Title E-Commerce Website Optimization, 2/e
Subtitle Why 95% of Your Website Visitors Don’t Buy, and What You Can Do About it
Author Dan Croxen-John, Johann van Tonder
ISBN 9781789664423
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 272
Book size 159 x 235 mm
Publishing year 2021
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“A must-have for any e-commerce business, this book captures technical expertise and the methodologies required to run very successful optimization programs.”

John Donnellan, Director, E-Commerce EMEA, Canon Europe


“At last, a practical guide dedicated to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for online retail.”

Dr Dave Chaffey, co-Founder, SmartInsights.com


“This book explores how to understand people, their behaviour, their feedback, their testing choices and win bigger revenues.”

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google and author of Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day


“Highly recommended for anyone who’s looking to optimize their online store.”

Paras Chopra, Founder & Chairman, VWO


“Dan and Johann draw from their own in-the-trenches experience to craft an essential read for the developing CRO practitioner. From their strategic approach down to targeted tactics, they provide the playbook on how to uncover insights for e-commerce growth.”

Bratt Wittwer, former CEO, Qualaroo


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a complex field and one that is rapidly evolving. It’s about understanding people and their behaviour, not simply website visits. E-commerce Website Optimization provides an all-encompassing guide, explaining the how and why, before focusing on techniques and tools to increase the percentage of visitors who buy from the site, and subsequently the amount that these visitors spend when they buy. Grounded in best-practice theory and research, it brings together usability, analytics and persuasion to offer a detailed, step-by-step guide to improve conversion rates, increase ROI from online marketing campaigns, generate higher levels of repeat business and increase the e-commerce value of websites.

In the fast-moving world of e-commerce, this fully revised second edition includes updates on test metrics, prioritization and personalization, alongside updated case studies and newly recommended tools. E-commerce Website Optimization is an invaluable book for those seeking to implement a data-driven ethos for their organization’s e-commerce programme, for everyone from chief digital officers and heads of online sales, to entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Key features at a glance:

  • Highlights the most effective changes to undertake on your e-commerce site, demonstrating how to focus valuable time on tangible efficiencies and revenue gains
  • Shows how to gain insights into online customers’ behaviour and identifies free or inexpensive tools to help access them
  • Supports the transition to becoming a data-driven organization, helping to adopt a scientific approach to implementing an optimized e-commerce website
  • New to this edition: new content on test metrics, prioritization and personalization, plus updated case studies and recommended tools


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Chapter 01. Introduction to e-commerce optimization • E-commerce website optimization • Summary • Notes

Chapter 02. The kick-off • Be an evangelist • Get top-level support • Get the team in place • Gathering evidence • Experimentation platform • How to deal with resistance • Summary • Notes

Chapter 03. Gather data • From data to insights • Extract insights like the CIA • Problem framing • Summary • Notes

Chapter 04. Behavioural research • Website analytics • User journey mapping • Session replay • Usability testing • Heuristic evaluation • Customer immersion • Site search • Form analysis • Summary • Notes

Chapter 05. Voice of customer • Interviews • E-mail surveys • Feedback and transcript analysis • On-site polls • NPS survey • Value proposition • Competitor analysis • Put it all together in personas • Summary • Notes

Chapter 06. Merchandising analytics • New product analysis • Ratio analysis • Look-to-book analysis • Price-point analysis • Price testing • Summary • Notes

Chapter 07. Create an experimentation roadmap • How to prioritize test ideas • Prioritization frameworks • The experimentation roadmap • Summary • Notes

Chapter 08. From hypothesis to experiment • What is a hypothesis? • Why you need hypotheses • From hypothesis to test • Summary • Notes

Chapter 09. Testing your hypothesis • Online experimentation • Types of online experiments • Big or small changes? • Statistics for optimizers • The test brief • When to stop a test • Testing on low-traffic sites • How to avoid common pitfalls • Post-test analysis • Make the winning experience live • Document test results • Summary • Notes

Chapter 10. Personalization • Data and segments • When to do personalization • Technical options for personalization • Personalization vs A/B testing • Summary • Notes

Chapter 11. Optimizing the optimization • Summary • Notes

Chapter 12. Optimization people and culture • How to find, select and motivate in-house optimizers • Obstacles to a culture of optimization • When to outsource • Summary • Notes

Chapter 13. The science of buying • Why do people buy? • Six principles of influence • The buying decision-making process • FBM model of behaviour • Summary • Notes

Chapter 14. Launching a new website • Five stages of a new website • Summary • Notes



About the Authors:

Dan Croxen-John is CEO of AWA Digital, an e-commerce conversion optimisation agency with clients and offices around the world. Dan is a certified Web Analyst, a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, and has served on a number of advisory boards for multi-channel and analytics associations. Dan is an in-demand speaker, blogs regularly on all aspects of analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation and has spoken at conferences in the UK, USA and Africa.

Johann van Tonder is an experienced e-commerce optimiser, and COO at AWA Digital. He has used the principles and techniques in his book E-Commerce Website Optimisation (published by Kogan Page) to deliver massive sale improvements for big and small e-commerce businesses alike. Having trained and coached optimisation teams around the world, he explains complex concepts in ways that are easy to understand.

Target Audience:

Useful for all e-commerce businesses, chief digital officers, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) practitioners, heads of online sales, entrepreneurs and small business owners.


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