Title Embodiment and the Treatment of Eating Disorders
Subtitle The Body as a Resource in Recovery
Author Catherine Cook-Cottone
ISBN 9780393734102
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Publishing year 2020
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“Catherine Cook-Cottone gives us the ‘missing piece’ that we need to elevate the treatment of eating disorders—beyond the mere reduction of eating disorder symptoms to helping people embrace and love their bodies and live their fullest lives. This guide is based on solid scientific evidence and extensive clinical experience and includes all of the tools to put the practice to work right away.”

­—Jessica M. Alleva, PhD, Associate Professor in Psychology at Maastricht University, the Netherlands


“The fact that the book is about so many other aspects of life beyond eating underscores the author’s premise that EDs are about so much more than food and size....The book is replete with valuable practices, guides, meditations, scripts and exercises to use in therapy sessions to promote embodiment.”

New York Journal of Books


“This timely new volume is a beacon of hope for realizing the promise of embodied well-being in the journey of recovery from eating disorders through fully actualizing one’s power and authenticity from the position of the embodied self. The EAT-ED approach compassionately transforms viewing the body as a liability to one that is a mission-driven resource. This critical shift is cultivated through a wealth of evidence-based mind-body practices inviting the potential of life-giving nourishment and lasting fulfillment for the hungry ghost within.”

—Jennifer B. Webb, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Science, Health Psychology PhD Program, UNC Charlotte


“Dr. Cook-Cottone eloquently paints both the disturbing picture of pain and dysfunction underlying eating disorders and the hope and optimism of living a different life—an embodied life. She presents a roadmap of the multiple pathways to positive embodiment that not only relieve eating disorder symptoms but lead to a life with purpose and meaning. The heartfelt writing alone allowed me to sense the joy and relief of being more present in my own body.”

—Anne E. Cox, PhD, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Washington State University


Tools for the clinician to help clients turn their bodies into resources for healing from eating disorders.

Embodiment refers to the lived attunement of the inner and outer experience of self. Cognitions are aligned with the sensing and feeling body. Further, in an attuned experience of self, positive embodiment is maintained by internally focused tools, such as self-care practices that support physiological health, emotional well-being, and effective cognitive functioning.

For those who suffer from eating disorders, this is not the case; in fact, the opposite is true. Disordered thinking, an unattuned sense of self, and negative cognitions abound. Turning this thinking around is key to client resilience and treatment successes.

Catherine Cook-Cottone provides tools for clinicians working with clients to restore their healthy selves and use their bodies as a positive resource for healing and long-term health. The book goes beyond traditional treatments to talk about mindful self-care, mindful eating, yoga, and other practices designed to support self-regulation.



Foreword by Tracy Tylka



Introduction: A Pathway to the Embodied Approach


PART I. Positive Embodiment: A New Understanding of Eating Disorders

Chapter 1. Psychological Models of Embodiment

Chapter 2. The Embodied-Self Model

Chapter 3. Disordered Eating as Disordered Embodiment

Chapter 4. The Body as Resource

Chapter 5. The Embodied Why


PART II. Going Beyond Traditional Treatment: A Clinical Pathway to Positive Embodiment

Chapter 6. Effective Treatment: Building on Tradition and Best Practices

Chapter 7. Embodying Mindful Self-Care

Chapter 8. Embodied Meaning: Purpose and Mission

Chapter 9. Embodied Wisdom: Sensing, Feeling, and Seif-Regulating

Chapter 10. Embodied Practices for Self-Regulation

Chapter 11. Embodied Practices for Mindfulness and Heartfulness

Chapter 12. Embodied Eating: Mindful and Intuitive Interactions With Food

Chapter 13. Embodied Connections: Mindful and Supportive Relationships



About the Author:

Catherine Cook-Cottone, PhD, RYT, is a licensed psychologist, a registered yoga teacher, and a Professor of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Target Audience:

This book is for clinicians and therapists who treat eating disorders and promote embodiment.

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