Title A Secular Need
Subtitle Islamic Law and State Governance in Contemporary India
Author Jeffrey A. Redding
ISBN 9780295747088
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“Redding provides thought-provoking cases and analyses, and these are riveting.”



Whether from the perspective of Islamic law’s advocates, secularism’s partisans, or communities caught in their crossfire, many people see the relationship between Islamic law and secularism as antagonistic and increasingly discordant. In the United States there are calls for “sharia bans” in the courts, in western Europe legal limitations have been imposed on mosques and the wearing of headscarves, and in the Arab Middle East conflicts between secularist old guards and Islamist revolutionaries persist—suggesting that previously unsteady coexistences are transforming into outright hostilities.

Jeffrey Redding’s exploration of India’s non-state system of Muslim dispute resolution—known as the
dar-ul-qaza system and commonly referred to as “Muslim courts” or “shariat courts”—challenges conventional narratives about the inevitable opposition between Islamic law and secular forms of governance, demonstrating that Indian secular law and governance cannot work without the significant assistance of non-state Islamic legal actors.



Note on Translation and Transliteration

Introduction: Secular Hate, Love, and Need of Islamic Law

Chapter 1. Muslim and Mundane: Historical and Contemporary Aspects of Dar ul Qazas

Chapter 2. Secularism and “Shari’a Courts” A Constitutional Controversy

Chapter 3. Secular Emotion and the Rule of Law: The Case of Ayesha

Chapter 4. Secular Need and Divorce: India and the Geopolity

Chapter 5. Illegitimacy and Indigeneity: Secular Courts and Muslim Dar ul Qazas

Conclusion: Cause, Affect, and Analysis of the Feeling State




About the Author:

Jeffrey A. Redding is senior research fellow at Melbourne Law School and a New Generation Network scholar at the University of Melbourne’s Australia India Institute.

Target Audience:

People interested in Islamic Law.


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