Title B2B Digital Marketing Strategy
Subtitle How to Use New Frameworks and Models to Achieve Growth
Author Simon Hall
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“A brilliant, rare and impactful insight into areas to consider when creating a B2B digital marketing strategy. Highly recommend this read as an essential for all marketers.”

Catherine Dutton, Vice-President Marketing, Atos


“A really valuable addition to the B2B marketing armoury and highly recommended for those who intend to build their career in marketing.”

Ceri Jones, Former Vice President, Global Demand Center & Operations at Basware Oyj


“Provides the guide to help navigate the complexities of digital marketing in a clear, engaging and practical way.”

Richard Robinson, Chairman of the B2B Marketing Council, DMA


“A well-written book suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners on a topic that’s very important to business today.”

Jayson Gehri, Executive Director, Marketing, IBM


“Whether you are new to digital marketing strategy in general or looking to brush up on a specific topic, this is a very useful read. It’s informative, easy to navigate, and gives you the tools to understand and implement a great digital strategy in your company.”

Amalie Lyneborg, Head of Marketing, Sturrock & Robson


B2B Digital Marketing Strategy is a decisive guide to the most recent developments in the field. It gives readers an overview of the latest frameworks and models, and shows how these can be used to overcome the everyday challenges associated with account targeting, data utilization, and digital campaign management.

Intensely practical, B2B Digital Marketing Strategy helps readers get to grips with some of the more advanced and complex elements of B2B marketing. It expertly explains how to incorporate the latest digital methodologies into critical processes such as lead generation, customer retention and customer experience personalization. Packed with global case studies and examples, this book is an invaluable resource for any professional operating in the B2B space.

Key features at a glance:

  • Gives clear, direct explanations of the more advanced aspects of digital B2B marketing, and makes these accessible and user-friendly
  • Expertly explains the most up-to-date digital frameworks relevant to the B2B marketing sphere, and shows how to implement these to achieve lead generation, customer retention and data management
  • Is due to be the set text for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)’s course Advanced B2B Digital Marketing, and recommended reading for the courses B2B Acquisition and Retention Marketing, and Introduction to B2B Digital Marketing
  • Includes a wealth of global case studies, featuring companies such as Danfoss, American Express, IBM, Schneider Electric and more


About the author


Chapter 01. The new evolving business landscape • Introduction • Changes to the marketing discipline • New changes in sales • The new B2B customer • Legislation and ethics • Technologies and influence • The social organization • References • Further reading

PART ONE: Developing the B2B digital strategy

Chapter 02. B2B digital marketing strategy • Introduction • The digital marketing strategy matrix • Defining the digital strategy – first steps • Alignment: achieving strategic alignment • Evaluating and selecting strategies • Digital marketing strategies • References

Chapter 03. B2B customer journeys and the customer experience • Introduction • Customer experience • Customer touchpoints • Touchpoint mapping • Final considerations • Inbound and outbound views of customer journeys • References • Further reading

Chapter 04. B2B personalization marketing and buyer personas • Introduction • Types of B2B personalization • B2B personalization by channel • The B2B personalization marketing pyramid • The buyer persona • Progressive profiling • References • Further reading

Chapter 05. B2B customer insights and data management • Introduction • Customer insights framework • Methods for gathering customer insights in B2B • Quantitative customer insight methods • Qualitative customer insight methods • Customer data management • Types of data in marketing • Data analytics • References • Further reading

PART TWO: The early buyer journey stage

Chapter 06. Generating awareness • Introduction • The early buying journey stage • B2B digital advertising • Types of advertisement targeting • B2B social media advertising • Selecting advertising channels • Ad retargeting • B2B content syndication channels • PR and online PR • Influencer marketing • References • Further reading

Chapter 07. B2B SEO and search strategies • Introduction • B2B search engine marketing • B2B SEO • Keywords and key phrases • The long tail of search in B2B • Keyword and competitor research • Keywords and the buyer journey • Link building • Tools for search engine marketing • B2B SEM strategies • References • Further reading

Chapter 08. B2B websites and website strategies • Introduction • Designing a website for B2B • Website conversion in B2B • Evaluating B2B websites • Managing bounce rates • Website navigation • Heatmaps • B2B website strategies • Other website technologies • References • Further reading

