Title Doing Psychotherapy
Subtitle A Trauma and Attachment-Informed Approach
Author Robin Shapiro
ISBN 9780393713336
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Publishing year 2020
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“A compendium from a highly skilled therapist and accessible author. Books are wrestled into creation, wrought out of lived-experience and wisdom. The word therapist is from the Greek, Te?a’p??—Therapón. In peace-time the Therapón was a King’s most-trusted advisor; in war, his personal guard who fought alongside him. This is a brilliant metaphor that fits Robin Shapiro perfectly. Doing Psychotherapy will equip and empower you; I will be adding it to my students’ required reading. “

Paul Miller, MD, DMH, MRCPsych, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, School of Nursing at Magee Campus, EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer


“This is one of those books that every aspiring psychotherapist should be reading. Why? Because it’s the clearest, most thorough, most compassionate look inside the work of psychotherapy that I’ve ever encountered. It’s also a book that we seasoned folks might want to consider as a reminder of why we’re doing this challenging, rewarding work. This book is like a consult session with one of the best. “

Laura S. Brown, PhD, ABPP, Independent Practice of Consultation and Forensic Psychology, Seattle WA


How to start, do, and complete psychotherapy that is trauma-and attachment-based as well as culturally informed.

Most books about doing psychotherapy are tied to particular psychotherapeutic practices. Here, seasoned clinical author Robin Shapiro teaches readers the ins and outs of a trauma- and attachment- informed approach that is not tied to any one model or method.

This book teaches assessment, treatment plans, enhancing the therapeutic relationship, and ethics and boundary issues, all within a general framework of attachment theory and trauma. Practical chapters talk about working with attachment problems, grief, depression, cultural differences, affect tolerance, anxiety, addiction, trauma, skill- building, suicidal ideation, psychosis, and the beginning and end of therapy. Filled with examples, suggestions for dialogue, and questions for a variety of therapeutic situation, Shapiro’s conversational tone makes the book very relatable. Early- career therapists will refer to it for years to come, and veteran practitioners looking for a refresher (or introduction) to the latest in trauma and attachment work will find it especially useful.





Chapter 1. What Is Therapy?

Chapter 2. Therapy Modalities

Chapter 3. How to Start

Chapter 4. Assessment, Diagnoses, and Treatment Plans

Chapter 5. Sessions

Chapter 6. Ethics, Boundaries, and Transference Issues

Chapter 7. Dealing with Differences

Chapter 8. Building Affect Tolerance

Chapter 9. Healing Attachment Wounds

Chapter 10. Building Skills

Chapter 11. Treating Trauma

Chapter 12. Suicidal Clients

Chapter 13. Treating Anxiety

Chapter 14. Treating Addiction

Chapter 15. Treating Depression

Chapter 16. Sexual Issues

Chapter 17. Final Stages

Chapter 18. Self-Care for Therapists

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About the Author:

Robin Shapiro, LICSW, is known for her clear, accessible, and practical style in writing, teaching and clinical consultation. She edited and contributed to EMDR Solutions: Pathways to Healing (Norton, 2005) and EMDR Solutions II: Depression, Eating Disorders, Performance & More (2009) and wrote Trauma Treatments Handbook (2010), and Easy Ego State Interventions (2016). She loves her work: writing, presenting about ego states, EMDR topics, and suicide prevention, doing clinical consultation, and thirty-eight years of psychotherapy practice, especially around issues of trauma, anxiety, and attachment.

Target Audience:

Early- career therapists will refer to it for years to come, and veteran practitioners looking for a refresher (or introduction) to the latest in trauma and attachment work will find it especially useful.


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