Title Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Leader
Author Janice Wilcox, Ann Deerhake
ISBN 9780826174062
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Facilitates a seamless transition from CNL student to CNL practitioner

This unique, quick-access handbook delivers practice essentials for Clinical Nurse Leaders in all settings. Focusing on the broad responsibilities of the advanced clinicians in this growing field, this book provides evidence-based, step-by-step guidelines for incorporating the required CNL competencies into day-to-day practice.

This Fast Facts guide describes the principles of evidence-based practice, quality improvement processes, care transitions, and patient and nursing advocacy, while covering the complex environments that CNLs are expected to lead and manage. Additionally, tips are included for marketing the CNL role to facilitate change, advocate for Nursing and Populations, and disseminate your individual accomplishments to organizational leaders. Each chapter includes objectives, vignettes, case scenarios, and lessons learned based on the experiences of the authors.

Key Features:

  • The only resource of its kind to supports CNL students as they transition into practice
  • Provides the basics of quality improvement and evidence-based practice
  • Serves as a quick-access reference for day-to-day responsibilities
  • Helps CNLs to produce positive outcomes that sustain the CNL role
  • Includes guidance to find quality job opportunities and get hired




Chapter 1. Marketing Yourself as a Clinical Nurse Leader (Janice Wilcox)

Chapter 2. Integration Into Clinical Nurse Leader Practice: Preparing to Lead (Ann Deerhake)

Chapter 3. Leadership Within a Complex Environment (Janice Wilcox)

Chapter 4. Microsystem Assessment and the 5Ps (Ann Deerhake)

Chapter 5. Utilizing Evidence to Improve Practice (Janice Wilcox)

Chapter 6. Utilizing Data and Quality Improvement Principles (Janice Wilcox)

Chapter 7. Coordination of Care (Janice Wilcox)

Chapter 8. Effective Change Management (Ann Deerhake)

Chapter 9. Advocacy for Nursing and Populations (Ann Deerhake)

Chapter 10. Disseminating Accomplishments (Janice Wilcox)


About the Authors:

Janice Wilcox DNP, RN, CNL is Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice and Director of the Clinical Nurse Leader Graduate Specialty at The Ohio State University College of Nursing. She has overseen the Clinical Nurse Leader Specialty since 2013 and continuously advocates for infusion of the CNL role in healthcare settings. Dr. Wilcox has nearly 40 years of nursing experience in a variety of acute, chronic, and home care settings and holds a joint position with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center James Comprehensive Cancer Center where she serves as a member of the Nursing Education Department, overseeing student nurse experiences and assisting with continuing education programs for nurses.

She has over 13 years of experience in nursing education, teaching at various levels of nursing with special interest in Interprofessional Education. Dr. Wilcox has been involved with Interprofessional Simulation education and has published articles and spoken at over 25 states, national, and international conferences on the importance of interprofessional simulation as a means of enhancing communication and coordination of care to ultimately improve patient outcomes. She also has contributed to three editions of LeMone & Burke’s Medical-surgical nursing. Clinical Reasoning in patient care textbook.


Ann Deerhake DNP, RN, CNL, CCRN is Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice at The Ohio State University College of Nursing. She has been an instructor within the Clinical Nurse Leader Specialty since 2011 and also teaches online in the undergraduate, RN-BSN and graduate programs. Dr. Deerhake has worked within the CNL role for five years at a Level 2 trauma ICU in Ohio and has nearly 30 years of nursing experience in critical care, primarily in the medical/surgical, trauma and cardiovascular ICU. She also worked as a bedside clinical educator for more than 150 staff nurses, as well as a pediatric homecare nurse for acutely ill children.

As a CNL, Dr. Deerhake led quality improvement, clinical education, and staff development within an 18 bed ICU and 13-bed CVICU/PCU. She and her transdisciplinary team reduced pressure ulcer rates to zero, developed and delivered annual competency education to more than 100 nurses and assisted the ICU staff to an 84% clinical ladder promotion rate. Dr. Deerhake has been a member of the Clinical Nurse Leader Association (CNLA), CNL job analysis committee and CNC CNL marketing committee, serving as chair. Dr. Deerhake has presented on several occasions regarding the CNL role and its impact on healthcare. Her primary area of interest is in intradisciplinary nursing communication within the critical care environment. Recently, Dr. Deerhake has contributed to Fast Facts for the Informatics Nurse.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for all practicing clinical nurse leaders.

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