Title Going for Broke: The Rise of Rishi Sunak
Author Michael Ashcroft
ISBN 9781785906374
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Binding Hardbound
No of pages 368
Book size 152 X 235 mm
Publishing year 2020
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About the book


“The most explosive political biography of the decade”

Daily Mail


“Undeniably readable”

The Guardian


“Like the political equivalent of the Duchess of Cambridge, we are presented with a middle-class boy done good whose ambition has never turned into arrogance, and who appears motivated by a genuine desire to make Britain a better place. A principled and decent man who has so far avoided putting a foot wrong – even when wearing the wrong-coloured wellies.”

Camilla Tominey, The Sunday Telegraph


‘The author rightly says we can’t be sure whether this is “Peak Rishi”. Does he have the skills to endure a recession and ascend to the summit of British politics?”

Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer - Book of the Week


In the middle of 2019, Rishi Sunak was an unknown junior minister in the local government department. Seven months later, at the age of thirty-nine, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, grappling with the gravest economic crisis in modern history.

Michael Ashcroft’s new book charts Sunak’s ascent from his parents’ Southampton pharmacy to the University of Oxford, the City of London, Silicon Valley – and the top of British politics.

It is the tale of a super-bright and hardgrafting son of immigrant parents who marries an Indian heiress and makes a fortune of his own; a polished urban southerner who wins over the voters of rural North Yorkshire – and a cautious, fiscally conservative financier who becomes the biggest-spending Chancellor in history.

Sunak was unexpectedly promoted to the Treasury’s top job in February 2020, with a brief to spread investment and opportunity as part of Boris Johnson’s levelling-up agenda. Within weeks, the coronavirus had sent Britain into lockdown, with thousands of firms in peril and millions of jobs on the line. As health workers battled to save lives, it was down to Sunak to save livelihoods. This is the story of how he tore up the rulebook and went for broke.




Chapter 1.  French Cricket

Chapter 2.  Teenage Kicks

Chapter 3.  The Airport Test

Chapter 4.  Silicon Romance

Chapter 5.  No Tamasha

Chapter 6.  The Leap

Chapter 7.  Blue Wellies

Chapter 8.  Jedi Knights

Chapter 9.  Milk and the Seychelles

Chapter 10.  Greasy Pole

Chapter 11.  Keen Bean

Chapter 12.  Team BoJo

Chapter 13.  Sterling Effort

Chapter 14.  Rishi’s Red Wall

Chapter 15.  Baby Chino

Chapter 16.  Trillion-Pound Trade-UP

Chapter 17.  A Bigger Bazooka

Chapter 18.  Santa or Scrooge?

Chapter 19.  Lockdown Showdown

Chapter 20.  Captain Sensible

Chapter 21.  Rebuilding

Chapter 22.  Brand Rishi





About the Author:

Lord Ashcroft KCMG PC is an international businessman, philanthropist, author and pollster. He is a former treasurer and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. He is also honorary chairman and a former treasurer of the International Democratic Union. He is founder and chairman of the board of trustees of Crimestoppers, vice patron of the Intelligence Corps Museum, chairman of the trustees of Ashcroft Technology Academy, chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University, a senior fellow of the International Strategic Studies Association and a former trustee of Imperial War Museums. His books include Victoria Cross Heroes: Volumes I and II; Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography of David Cameron, White Flag? An Examination of the UK’s Defence Capability, Jacob’s Ladder. The Unauthorised Biography of Jacob Rees-Mogg; and Unfair Game: An Exposé of South Africa’s Captive-Bred Lion Industry.

Target Audience:

People interested in political science, British politics and the life of Rishi Sunak and his political career.


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