Title The Energized Workplace
Subtitle Designing Organizations where People Flourish
Author Perry Timms
ISBN 9780749498665
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Publishing year 2020
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“Perry inspired me again! The Energized Workplace challenges the new world of work by proposing non-traditional HR/OD solutions and unconventional models along with practical case studies. Perry’s concepts will definitely support the wellbeing of employees as well as help leaders and colleagues gain a better understanding of how to harness employees’ energies in the workplace.”

Marguerite A. Ulrich, Inspire HR Consulting. Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer


“At a time when the world is facing unprecedented challenges, Perry brings the strategy and focus to recreate our organisations anew. The Energized Workplace offers a blueprint for how the workplace should be - not in the future, but NOW! This is no run of the mill book - it will leave you ‘energised’ and ready to bring your full self to work and help those around you achieve the same. A must read for anyone fed up with the status quo!”

Miranda Ash, Chief of Community + Transformation Expert at WorldBlu


The Energized Workplace is a book the world (of work) needs more than ever. Through a rich and considered blend of research, case studies and evident soul searching Perry Timms holds a mirror up to the design flaws and leadership foibles that continue to plague people and organisations and boldly lays out a blueprint for us to reinvent work with energy, engagement and eudaimonia as a source of superpower.”

Rob Baker, Chief Positive Deviant & Founder of Tailored Thinking and author of Personalization at Work


“I felt thoroughly nourished having read Perry’s book. It’s thought-provoking, progressive and gives you the space to think about what the future of work has in store for us and the potential impact that not taking care of our energy will have in this era of ‘peak work’. In Perry’s unique style he talks about how the ‘dirty energy’ will slow us down and how natural energy will lead us to flourish. If you’re someone who wants to understand how to better manage your energy in the modern world of work this book is for you.”

Natasha Wallace, Founder, Conscious Works and author of The Conscious Effect


“Making positive change happens best from a place of understanding. In The Energized Workplace, Perry helps us to understand the energy (or lack of!) in organizations, identifying approaches we can all take to design better experiences, raise energy levels and maximise engagement. A stunning read that takes you on a real journey of discovery about organizations, about energy and about yourself.”

Joanna Suvarna, Learning and Development Specialist


Productivity is flatlining, employee wellbeing is at an all-time low and stress at an all-time high. Mental health issues are now the biggest single disability affecting the UK and are estimated to cost the economy £105bn each year. Traditional company design, structures and processes are making these issues worse and leading to unprecedented levels of staff burnout. This not only impacts individual employees, there is also a detrimental effect on overall company performance when employees can’t perform to their full potential. It is the responsibility of Organizational Development and HR professionals to address these issues urgently and redesign work to allow people to flourish and businesses to thrive. Full of practical advice, tips and tools, The Energized Workplace provides a blueprint for how practitioners can redesign their organizations to support employees and ensure the business outperforms the competition.

It covers everything from why existing structures are causing business output to decline, why traditional processes are holding organizations back and what the consequences of not addressing these design issues will mean for business including increased staff turnover, a rise in employee absence and a decline in company profits. Including case studies from organizations across a range of sectors who have successfully put people at the heart of their workplace design such as CyberClick, Mind Valley, Brewdog and Wegmans and with specific guidance on designing for five generations working side by side, across different countries and on separate time zones, The Energized Workplace will help OD and HR professionals confidently tackle the organizational issues putting their company success and employee health and happiness in jeopardy. This book is essential reading for practitioners needing to deal with the wellbeing crisis and productivity puzzle in the new world of work.


Redesign your organizational structure and processes to boost employee productivity and wellbeing, reduce stress and staff burnout and improve company performance.

Key features at a glance

  • Explains why traditional organizational structures and processes are holding employees and businesses back and how to redesign them to allow both people and the business to reach their full potential
  • Shows how technological advances that mean staff are connected to work in their evenings, weekends and on holiday are having a direct impact on employee wellbeing and how to tackle this
  • Includes international case studies from companies including Brewdog, Wegmans, CyberClick and Mind Valley


Foreword by Trish Uhl




Chapter 01: 2050 voyaging • What will work even be in 2050? • Utopian or protopian? • Endnotes

Chapter 02: 20th-century design flaws • A psychological theory of human evolution • How we feel about the systems of work • Knowing the history of work – a personal story • Organization development – a discipline most powerful • From flawed design to designing from the ‘floor-up’ • From mechanics to heuristics • Endnotes

Chapter 03: 80/20 variances • We all know Pareto’s rule – or do we? • Who am I and what am I here for? • 80/20 and the What’s Going On factor • More than numbers • Values are an energy source and indeed a manifestation of our energies • Endnotes

Chapter 04: 1/20 or a 20 per cent probability • Introduction – a stress pandemic • Who is to blame? • Use of energy/depletion of energy at work • Psychological and physiological energy • Energy management not time management • A safe workplace • Endnotes

Chapter 05: The 5 x 20 life and the redesign of age • Introduction – happy 200th birthday! • The three-stage model of now • What is the five-stage model of the future? • An additional dimension: eudaimonia as a business model • Economics and a regenerative model • Conclusion • Endnotes

Chapter 06: 20:20 vision • Overview • Work/life balance • So what is human energy and its connection to nature? • From Eastern wisdom to the Western psychological and physics approach • The Jungian opera • Modern physics • Energy in ‘alternative’ medicine • Spirituality • The Chakra System • Chakras and HR – a PhD thesis • In summary • Endnotes

Chapter 07: The 20 misuses of energy in the workplace • Misuses #1–5: cult workplaces • Misuses #6–10: scare-ups • Misuses #11–15: faux trendy • Misuses #16–20: living museums • Endnotes

Chapter 08: The 2020 list of energized workplaces • Self-managed organizations • Rewarding organizations • Open value organizations • Personal growth-focused organizations • Well-being organizations • In summary • Endnotes

Chapter 09: 20 minutes per day to energize yourself • NQ element 1: SO – source energy • NQ element 2: SU – sustainable energy • NQ element 3: IN – introspective energy • NQ element 4: PL – self-system interplay • NQ element 5: PU – purpose: yours and the organization’s • NQ element 6: PR – the promise (aka the deal) between employee and employer • NQ element 7: FL – flow, deep work and understanding your optimized self • NQ element 8: VA – variety: the spice of life or a life of space? • NQ elements 9–12: The Edge – DI (Discovery), RE (Relationships), LE (Learning), and IN (Innovation) • In summary • Endnotes

Chapter 10: Tools for the next 20 years • What is organization design? • The writing on the wall story • Your story • Our organization design process for a eudaimonic business model • In closing • Endnotes


About the Author:

Perry Timms is a renowned blogger and global speaker on the transformative power of HR professionals. He is the founder of People and Transformational HR Ltd, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Social Media and HR Adviser and TedX speaker on the future of work. He is also a Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University Business School, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and the first WorldBlu Certified Freedom at Work Coach.

Target Audience:

Organizational Development and HR professionals.


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