Title Understanding Digital Marketing, 5/e
Subtitle A Complete Guide to Engaging Customers and Implementing Successful Digital Campaigns
Author Damian Ryan
ISBN 9781789666014
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Understanding Digital Marketing accomplishes well the difficult feat of assembling current practical strategies from leading experts in the digital marketing field.”

Carol Stuckey, Dean, School of Professional Studies, MCPHS University


“Comprehensive, contextualized and current. Does a great job of balancing solid overview with specific, insightful case examples. An essential addition to any marketer’s bookshelf.”

Agnes Nairn, Professor of Marketing, School of Management, University of Bristol


“Gives you the information and insight necessary to implement a great foundation for a successful digital business. And in today’s world, every business is a digital business.”

Scott Brinker, Editor, chiefmartec.com, author, Hacking Marketing


“A no-nonsense, clearly written book which you can dip in and dip out of depending on your digital needs. Excellent to see that the ‘human side of digital’ has a clear presence throughout.”

Dr Sarah Warnes SFHEA, Principal Teaching Fellow, UCL School of Management


“A must-read for those wishing to become digital marketers or improve their existing knowledge and skills. The book diligently covers the fundamental cornerstones of the modern marketing mix, whilst delivering best practices, advice and real-world case studies from market-leading brands.”

John Horsley, Founder & CEO, Digital Doughnut


The world of digital media is constantly changing, as technologies continue to transform the way we interact and communicate on a global scale. In this climate, Understanding Digital Marketing provides a practical, no-nonsense guide to digital marketing, from strategy and digital transformation to best-practice basics and trends. Clear, informative and packed with case studies and examples, it gives an essential grounding in SEO, email marketing, social media, content marketing, performance marketing and much more.

This fifth edition of the bestselling Understanding Digital Marketing is fully updated to reflect the latest global developments in the industry. Complete with first-hand accounts of what success in digital marketing looks like, this book is an essential resource for practitioners and students alike. It is now required reading for more than 100 universities and colleges, and has received endorsements from Harvard University, Hult Business School and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Key features at a glance:

  • Provides tips on how to best connect with customers in a rapidly changing climate of engagement and interaction
  • Explores current and emerging trends which are shaping the industry, including voice-based marketing, influencer marketing and data insights
  • New to this edition: updated content on martech, consumer data and privacy considerations, programmatic and content marketing, SEO & paid search and new global case studies and expert views


About the author



List of contributors

Chapter 01. Introduction: Digital transformation • In the beginning… • But this is a book about marketing in the digital age – the present and the future • The technology behind digital marketing • Digital transformation • Enough technology… let’s talk about people • Case study: SSE • References

Chapter 02. Digital marketing strategy setting • Why you need a digital marketing strategy • Your business and digital marketing • Defining your digital marketing strategy • Understanding the digital consumer • The four Ps of marketing and the 10 Ps of digital marketing • Eyes on the prize • Bringing it all together • Case study: Folly Farm Leisure Limited • References

Chapter 03. Being online: Welcoming the world • Your website – the hub of your digital marketing world • Building an effective website • The main steps of building your website • Before you start • Choosing your domain name • Hosting – your website’s home on the internet • How to choose a web designer/developer • Arranging your information • Writing effective web content • Case study: Save the Children Australia • References

Chapter 04. Search: Being found online • Search: still the online marketer’s holy grail • About the engines • Optimizing your site for the engines • Case study: Bris • Advertising on the search engines • Mobile search • Black hat, the darker side of search • Bringing in the pros • Universal search – more opportunities to rank • Shifting goalposts – search innovation and the quest for relevance • Case study: Homewise • References

Chapter 05. Email marketing • Email – the power channel • What exactly is email marketing? • Before you start • Planning your campaign • Measuring your success • Email – a vital component of digital marketing • Case study: Fitness Superstore • References

Chapter 06. Mobile marketing • Mobile – market size and rate of growth • So what can mobile marketing be used for? • The rise and rise of mobile advertising • Location, location, location • The role of voice and voice-enabled devices • Mobile gaming • Mobile applications • Mobile privacy • Mobile data • Further exploration • Building a multichannel marketing strategy • Case study: UKTV Play • References

Chapter 07. Social media • Join the conversation • What is social media? • Different forms of social media • Social media dashboards – all your updates in one place • The rules of engagement • Case study: Virgin Trains and the Toilet Role • References

Chapter 08. Content marketing and native content • Nothing has changed, but everything has changed • Why content? An overview • Content strategy • Content production • Promoting your content • Case study: WW Just Watch Me_________ • References

Chapter 09. Programmatic marketing • What is programmatic ad buying? • What do digital marketers need to know about programmatic buying? • Deeper dive • In-housing your programmatic media • The impact of GDPR and other privacy legislation on programmatic advertising • Dos and don’ts of programmatic advertising • The future challenges of programmatic for marketers • Case study: The Programmatic Company • References

Chapter 10. Performance marketing • Recognizing opportunities for strategic partnership • What is performance marketing? • Top five tips to publisher success • Summary • Case study: Shaw Academy

Chapter 11. How to form meaningful insights from data • Log files versus page tagging • Augmenting information using cookies • Test and test again • Measuring paid media • Attribution modelling • Who am I talking to? • The return of GRP • The problem of earned media • What are you trying to achieve? • The need for trust • Case study: CITRIX


About the Author:

Damian Ryan is a pioneer of digital. Based in London, UK, he started out as a media innovator with over 50 magazines under his belt and became one of the first individuals globally to start placing banner ads on websites back in the early 90s. He created ICAN, the UK and Ireland’s first digital marketing agency, in 1997 and following the ‘proverbial pivot’ in 2005, went on to become a corporate finance advisor for leading marcomms, martech and media organizations. He is now Head of Media and Technology Mergers and Acquisitions for BDO, one of the largest professional services firms in the world.

Ryan has written eight books published by Kogan Page, including the bestselling Understanding Digital Marketing. He was awarded The Golden Spider Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Sector in 2019, further cementing his influence as a global commentator on all things digital.

Target Audience:

A must-read for those wishing to become digital marketers or improve their existing knowledge and skills.


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