Title Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse, 2/e
Subtitle An Orientation and Nursing Care Guide
Author Valerie Aarne Grossman
ISBN 9780826139290
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 “Ms. Grossman knows and understands what radiology nurses want and need to know to provide the best patient care and to be a member of a productive team.”

—Kathleen A. Gross, MSN, RN-BC, CRN (From the Foreword)


The second edition of this pocket-sized resource for radiology nurses continues to demystify complex procedures by providing concise yet comprehensive information on the basics of radiology. As the complexity of healthcare grows, so too does imaging ability. Different modalities, technologies, and skills levels must all work in harmony to provide precision images. Radiology nurses must be proactive, patient-focused, and able to work with a diverse team of individuals to care for the widest range of patients.

Describing essential procedures and protocols in quick access style, Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse, Second Edition covers over 50 different Interventional Radiology procedures. Woven throughout is an emphasis on interprofessional care and effective communication along with guidance on forming and maintaining a high-performing team. Abundant Clinical Pearls disseminate the hard-earned wisdom of expert radiology nurses. Extensively updated with the most current guidelines and protocols, the second edition presents four completely new chapters on Legal Issues Affecting Radiology, Strategies for Working with Difficult People, Safety and Quality in the Radiology Setting, and Emergency Management and Catastrophe Response.


New to the Second Edition:

  • Updated with the most current guidelines and protocols
  • New chapter: Legal Issues Affecting Radiology
  • New chapter: Strategies for Working with Difficult People
  • New chapter: Safety and Quality in the Radiology Setting
  • New chapter: Emergency Management and Catastrophe Response
  • Updated information on sedation and analgesia in easy-to-read tables


Key Features:

  • Serves as an accessible, easy-to-use reference for practicing radiology nurses and orientees
  • Highlights essential protocols and procedures with bullets and short paragraphs
  • Provides abundant “Fast Facts” boxes displaying key information
  • Discusses strategies for providing safe care
  • Includes clinical pearls from radiology experts
  • Addresses patient care in all radiology domains and with specific patient populations
  • Covers vascular access issues and emergency situations



Foreword (Donna Margiotta, BSN, RN, CRN)
Foreword (Kathleen A. Gross, MSN, RN-BC, CRN)

Part I: Radiology Foundation

Chapter 1. Introduction to Radiology Nursing and Radiation Safety (Valerie Aarne Grossman)

Chapter 2. Teamwork Essentials (Polly Gerber Zimmermann)

Chapter 3. Five Ways to Modernize Your Leadership and Get Rid of the Drama (Cy Wakeman)

Chapter 4. Recent Developments in Nursing Care (Polly Gerber Zimmermann)

Chapter 5. Safety and Civility in Radiology (Valerie Aarne Grossman)

Part II: Nursing Essentials

Chapter 6. Vascular Access Device Care and Management (Jong Hee Oh)

Chapter 7. Sedation and Monitoring (Lora K. (Ott) Hromadik)

Chapter 8. Documentation (Brooke Grandusky)

Chapter 9. Legal Considerations in Radiology Nursing (Edith Brous)

Part III: Radiologic Imaging Modalities: CT and MRI

Chapter 10. Computed Axial Tomography Basics (Velecia Marston)

Chapter 11. Iodinated Contrast Media Basics (Ara Davis)

Chapter 12. Iodinated Contrast Adverse Events (Ara Davis)

Chapter 13. MRI Basics and Magnet Safety (Velecia Marston)

Chapter 14. MRI Contrast Media Basics (Ara Davis)

Part IV: Interventional Radiology

Chapter 15. Neurointerventional Radiology Overview (Susan Deveikis and John P. Deveikis)

Chapter 16. Neurointerventional Procedures for Ischemia (Susan Deveikis and John P. Deveikis)

Chapter 17. Neurointerventional Embolization (Susan Deveikis and John P. Deveikis)

Chapter 18. Basic (Body) Interventional Radiology Principles (Nana Ohene Baah and Ashwani Kumar Sharma)

Chapter 19. Interventions for Varicose Veins (Nana Ohene Baah and Ashwani Kumar Sharma)

Chapter 20. Central Venous Catheters, Implantable Devices, and Dialysis Access (Nana Ohene Baah and Ashwani Kumar Sharma)

Chapter 21. Portal Hypertension and Transvenous Interventions (Nana Ohene Baah)

Chapter 22. Vertebral Body Augmentation and Percutaneous Ablation (Nana Ohene Baah and Ashwani Kumar Sharma)

Chapter 23. Transarterial Access for Oncologic Interventions (Nana Ohene Baah and Ashwani Kumar Sharma)

Chapter 24. Transarterial Management of Trauma and Gastrointestinal Bleed (Nana Ohene Baah)

Chapter 25. Peripheral Artery Disease and Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (Nana Ohene Baah and Ashwani Kumar Sharma)

Chapter 26. Biliary Procedures (Ashwani Kumar Sharma)

Chapter 27. Percutaneous Procedures (Ashwani Kumar Sharma)

Chapter 28. Filters and Foreign Bodies (Ashwani Kumar Sharma)


Part V: Diagnostic and Other Imaging Modalities

Chapter 29. X-Ray, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound (Valerie Aarne Grossman)


Part VI: Special Issues in Radiology Nursing

Chapter 30. Fragile and High-Risk Populations (Valerie Aarne Grossman)

Chapter 31. Communication Essentials Between the ED and Radiology (Anna C. Montejano and Lynn Sayre Visser)

Chapter 32. Preparing ED Patients for Radiological Tests (Lynn Sayre Visser and Anna C. Montejano)

Chapter 33. Disaster Management (Valerie Aarne Grossman)


Part VII: Emerging Areas of Radiology Nursing

Chapter 34. Orientation, Point-of-Care Testing, Certification (Valerie Aarne Grossman)



Target Audience:

The book is for practicing radiology nurses and orientees.


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