Title Baird & Jackson’s Bankruptcy, 5/e
Subtitle Cases, Problems, and Materials
Author Barry E. Adler, Anthony J. Casey, Edward R. Morrison
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This easy-to-teach casebook offers a clear explanation of the bankruptcy process. The text challenges the student with commentary and questions that explore both new and classical bankruptcy themes. Essays, cases, and questions are integrated with one another and answers are provided to every question. The book is fully updated and addresses, for example:

  • Prominent developments on topics such as credit bidding, gifting, claims designation, fraudulent conveyance, government bailouts, safe harbors for financial contracts, and the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • The advent of creditor control in the Chapter 11 reorganization process.
  • The continuing influence of the 2005 Bankruptcy Act on individuals in bankruptcy.


Preface to Fifth Edition

Note on Citations and Conventions

Part One: Debt and the Need for Bankruptcy Law

Chapter I. Individual Debt Collection Outside of Bankruptcy • The Rights of General Creditors • The Rights of Secured Creditors

Chapter II. Bankruptcy as Collective Debt Collection Remedy • The Purposes of Bankruptcy and the Butner Principle • A Road Map to the Bankruptcy Code • The Bankruptcy Forum

Part Two: The Bankruptcy Process

Chapter III. Commencement of the Case • Eligibility in Bankruptcy • Puerto Rico v. Franklin California Tax-Free Trust • Filing the Bankruptcy Petition • Good Faith Filing • In re Integrated Telecom Express, Inc • Attempts to Prevent Bankruptcy • In re Kingston Square Associates • In re Franchise Services of North America, In • In re General Growth Properties, Inc • Venue • In re Patriot Coal Corp • Limitations on Filing by Individuals • Ransom v. FIA Card Services, N.A • BAIRD & JACKSON BANKRUPTCY CASEBOOK

Chapter IV. The Automatic Stay • Creditor Actions and the Automatic Stay • In re Marvel Entertainment Group, In • Scope of the Automatic Stay • In re M.J. & K. Co., Inc • In re Plastech Engineered Products, In • Exceptions to the Automatic Stay • Solis v. SCA Restaurant Corp. • Third-Party Stays • In re Caesars Entertainment Operating Co., Inc. • In re Bailey Ridge Partners, LLC

Chapter V. Claims Against the Estate • A Claim and When It Arises • In re Grossman’s Inc • Epstein v. Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors • In Matter of Motors Liquidation Co • Allowing and Estimating Claims • Bittner v. Borne Chemical Co., Inc. • Secured Claims • In re Sunnyslope Housing Limited Partnership • Matter of MPM Silicones, LLC

Chapter VI. The Bankruptcy Estate • The Debtor’s Interest in Property • In re LTV Steel Co., Inc • Ipso Facto Modifications • In re Allen

Chapter VII. Executory Contracts • Executory Contracts Defined • In re Exide Technologies • Assumption • In re Catapult Entertainment, Inc. • Institut Pasteur v. Cambridge Biotech Corp. • In re Ernie Haire Ford, Inc. • In re AMR Corporation • Rejection • Mission Product Holdings, In v. Tempnology, LLC • CASES AND MATERIALS ON BANKRUPTCY

Chapter VIII. The Avoiding Powers • The Trustee’s Strong-Arm Power • Asserting Rights of Hypothetical Parties • In re Kors, Inc. • Asserting Rights of Actual Creditors • In re Ozark Restaurant Equipment Co., Inc. • Statutory Liens • Fraudulent Conveyances • Reasonably Equivalent Value • BFP v. Resolution Trust Corp • In re TOUSA, Inc. • Unreasonably Small Capital • Moody v. Security Pacific Business Credit, Inc. • In re Iridium Operating LLC • Good-Faith Transferee for Value • In re Positive Health Management • In re Manhattan Investment Fund Ltd • Voidable Preferences • Scope of Preference Law • Matter of P. Bergner & Co. • Earmarking Doctrine • In re Heitkamp • Safe Harbors • In Re BFW Liquidation, LLC • Setoffs • Braniff Airways, In v. Exxon Co. U.S.A

Chapter IX. Managing the Estate • Turnover of Property • United States v. Whiting Pools, Inc. • Adequate Protection • United Savings Association v. Timbers of Inwood Forest • Administering Property • Use of Assets • Official Committee of Equity Security Holders v. Mabey • In re Kmart Corp • BAIRD & JACKSON BANKRUPTCY CASEBOOK • Sale of Assets Generally • In re Lionel Corp • Going Concern Sales and the “Free and Clear” Order • In re Trans World Airlines, Inc. • Matter of Spanish Peaks Holdings II, LLC • In re Chrysler LLC • Abandonment • Midlantic National Bank v. New Jersey DEP • Financing the Estate • Debtor-in-Possession Financing • Matter of Saybrook Manufacturing Co. • Administrative Expenses • Reading Co. v. Brown • In re Wall Tube & Metal Products Co. • In re Goody’s Family Clothing, Inc. • Surcharge • In re Domistyle, Inc.

Part Three: Disposition of the Case

Chapter X. Priorities in Distribution • Codified Priorities • Judicial Subordination • Matter of Clark Pipe and Supply Co., Inc. • In re Yellowstone Mountain Club, LLC • In re Owens Corning

Chapter XI. The Fresh Start for Individual Debtors • Unbundling Interests in Property • Dewsnup v. Timm • Exempt Property • Matter of Geise • Owen v. Owen • Scope of the Discharge • Matter of Edgeworth • Denial of Discharge • Norwest Bank Nebraska, N. v. Tveten • CASES AND MATERIALS ON BANKRUPTCY

Chapter XII. Adjustment of Individual Debt in Chapter 13 • Repayment Obligation on Unsecured Claims • Hamilton v. Lanning • In re Jones • Treatment of Secured Claims • In re Mattson • In re Wright •

Chapter XIII. Corporate Reorganizations in Chapter 11 • Plan of Reorganization • Negotiating the Plan • In re Innkeepers USA Trust • Classification • Matter of Woodbrook Associates • Voting • In re Figter, Ltd • In re Adelphia Communications Corp. • In re DBSD North America, Inc. • Absolute Priority Rule • Bank of America v. North LaSalle Street Partnership • In re Castleton Plaza, LP • Best-Interests Test • In re Crowthers McCall Pattern, In • Bargaining Around the Code • Gifting • In re Armstrong World Industries, Inc. • In re DBSD North America, Inc • In re Journal Register Co • Settlements and Structured Dismissals • In re Iridium Operating LLC • Czyzewski v. Jevic Holding Corp. • Third-Party Releases • In Re SunEdison, In • Transnational Bankruptcy • In re Maxwell Communication Corp • In re Gold & Honey, Lt • BAIRD & JACKSON BANKRUPTCY CASEBOOK • Responsibilities of Professionals • In re Perez


About the Authors:

Barry E. Adler, New York University School of Law

Anthony J. Casey, University of Chicago Law School

Edward R. Morrison, Columbia University Law School

Target Audience:

Students, academicians and practitioners of law.


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