Title Customer Insight Strategies
Subtitle How to Understand Your Audience and Create Remarkable Marketing
Author Christine Bailey
ISBN 9781789662504
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“Offers expert views and practical advice on how to understand the buyer so well that you can go from selling to helping today’s hyper-connected and empowered customers buy.”

Malin Liden, Vice President, Head of EMEA Marketing Transformation Office, SAP, Germany


“This is not only a great reminder of the need for insight, but an incredibly useful resource to remind us how to generate the right insights across key touch points.”

Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand Director UK, Vodafone


“Marketing is about creating relationships that are great for the customers who experience them, great for the people who make them happen, great for the people who sell them, great for all stakeholders and great for the planet. If you are interested in learning how to do this, buy and use this book.”

Professor Malcolm McDonald, Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University School of Management


“Delighting customers is a powerful path to profitability and this book skilfully provides the playbook on both strategy and execution-the why and the how. It’s a must-read for business leaders who need to translate insight into action to accelerate business growth!”

Vanessa DiMauro, Head of Community, Georgian Partners and Forbes Top 40 Digital Marketer, USA


“The internet, social media, legislation, technology and COVID-19 have all changed marketing and all of us have to change with it. Bailey takes us through each area we need to change and uses expert opinion, case studies and her own experience to lay out either a healthy update or an introduction into this interesting subject.”

Tim Hughes, Author and Co-Founder and CEO, Digital Leadership Associates, UK


“The best marketing today is all about generating world-class insight and turning it into action. This is at once the most practical and the most rigorous guide to that insight-into-action process that I know of.”

Hugh Wilson, Professor of Marketing, University of Warwick, WBS, UK


“The ultimate guide on how to harness and truly leverage customer insights. Christine Bailey shows the importance of being authentic, understanding the customer on a more personal level than simply as data points, and humanizing the brand by adding value through using customer insights.”

Ted Rubin, CMO, Photofy, Author of Return on Relationship, Speaker, Provocateur, USA


“Christine takes us on a fascinating tour of almost every contemporary marketing technique and discipline and demonstrates the common thread of data and insight that should be at the heart of whatever we do as marketers.”

Ian Truscott, Founding Editor, Rockstar CMO, UK


“The book illustrates the importance of customer insights in our modern digital world and encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and try new things.”

Sandrine Wagner, Prize-winning final year marketing student, Kingston University, UK


In a noisy, fast-paced marketing world, customer insight holds the key to creating memorable, purpose-driven marketing. Customer Insight Strategies outlines the critical role of customer insight and provides techniques and strategies that will help marketers identify trends, nurture leads and understand consumers - ultimately, empowering them to grow profits. The strategies are explained in a straightforward, jargon-free manner, and can be applied to a huge range of marketing challenges, regardless of time, budget or organizational size.

Customer Insight Strategies shows precisely how customer insights can be used to build a mission with purpose. It discusses many of the core methods through which customer insight can be gleaned, providing easy-to-follow guidelines for applying them to everyday marketing practice. Covering topics such as customer segments, marketing to personas and lead generation, it contains global case studies from organizations including Cisco, NTT, Refinitiv and The Co-op as well as interviews with leading business professionals sharing their thoughts on using customer insights to grow profits. Written by a highly respected thought-leader and industry influencer, this book will help any professional create truly powerful marketing.

Key Features at a glance:

  • Presents an array of easy-to-implement techniques and strategies, showing how to use customer insights to create effective marketing and business practices
  • Shows how to use customer insights to create a mission statement and value proposition, achieve lead generation, improve thought leadership and content marketing, focus social selling/social media, incorporate customer analytics, identify and market to personas, and apply and create customer segments
  • Contains global case studies including Cisco, Conduent, NTT, Refinitiv (part of Thomson Reuters), The Co-op, Peak Re, ServiceNow and University of Essex and interviews with key business leaders on how they have used customer insight to drive growth in their own companies
  • Teaches skills and strategies that can be scaled to suit any budget or organizational size


About the author



Prologue: Break free of your comfort zone

Chapter 01. An introduction to customer insights • Introduction • What do we mean by customer insight? • What do we mean by actionable insight? • How do organizations action insight? • Customer-powered enterprises • Navigating today’s marketing landscape • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 02. Why customer insights matter and how you generate them • Introduction • Finding the time! • Where should you look to find your data? • What type of insight should your data generate? • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 03. Creating a mission statement with purpose and a value proposition that matters to customers • Introduction • Why start with why? • Why purpose matters • Don’t make it up: the importance of being authentic • How do you create a mission statement that conveys a purpose and a value proposition that matters? • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 04. Using insights to support a brand strategy • Introduction • The importance of storytelling • In brands we trust • What are you looking for? • Going back to the beginning • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 05. Using insights to create and apply customer segments and personas • Introduction • From ‘spray and pray’ to segments of one • The segmentation journey • ABM for any budget • What can possibly go wrong? • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 06. Using insights for thought leadership and content marketing • Introduction • Why should insights inform your content creation? • What can possibly go wrong? • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 07. Using insights for customer acquisition • Introduction • Game-changer 1: behaviour based marketing or intent-based analytics • Game-changer 2: next best action • Game-changer 3: biometric insights • Game-changer 4: SEO • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 08. Using insights to develop and retain customers • Introduction • Why spend time on your existing customers? • The evolution of customer analytics • Types of customer analytics • Customer analytics in action • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 09. More insightful social media • Introduction • Social listening: where it all began • Understand your audience: mind the gap • Vanity metrics and true engagement: what’s to like? • The rise of social commerce • Social media trends to watch • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 10. Technology to help • Introduction • What exactly is martech? • Choosing your technology • It’s not just about the tech • Leveraging technology to become an analytics leader • The impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning • Key takeaways • References

Chapter 11. Implications for practitioners • Introduction • Humanizing marketing • The rise of account-based marketing • The importance of being ethical • What’s holding you back? • Conclusion • References


About the Author:

Dr Christine Bailey is CMO and Managing Director, SMB UK and Ireland, for Valitor, an international payment solutions company. Based in Surrey, UK, she has extensive experience in B2B marketing in technology/payments, including leading European marketing functions for Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems, as well as smaller companies. A respected thought-leader and motivational speaker with two TEDx Talks, she has been voted #1 Woman in Tech by B2B Marketing and #3 female influencer in UK B2B Marketing by Onalytica. She has a doctorate (DBA) in customer insight from Cranfield School of Management and serves on several advisory boards.

Target Audience:

This book will help any professional create truly powerful marketing.


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