and inspired by this way of working, the more successful businesses will become. This is the book anyone curious about the Agile philosophy needs to read. It’s also for anyone that’s already taken a leap of faith to leave behind old hierarchical and traditional business approaches for something more effective, by providing inspiration on how to create a culture where the Agile mindset is lived and breathed by all. Once you start on an Agile journey you never go back.”

Nebel Crowhurst, People & Culture Director and early Agile HR Adopter


“This book may become the foundational text for Agile in HR. It provides solid advice all the way through, accurate on Agile and HR, and easy to approach without prior experience in Agile. And while becoming an expert takes time and practice, this book will ease the process a lot, by connecting the dots to a coherent whole.”

Petri Heiramo, Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile Enterprise Coach


“Never has the HR profession had such an opportunity to transform our workplaces and this is an essential read for anyone who has been looking for a better, more human way than traditional, legacy approaches. Natal and Riina provide inspiration along with practical tools and techniques to give everyone the confidence to take the next step on their Agile HR adventure!”

Charlotte Goulding, Director of People at Infinity Works


“This book should be mandatory reading for all HR professionals. Written by true experts in Agile who know exactly how to explain key concepts and facts in a way that makes them easy to apply in a commercial environment, this book will elevate your HR practice and will turn you into a raving fan of Agile HR. This book is a true game changer!”

Karen Beaven, Director - PXI, The Creative HR Agency


“This book brings the best of Scrum into People Operations.”

Jeff Sutherland, Founder and Chairman, Scrum, Inc


In the new world of work, agility is a business imperative. Agile HR is a practical guide written specifically for people professionals on how the HR function can develop agile processes and practices that save time, boost performance and support overall business goals.

From small tech start-ups or large traditional companies, organizations need to be fast, flexible and digitally empowered to succeed. However, too many companies are stuck with siloed, compliance-driven HR processes that work in opposition to the business rather than supporting it. This results in the view that HR is slow and out of touch. However, Agile HR shows that this doesn’t need to be the case.

Covering every aspect of the HR function from people processes, ways of working and HR services to organization design, operating models and HR teams, Agile HR is an essential guide for all HR practitioners wanting to make their HR practices agile and drive business performance but don’t know where to start. As well as guidance on how to deal with resistance, manage a backlog and deal with constraints, there is also invaluable guidance on how HR can prioritize effectively and assess which activities to pursue, which to develop, which to rework and which to abandon in order to achieve continuous business improvement. Supported by case studies from organizations who have seen the benefits of an agile approach to HR including Sky Betting & Gaming and MUJI, this is critical reading for all HR professionals in organizations of any size needing to adopt fast, flexible and evolving agile approaches to effectively compete in the new world of work.


Key features at a glance:

  • Shows how an agile approach to HR can save time, reduce costs, improve innovation and drive performance
  • Explains how to deal with resistance, constraints and backlogs when implementing agile people processes
  • Includes case studies from global organizations including Sky Betting & Gaming and MUJI, as well interviews with Jeff Sutherland and Josh Bersin.
  • Provides guidance on how HR professionals can prioritise activities effectively and confidently assess which to continue, which to develop, which to evolve and which to abandon to achieve continuous business improvement
  • Allows readers to make more evidence-based decisions by effectively using data, prototyping and user-testing.


List of figures and tables

Preface: Agile HR and the authors

Agile HR and the 2020 pandemic



PART ONE: Defining Agile HR

Chapter 01. What Agile HR is • Introduction • Agile for HR and HR for Agile • References


PART TWO: The Agile mindset

Chapter 02. Why Agile? • Introduction • The search for business agility • Our HR legacy • Conclusion • References

Chapter 03. The Agile mindset • Introduction • The waterfall approach to projects • Agile mindset • Agile principles • Conclusion • References

Chapter 04. Design thinking for Agile teams • Introduction • Design thinking • Conclusion • References

Chapter 05. Agile ways of working • Introduction • Is Agile just a fad? • Agile ways of working • Conclusion • References

Chapter 06. Scrum and Kanban • Introduction • Scrum • Kanban • Conclusion • References


PART THREE: Agile for HR toolkit

Chapter 07. Agile for HR: An introduction

Chapter 08. Agile HR toolkit: Value and prioritization • Introduction • Defining value • Building a strategic portfolio of work • Working with a backlog • Conclusion • References

Chapter 09. Agile for HR toolkit: Co-creation • Introduction • Design thinking in HR • Applying design thinking to onboarding • Conclusion • Reference

Chapter 10. Agile for HR Toolkit: Agile teams and Agile HR operating models • Introduction • End of the Ulrich model • Agile HR cadence • Prioritization and transparency • Agile HR release planning • New roles and skills • Delivering end-to-end people experience • Challenges faced when building Agile HR teams • Agile HR operating models • Conclusion • References

Chapter 11. Agile for HR Toolkit: Thinking like a scientist • Introduction • Evidence-based practice • Tips to get started • Evidence-based storytelling • From activity to impact • Data-driven HR service design • Conclusion • References

Chapter 12. Agile for HR Toolkit: Continuous improvement • Introduction • Removing impediments • Prioritizing improvements • Personal level • Team level • Organizational and product level • Conclusion • References


PART FOUR: HR for Agile

Chapter 13. HR for Agile: An introduction

Chapter 14. Co-creating the Agile vision • Introduction • Start with the ‘why’ • Creating a strong vision • Change resistance • Conclusion • References

Chapter 15. Agile organizational design • Introduction • Designing Agile organizations • Pathway one: Agile-by-nature • Pathway two: Scaling Agile through transformation • Conclusion • References

Chapter 16. HR’s role in Agile transformation • Introduction • Be a transformational leader • Ensure leaders understand Agile • Understand the mindset before the practices • Own the change • Get to know different scaling models • Agile transformation should be Agile • Lead transformation through a backlog • Measure the transformation and be transparent about tensions • Prepare for new roles • Enable capability development • Design for workforce agility • Ensure extra support for virtual teams • Ensure a pull-based work system • Make it safe to discuss and solve impediments • Support people and teams with performance issues • Evolve the role of leader • Invest in physical space • Upskill HR in Agile • Partner with Agile coaches • Sync our own Agile HR operating model with the transformation • Conclusion • References

Chapter 17. Agile HR products and services • Introduction • Performance management and Agile • Reward and Agile • Talent and Agile • Conclusion • References


PART FIVE: Conclusion

Chapter 18 Conclusion: Let’s get going • How to start • An Agile HR future • References


Appendix: From traditional HR to Agile HR



About the Authors:

Natal Dank heads up learning, coaching and community at PXO Culture and is seen as a pioneer in the Agile HR movement. In 2016, she hosted the first Agile HR Meetup in London with the aim of building a community of like-minded disrupters, which has since grown into a regular event held across the world from Sydney to Paris and online. A year later, Natal co-founded the Agile HR Community. Based in Scotland. UK, she is focused on defining modern HR for the 21st Century.

Riina Hellström is an Agile Enterprise Coach and the CEO of the Agile HR Community, a global network focused on training the craft of Agile in HR. Based in Helsinki, Finland, she was one of the HR leaders starting the movement of Agile HR in 2010, and now works on executive Agile advisory and organizational transformation.

Target Audience:

This book is for both HR professionals and those studying HR qualifications, including undergraduate and masters degrees.


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