Title In Memoriam, 3/e (Norton Critical Edition)
Author Alfred, Lord Tennyson
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 “With its elegant introduction, lucid annotations, and judiciously selected criticism, Erik Gray’s edition of In Memoriam has long been one of my essential tools for teaching the Victorian period. The new contextual materials in this Third Norton Critical Edition will give students a rich sense of Tennyson’s literary predecessors and cultural milieu. Its newly offered array of Victorian reviews will allow students to explore the ways In Memoriam both soothed and unsettled Tennyson’s contemporaries, while its updated set of critical readings will help them understand how various theoretical and historical approaches to the poem have evolved. I can’t wait to use this new edition in my classrooms.”

—SARAH J. HEIDT, Kenyon College


This Norton Critical Edition includes:

  • The Eversley Edition text of the poem, accompanied by Erik Gray’s preface, full introduction, and detailed explanatory footnotes.
  • One illustration.
  • A generous selection (new to the Third Edition) of background materials on In Memoriam’s subject, Arthur Henry Hallam, as well as its literary and scientific contexts.
  • Twelve contemporary reviews spanning 1850–55 (also new to this Third Edition) that suggest In Memoriam’s initial reception.
  • Eleven critical essays, five of them new to the Third Edition.
  • A chronology, a selected bibliography, and an index of first lines.


About the Series

Read by more than 12 million students over fifty-five years, Norton Critical Editions set the standard for apparatus that is right for undergraduate readers. The three-part format—annotated text, contexts, and criticism—helps students to better understand, analyze, and appreciate the literature, while opening a wide range of teaching possibilities for instructors. Whether in print or in digital format, Norton Critical Editions provide all the resources students need.




The Text of In Memoriam


Backgrounds and Contexts

Hallam, Lord Tennyson • From Alfred Lord Tennyson: A Memoir


William Ewart Gladstone • Arthur Henry Hallam

Arthur Hallam • On the Picture of the Three Fates in the Palazzo Pitti, at Florence • To A.T. • [To Emily Tennyson] • [Manly Love] •

Alfred Tennyson • To _________ • Sonnet [As when with downcast eyes]


Catullus • [Elegy for his brother]

William Shakespeare • Sonnet XXVII • Sonnet XXX • Sonnet CXV • Sonnet CXVI

John Milton • From Lycidas • [Methought i saw]

Percy Shelley • From Adonais


Charles Lyell • From Principles of Geology • William Whewell • The Nebular Hypothesis

[Robert Chambers] • From Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation




[John Forster] • The Examiner (June 8, 1850) • [G. H. Lewes] • The Leader (June 22, 1850) • Sharpe’s London Journal (July 1850) • Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Review (July 1850) • [T. H. Gill] • Prospective Review (July 1850) • [Coventry Patmore] • North British Review (August 1850) • [Franklin Lushington] • Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine (August 1850) • [Charles Kingsley] • Fraser’s Magazine (September 1850) • English Review (September 1850) • Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Review (October 1850) • [Manley Hopkins] • The Times (November 28, 1851) • [George Eliot] • Westminster Review (October 1855)


A. C. Bradley • The Structure of In Memoriam
T. S. Eliot • From In Memoriam
Eleanor Bustin Mattes • [Scientific Challenges to Faith and Reassurances]
Edgar Finley Shannon, Jr. • The Reception of In Memoriam
Peter Hinchcliffe • Elegy and Epithalamium in In Memoriam
Jeff Nunokawa • In Memoriam and the Extinction of the Homosexual
Sarah Gates • Poetics, Metaphysics, Genre: The Stanza Form of In Memoriam
Aidan Day • Tennyson’s Grotesque
Matthew Rowlinson • History, Materiality and Type in Tennyson’s In Memoriam
Michelle Geric • [The Geological Model]
Michael D. Hurley • [Faith and Form in In Memoriam]

Alfred Tennyson: A Chronology
Selected Bibliography
Index of First Lines

About the Editor:

Erik Gray is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University and a specialist in Victorian poetry. His books include The Poetry of Indifference, Milton and the Victorians, and The Art of Love Poetry.

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of English Literature.


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