PART THREE: Digital for lead generation and lead nurturing

Chapter 09. B2B digital marketing for lead generation • Introduction • Lead capture • Gated content • Social media and lead generation • Websites and lead generation • Email and lead generation • Webinars • Defining the lead generation mix • Lead handover • Technologies for tracking leads • References • Further reading

Chapter 10. B2B digital and lead nurturing • Introduction • Types of lead nurture strategies • Email lead nurturing • Social media marketing and lead nurturing • Website and lead nurturing • Lead recycling • Technologies for lead nurturing • Lead nurturing planning • References • Further reading

PART FOUR: Digital campaign management and integration

Chapter 11. B2B content marketing • Introduction • Content and its roles • Content marketing checklist • Aligning content to the customer journey • Key content formats in B2B • Core content and fragmented content • How much content do you need? • When to update content • Content activation and distribution • Scheduling content • Content amplification • User-generated content in B2B • B2B content marketing strategies: a summary • References • Further reading

Chapter 12. B2B digital marketing campaign planning • Introduction • Digital marketing campaigns • Goal and objective definition • The target customer • Reaching audiences • Establishing KPIs • Defining resources • Setting the campaign budget • Campaign creation • Campaign tracking • References

Chapter 13. Digital integration marketing in B2B • Introduction • Challenges in digital marketing integration • Integrating digital and offline • Planning for digital integration • Techniques and technologies for offline integration • Integrating direct mailing • Integrating events • PR and digital integration • Digital and customer service • References • Further reading

Chapter 14. Digital marketing and sales • Introduction • Challenges for B2B sales • Identifying improvements in sales and marketing engagement • The 3Es of digital sales and marketing • Sales email tracking • CRM, and how sales and marketing leverage it • Sales and social media • The Sales Enablement Maturity Model • Account-based marketing • References • Further reading

Chapter 15. Measuring digital marketing • Introduction • Creating a digital measurement framework • Process and outcome • Measuring the early buying stage • Measuring the mid-buying journey • Measuring the late buyer journey • Post-purchase measurement • Absolute marketing metrics • Vanity metrics and actionable metrics • Hierarchy of metrics • Attribution modelling • References • Further reading

PART FIVE: Digital for retaining customers

Chapter 16. Types of digital retention marketing • Introduction • Digital technologies and retention customer insights • Segmenting customers • Predictive analytics and retention marketing • The journeys beyond purchase • Identifying post-purchase journeys • Core retention marketing • Development customer marketing • Lapse prevention marketing • Contact strategy • Customer loyalty and digital • References • Further reading

Chapter 17. Digital retention marketing channels • The digital channel mix for retention marketing • Email in retention marketing • Webinars in retention marketing • Websites in retention marketing • Mobile in retention marketing • Social media in retention marketing • Customer retention marketing strategies • References • Further reading

PART SIX: B2B social media and digital marketing platforms

Chapter 18. B2B social media marketing strategy • Introduction • B2B social media channels and goals • B2B social media and generating awareness • Lead generation and social media • Social media advocacy • B2B social media listening • B2B social media measurement framework • B2B social media marketing strategies • References • Further reading

Chapter 19. B2B digital marketing technologies and platforms • Introduction • Marketing technology requirements • Artificial intelligence and digital marketing • The future of B2B digital marketing • References • Further reading



About the Author:

Simon Hall is a marketing innovator with around 25 years’ experience in Technology and Services Marketing. In his former career, he served as UK Chief Marketing Officer for Dell as well as many senior European roles at Acer, Microsoft and Toshiba. In addition to running courses and workshops with companies on various B2B marketing and digital marketing areas, Simon Hall also lectures final year university students and degree apprentices in strategy, and marketing at Pearson Business School (University of Kent). He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, of the DMA B2B Council, and a Global Thought Leader in B2B Marketing for the ICG Group (a global consulting company). He is the founder of NextGen Marketing Solutions and author of Innovative B2B Marketing, also published by Kogan Page.

Target Audience:

This book is essential for all marketers and B2B digital marketers.


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