Title Fast Facts About Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
Subtitle A Nurse’s Guide to Expert Patient Care
Author Meredith Scannell
ISBN 9780826184863
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Publishing year 2021
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This is the first book to provide practical and accessible guidance for frontline nurses in the delivery of effective, compassionate care to patients with STIs. With a focus on these infections as a growing global-health problem, this book helps facilitate early identification, treatment, and prevention, including counseling and behavioral interventions. This guide reviews common sexually transmitted diseases in depth, providing epidemiology, risk factors, signs and symptoms, long-term sequelae, disease transmission, diagnosis, and recommended treatment. It focuses on nursing-specific interventions that include understanding a sensitive and appropriate patient history, interpreting a holistic consideration of patient lifestyle, and linking population-specific patient education and counseling.

Written in quick-access Fast Facts format with bulleted information and concise paragraphs, each disease-related chapter provides a lifespan-specific section on pregnant women, adolescents and older adult patients, and nursing considerations for setting specific patient approaches. Links to government websites, such as updated screening guidelines, are incorporated throughout.

Key Features:

  • Provides expert guidance from an accomplished forensic nurse/nurse midwife
  • Addresses the most common STIs to facilitate accurate differential diagnosis and management
  • Considers to needs of special populations to provide individualized, culturally sensitive care
  • Offers evidence-based patient information, prevention, and counseling guidance to maximize positive public health outcomes




Chapter 1. Introduction to Sexually Transmitted Infections (Meredith Scannell)

Chapter 2. Human Papillomavirus (Deborah A.Gayoski)

Chapter 3. Herpes Simplex (Laura Wilson-Mills and Leigha Mills)

Chapter 4. Gonorrhea (Kerrie Young and Meredith Scannell)

Chapter 5. Chlamydia (Christine Hart-Brown)

Chapter 6. Syphilis (Charlene C. Hollins and Kerry Maccini)

Chapter 7. Trichomoniasis (Michelle N. Fonseca and Meredith Scannell)

Chapter 8. Bacterial Vaginosis (Tama Baker and Jillian Baker)

Chapter 9. Hepatitis (Meredith Scannell)

Chapter 10. HIV and AIDS (Andrew Dundin)

Chapter 11. Pediculosis Pubis and Scabies (Sarah Chu and Meredith Scannel)

Chapter 12. Other Blood-Borne and Sexually Contagious Infections (Meredith Scannell, Colleen Brady, and Stephanie Regis)

Chapter 13. Cervicitis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (Meredith Scannell)

Chapter 14. Vulnerable Populations (Andrew Dundin and Meredith Snannel)

Chapter 15. Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections (Mary Ellen Rossini and Adrieana Rossini)



Target Audience:

The book is for nurses dealing with patients of sexually transmitted infections.


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